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Dynabook Americas, Inc., formerly Toshiba Laptop, is now a division of Sharp Electronics, providing a diverse portfolio of enterprise-grade and educational laptops.  Dynabook is the only manufacture that designs, develops, tests, and engineers all of its manufacturing in-house.

Designed for everyday use, all business and educational laptops are fully featured with a backlit keyboard, fingerprint reader, facial recognition, docking, full size ports, spill-resistant keyboards, built-in optical drive and removable battery depending on the model.  Whether you’re looking for a windows 10 laptop for your business, education and students, state or local government, or financial institutions, Dynabook has you covered!

Please note: Dynabook laptops offer K-12 students something that Chromebooks don’t – practice with using a Microsoft Windows device and Microsoft productivity applications. Many universities in California and Nevada do not support or recommend Chromebooks or tablets. Please reach out for a list of universities.

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  • Configured with Windows 10 Pro
  • Intel Core Processor
  • 8 or 16 GB of Memory
  • Up to 17 hours of battery life
  • Security
  • Consulting and Support

One of many highlights that Dynabook offers is the flexibility to pre-configure featured models for a Build-to-Order environment. These features include:

  • Imaging Services with your preloaded company’s custom image with all your apps and settings
  • Asset Tagging with physical and/or digital (in BIOS)
  • Customer Logo
  • Factory Activation
  • First Articles Inspection Report straight from the factory for your approval
  • Tech Support for communication and collaboration

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laptops for business, Dynabook laptop, Dynabook
laptops for business, Dynabook laptop, Dynabook
  • 3- and 4-Year On-Site Warranty

  • WiFi Enabled or Network Ready

  • Built-to-Order with 2 Weeks

  • Intelligent Protection

  • Seamlessly Connect to all your Secure Files

  • Thin, Light and Mobile

Environment Commitment

Dyanbook products include convenient ways for consumers to recycle their old electronics and meet IEC standards world wide.

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