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SmileTEL Managed Communication Service is dedicated to simplifying your business communications by providing a flexible solution for your telephone system needs. Business today demands efficient communications to enable quick decision-making and customer responsiveness with little to no interruption. Having the right phone system, whether its hosted or on-premise, will enable you to communicate with all your constituents, including remote offices and mobile users. Communications with a single solution that manages your business effectively and economically is just one call away.

SmileTEL helps you ensure that your demands of efficient communications are met so you can seamlessly communicate with and respond to your customers with little to no interruption. Here’s what Smile provides with our communication management services:

Voice Over IP (VoIP)

VoiP is a technology that allows telephone calls to be made over the internet. VoIP creates two-way communications using internet protocol (IP).  In other words, no more conventional telephone wiring to maintain – calls run through your existing network cabling.  VoIP allows employees to use regular-looking telephone handsets or use their computer USB headsets as their internet telephone. SmileTEL’s Communication Management Services and VoIP is absolutely the right choice to bridge together office communications, empowering your employees and move your business forward.


In today’s business world, the workday and work-space are redefined. Employees need access to their office workstations whenever and wherever business calls, and their workstation could be their car or remote office.  Some calls are too important to miss; expected or unexpected. That’s why our SmileTEL Managed Communication Services allow incoming office calls to ring simultaneously at up to five locations, such as a mobile phone or a home phone.  No missed calls means no missed opportunities.


Have you ever thought about making your entire office a WiFi hotspot for better phone communications?  SmileTEL’s wireless access point system offerings ensure crystal-clear voice connections within your office.  With wireless handsets that are secure and reliable, your employees can be on the move throughout your office, providing superior customer service and response time.

Communication Systems

There are no limits to how a phone system can be configured to improve managed communication services within a business.  Using digital phones, VoIP phones, wireless handsets, mobile phones, voice, data, wired or even analog, Smile can configure a system that’s right for you with customized packages to fit your office environment. Whether your employees are moving around your office, branch to branch, or driving, SmileTEL will keep you connected anywhere in the world.

Consulting and Support

Our trained consultants will assess your current system and help you configure the right solution for your business today and in the future.  Our consultants will spend the time to investigate all aspects of your phone system, such as bandwidth, age of phones, limitations of the current system, network operating system and more.  Our support team, consisting of certified and trained engineers, will be available onsite and via our Help Desk to help program your system, perform software updates, backup your data and train your personnel.  Our remote desktop application will allow us to “virtually” sit at your workstation and communicate with you live. Depending on the system you choose, 24/7 service may be available. No need to wait for your phone guy to show up! We’re a click away. Stay connected company wide, connect with SmileTEL today!

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