How to Boost Your Business with Pantone Color Matching and the Digital Tools

Color is more than just a visual element. It is a powerful tool for communication and expression. It can evoke emotions, moods, messages, and identities and shape perceptions, preferences, and behaviors. That’s why color accuracy and consistency are vital for any business that depends on copying, scanning, and printing.

But how can you make sure that the colors you see on your screen, in your physical samples, or in your final output match the colors you envisioned? How can you prevent color errors and rework that can waste your time and money?

The solution is Pantone Color Matching

Pantone is the world leader in color and the provider of professional color standards for the design industries. Pantone offers a variety of solutions to help you identify, communicate, and match colors across different media and devices.

Pantone Color Matching is the process of finding the closest Pantone color to any color you see or capture. Pantone colors are defined by precise digital data that ensure color accuracy and consistency. Pantone colors are also organized into different systems and libraries that suit different industries and applications.

Pantone Digital Tools are devices and software that enable you to capture, extract, convert, design, share, and collaborate with Pantone colors. Some of the Pantone Digital Tools are:

  • Connect: A platform for mobile, web, and Adobe Creative Cloud that allows you to access over 15,000 Pantone colors, create and manage palettes, and integrate Pantone colors into your design workflows.
  • Capsure: A handheld device that can measure and match any color to the nearest Pantone color from a range of more than 10,000 colors.
  • Color Match Card: A credit card-sized device that works with the Pantone Connect app to capture any color and match it to the nearest Pantone color.
  •  i1Studio Designer Edition: A device and software that will calibrate your displays, printers, and scanners to show Pantone colors accurately.

In addition to the tools listed above, there is also the Pantone Matching from Sharp Electronics.  Sharp’s Advanced and Essential Color Series MFP, and all High-Volume Color Document Systems come standard (free) with Pantone look up tables to make all documents are printed with the correct color logo.

By using Pantone Color Matching and the Digital Tools, you can enjoy many benefits for your business, such as:

  • Create Eye-catching Logos: Use Pantone colors to design logos that stand out from the crowd and reflect your brand identity. Ensure that your logos look consistent across different media and devices.
  • Create Attention Grabbing Posters, Brochures, and Flyers: Use Pantone colors to create print materials that catch the eye of your customers and convey your message effectively. Avoid color variations or distortions that can ruin your print quality.
  • Match Your Colors with the Ones Used by Your Clients or Competitors: Use Pantone colors to match or contrast with the colors used by your clients or competitors. Communicate your color choices clearly and avoid misunderstandings or conflicts.
  • Ensure That Your Prints or Packages Match the Original Design Specifications and Expectations: Use Pantone colors to print or package your products according to the original design specifications and expectations. Ensure that your prints or packages look consistent across different batches or locations.
  • Optimize Your Printing or Packaging Processes and Reduce Waste and Costs: Use Pantone colors to optimize your printing or packaging processes and reduce waste and costs. Avoid color errors or rework that can delay your delivery or damage your reputation.
  • Forecast the Upcoming Color Trends and Preferences of Your Customers: Use Pantone colors to forecast the upcoming color trends and preferences of your customers. Stay ahead of the curve and adapt your products or services accordingly.

Whether you’re in printing, packaging, photography, graphic design, automotive, paints, plastics, or textiles, Pantone Color Matching and the Digital Tools can help you boost your business with color excellence in your copying, scanning, and printing.

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