Document Management Solutions, Document scanning solutions, document management solutions for small businessesSmileDOC allows you to capture, manage and share all digital documents, effectively ending the risk of lost or misfiled documents.  Using powerful document management software and hardware, we offer services such as document workflow consultation, document scanning, document process automation and paper-to-digital conversion. Smile provides you with so many ways to improve your bottom-line with increased efficiency and reduced risk to compliance issues.

Lost documents and improper filing can seriously damage the operations of a business. SmileDOC helps you prevent such issues with a safe and organized document management system. We make the most of advanced document management tools to provide comprehensive document management solutions.  From document workflow consultation to implementation, we can do it all. Our goal is to ensure that you can seamlessly store, manage, and access your important files while protecting sensitive information.

With developments in technology, many businesses are resorting to electronic document management. Not only does this make file storage and access much easier, it also reduces waste to protect the environment. SmileDOC is your ultimate digital document scanning and management solution, providing you with the following features:

  • Balance between security and accessibility – We design a process that helps your staff access necessary information efficiently so as to work at maximum productivity, while the more sensitive information is protected effectively.
  • Streamlined document management – We design an electronic document management system that provides document scanning, captures, converts, distributes, indexes, stores, searches, and retrieves any document in seconds.
  • Reliable consultation – We help you find the best hardware and software for implementing said enterprise document management system. Our competent and responsive staff will help you in acquiring, installing, and maintaining the new system in addition to training your staff on it.
  • Customized software solutions – As we offer complete document management system services, we represent a number of document management solutions such as DocuWare, Square9, Adobe, Drivve, and more. We understand that the document management needs of different businesses may differ. So we take the time to help you customize each of these solutions based on your needs and preferences. If you’re in the cannabis industry, software solutions like can help simplify your operations.
  • Reduced paper usage – Businesses have the responsibility of adopting environmentally conscious methods in their operations. SmileDOC provides you with effective and secure electronic document management solutions that scan your paper documents and convert them into high-resolution images.
  • Disaster Recovery and Help Desk – Smile has available, secure off-site storage for your electronic documents for your electronic documents to keep them safe as a part of any prudent disaster recovery plan.  In addition, our Help Desk is always available to answer all of your questions regarding your Document Management System. Bottom-line – Images are stored in an indexed database on your network and these files can then be shared, viewed, distributed, and printed on demand. It’s not just easier to find files and organize documents; you’re saving space, securing documents and eliminating the reliance on paper.

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