A managed printer services agreement can save your business  money, eliminate waste, and increase productivity.  Regular remote monitoring and periodic fleet reviews by Smile technical staff  insure that your printers are always operating at their maximum potential, and utilized appropriately.  


Print Management

In the midst of today’s economy, companies are looking for ways to cut cost and save. We at Smile believe that managing your print devices is a smart way to start!  Smile has a simple approach to help organizations manage prints devices, operation costs and control supplies overspending.

Smile’s Managed Print Services Program is designed to give you relevant data to manage your print devices in order to best utilize ALL devices. Smile’s program provides you with the following:

The Process


Smile will install non-invasive software called Print Tracker designed to specially gather meter reads.  This management monitoring tool responds to locally attached print devices that respond to the SNMP.

Smile will provide an onsite survey to ensure we have a complete inventory of all devices.

Verification –

Smile will verify all data collection by reviewing statistics based on past history, toner cost, service and coverage fill.

Present –

Smile will present you with detailed reports including:

Meter Read Report




Location by IP address


Equipment Detail Report per Printer

Cost per print by device


Cartridge and drum cost

Percentage of Fill

Equipment Cost of Ownership Summary Report

Total cost of ownership for entire fleet.

Our Designated Print Management Team will provide you with an implementation schedule, informative decisions on equipment additions or replacements, and resources to plan for future growth or downsizing.

Summarize –

Smile’s Print Management Program will:

*Reduce Costs

*Balance Deployment

*Effective device utilization

*Reduction of costs for IT Support

*Single Source Supplier

Simplify your life……Simplify your business……with a Managed Print Services Agreement from Smile Business Products