How Can Square9 & DocuWare Improve Managed Print Services for a Healthcare Office?

How Can Square9 & DocuWare Improve Managed Print Services for a Healthcare Office?

There are very few industries with the unique document management needs that healthcare requires. Not only is the health of patients on the line, but regulations must be met while delivering top quality care and support.

Implementing Managed print services for a healthcare office can feel daunting, especially when the needs of the team, patients, and HIPAA laws are taken into consideration. However, as technology continues to forge ahead in the industry, healthcare offices cannot risk being left behind. So, how can healthcare offices enjoy the benefits of print management while also ensuring that their responsibilities to their patients are met?

Square9 and DocuWare have the answer to that question and more. Let’s take a closer look at these two services.

What Are Managed Print Services for Healthcare?

Like any other office in any other industry, healthcare offices have a need for printing and storage of documents and requires proper pharmaceutical warehousing to help them serve better. However, unlike some other businesses, healthcare offices are bound by HIPAA which outlines the privacy requirements that protects patient’s most private medical information.

What this means is that healthcare offices have to be especially important when implementing any sort of document management or sharing system. It is not as simple as choosing some fly-by-night print management company to implement a system.

Recognizing the needs of the healthcare industry as well as other data-sensitive industries, Square9 and DocuWare have created systems that allow businesses and offices to enjoy the benefits of print management without compromising their commitment to their patients.

The Features & Benefits of Square9

The main promise of Square9 is to improve patient service, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with privacy regulations. By streamlining operations within a healthcare office, it may be possible to reduce the most common and preventable causes of HIPAA violations.

Theft, IT incidents, and loss of documents make up the large majority of HIPAA violations. The silver lining to this stat is that all of these incidents can be largely prevented.

Using Square9, managed print services for healthcare offices are combined with secure data storage, process automation, and integration with existing medical records systems. Patient information can be securely stored digitally and only accessed by authorized users. This safeguard alone stands to prevent countless compliance violations and fines.

Most importantly, Square9 enables healthcare offices to increase the quality of service offered to patients. Since document storage and workflow tasks can be automated, staff has more time to focus on patient care.

The Features & Benefits of DocuWare

Much like Square9, DocuWare aims to provide better document management for healthcare offices. By securely storing data in the cloud, the risk of theft or loss of paper patient records is greatly reduced.

Perhaps most exciting is that this now enables staff to be more mobile. Professionals are no longer tethered to their desk or office. Patient records can be securely stored and then accessed on a mobile device by authorized users. A healthcare office is now able to expand their reach without having to deal with risks that may result from taking paper patient records outside of the office.

In addition, many tasks can be automated using DocuWare. The benefits of print management are just the beginning. Instead of printing paper files to be completed and then submitted and stored, healthcare offices can automatically have forms sent for completion and submission. This reduces the need for staff to become managers of documents between patients and their pharmacy, specialists, or insurance companies.

Why Managed Print Services for Healthcare Offices is Important

These days, the benefits of print management go far beyond just sending a document to a printer. In fact, that document may not need to be printed on paper at all.

Patients cite their greatest concern regarding healthcare as diagnostic error. This could be a result of a number of factors. One way to help reduce error or confusion is to have access to all information as quickly and efficiently as possible. If healthcare professionals can see a patient’s history with just a few taps then they are better able to provide accurate, timely medical attention when needed.

With greater communication, better document storage, and automation of time consuming tasks, healthcare offices can feel confident that their patients are receiving the best care possible.

Discover the Benefits of Print Management

Navigating these sensitive issues requires experience and understanding. If your healthcare office is grappling with the rapidly changing face of technology as well as the important privacy regulations in place – then we are here to help you.

At Smile Business Products, we help healthcare offices implement the solutions that can help them meet all of their document management goals. Interested in learning more? Contact us today!