Are you in need of a vending machine for a library, public agency, school or even your office building?

Smile can provide you with a customized and convenient program to fit any vending need and the best part is, we do it all!

Every vending program is unique and it’s up to our Vending Specialist to design a program that simplifies your needs. Our programs include equipment and vending unit at no charge, an all-inclusive Maintenance Agreement including parts, labor and supplies (toner, developer, and paper, excluding staples).


  • Copy Auditor

    A program that limits access and monitors copies with codes. This program will not only cut down on personal copying, but save your company money by accounting for copies made by personnel, departments, programs or clients. Auditors can be set-up to count copiers made, or debit a programmed amount of copiers per user department,etc.

  • Card Systems

    Copy cards and smart cards are used in both public-use and business environments. For public-use, when a customer buys a predetermined amount of copiers; in the business setting, it enables access control and copy monitoring.

  • Coin | Bill Units

    Coin and bill operated copiers are a customer/client convenience offered in stores, libraries, schools, copy shops, government and professional buildings.

  • Print Management

    Vend printing is a software and hardware combination that allows the administrator to charge for prints made by patrons, students, staff, etc. at the time of use and/or allows a predetermined print allowance.