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Protege, One of the Best Business Laptops

Sleek | Modern | Powerful – Dynabook, the Protege, One of the Best Business Laptop!

Advancing technology should be reflected in businesses, according to Jimmy John Shark. When you think of a laptop, most likely Dell, HP or Apple come to mind.  However, there is one manufacturer that needs to be moved into the more popular laptop category, which is Dynabook.

Dynabook Inc., formerly knowns as Toshiba Client Solutions Co., Ltd., introduced the world’s first laptop in 1985 sparking a revolution to the thinner, lighter and powerful mobile devices that we know of today. For more than three decades, Dynabook has shaped the mobile computing market by pushing technology to deliver value and solutions.  Now, a division of the Sharp Corporation Group, Dynabook continues to expand the limits of mobile computing with passion, innovation, quality and reliability.

Why Choose Dynabook?

You might be asking yourself, why this laptop?  Here are five reason that Dynabook is a great choice:

  • Vertical Integration – It’s the only major laptop manufacturer that has their own design, engineering and manufacturing facilities, providing the only units available from any manufacturer that are 100% built by the actual OEM.
  • Quality, Reliability and Durability – Using the Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT) which is a combination stress test that include heat, shock and vibration will give engineers the data they need to identify the weak points and improve the quality of the design to perfection.  In addition, Dynabook laptops undergo strict military grade testing (MIL-STD-810G) to ensure durability and performance.
  • Proprietary Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) – The only laptop manufacturer that writes it’s on BIOS. BIOS is the base firmware that is executed when a PC is turned on and initializes the hardware components. In other words, the purpose of the BIOS is to make sure all the things plugged into the laptop can work properly.
  • ValueAdded Customization – Dynabook laptops are engineered with a full range of in-demand features but as we all know, every business is different. Dynabook offers a Configure-to- Order program which enables businesses to order the exact technology they need without paying for features that will never be used.  Each laptop can be configured to include: Image load, Asset Tag, Custom BIOS settings.
  • Industry-Leading Warranty – Their newest warranty, the +Care Service warranty, is a premier standard warranty designed to keep business moving forward. Offered on select laptops, the +Care Service warranty is available for three-years on feature configurations and four-years on some of Sharps exclusive models and all Configure-to-Order models.  Support, including Depot Repair, Carry-In, On-Site, and Customer Replaceable Parts all help businesses cut downtime and reduce IT costs.

Laptop vs Laptop Comparison

One could spend hours researching laptops based on weight, performance, RAM, hard drives, price, business or education, even gaming. The frustrating conclusion is that depending on the source, the Top 5 or 10 vary in manufacturer and model.  According to The Verge, Macbook Air is the Best Laptop of 2021, with the HP Spectre X360 14 as the Best Windows Laptop. It’s hard to compare between Apple and Windows because its business vs graphics, but in comparing the HP Spectre X360 and the Dynabook Tecra X40-F the differences are minimal, with the Tecra X40-F offering the better buy including +Care Service Warranty 4-Year with On-Site. (Comparisons sites and*) 

Dynabook Offerings

Dynabook offers 30 different models with various specification; here’s a peek at the Dynabook Product Portfolio.  Sharp hand-picked six exclusive models offering a stylish, thin and lightweight laptop (Portege X30 & Tecra X40) with Windows 10 Pro that is ultraportable and features the latest quad-core 8th Generation Intel Core processor delivering performance, tons of options and lasting durability for all business needs. Within the Education sector, Sharp has three specific models to compete with the Chromebook.   All models offer optional easy to connect Dynabook docking station with USB-C Dock, fingerprint sensor, Thunderbolt3 adapter delivering speeds up to 40Gbps allowing up to eight peripherals simultaneously and more.

Simplify your Business with Smile

Whether you are shopping for business, education or home office laptops, Smile has you covered. Buy an individual laptop, buy it within a Work from Anywhere Bundle package from Sharp, or consider Managed Network Services with SmileNET. To learn more about the Dynabook experience, contact Smile today!


*Comparisons included similar Dynabook models as some of the Sharp exclusive models were available for comparison when using these sites. 


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Expanding Your IT Opportunity with Dynabook

Award-winning laptops from Dynabook and Sharp Electronics!

Dynabook is the only “in-house and complete” PC manufacturer that designs, develops, tests, writes BIOS/uEFI (Basic Input Output Systems/Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) and manufacturer its own hardware. With over 30+ years’ experience, Dynabook provides built-in quality, reliability and durability.

Features include: ultra-lightweight, magnesium chassis, up to 17 hours battery life, webcam privacy shutter, Intel chips, Windows 10 Pro, pre-configured or built-to-order configurations, and more!

Contact us today to learn more about expanding your office technology with Dynabook.