SmileDoc allows you to capture, manage and share digital documents through powerful document management software – say goodbye to lost or misfiled documents. Offering paper-to-digital document conversion document work-flow consultation, and document process automation.  Smile gives you more ways to improve your bottom-line with increased efficiency and reduced risk to compliance issues.

Smile Imaging Consultants know document life cycles.

We apply experience and expertise to organize the information you have, connect with the information you need and help guide you to your goals. We strike a balance between security and accessibility, protecting information while providing efficient access to keep staff working at maximum productivity. Smile engineers will design a system that will scan, capture, convert, distribute, index, store, search and retrieve any document in seconds.

  • LaserFiche Document Software can be customized to your needs.
  • Smile’s Document Conversion Services can scan old archived documents.
  • Smile’s Managed Network Services can provide unlimited network support.
  • As a Dell Reseller, servers can be configured and installed to your specific needs.

Downloadable Materials (View as Adobe PDF):

LaserficheLaserFiche does away with paper by converting it to storable and searchable computer images.

Paper documents are scanned and converted to a high-resolution image where it is stored your network.

These images can be viewed, exchanged, and printed across the network or the Internet. LaserFiche helps you find files faster, organize documents easily, save space, and distribute information in a flash.

Document Conversion Services

Smile Document Imaging Solutions has a staff of imaging experts to convert ongoing or archived documents. Take paper storage and retrieval fees and say “Good Bye!” Remove filing cabinets and create more office space. Smile will pickup pallet loads of paper documents and return your data either on CD format or electronically over the Internet. Smile will hold your paper documents in a locked down secure location where it will be scheduled for certified destruction.

Smile Document Imaging Solutions will scan your documents for you; however, if you choose to scan internally, Kodak has a scanner to meet your needs. If you need to convert paper documents, lots of them, and if you haven’t got time for paper jams and mis-scans, Kodak’s line ranges from entry-level flatbeds to sophisticated, high-volume production scanners. Since 1986, they’ve manufactured some of the fastest, most reliable, and most reasonably priced scanners on the market.

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