managed print service, managing printers, managed print services Sacramento SmileMPS is dedicated to helping your company reduce expenses and increase the productivity of your printer fleet. We will give you a single point of contact for all of your printers which will eliminate the time spent dealing with multiple service orders and supply invoices.  With a few simple steps, our program will give you real-time visibility of your network print environment that will help you manage your print devices, reduced printer downtime, control spending on supplies, eliminate waste, and that all important, printer security!

Interested in cutting down your operational costs? Smile helps you do just that without any compromise on your quality of work. With our printer fleet management, we help you manage your printing more efficiently while spending much less on printing devices and supplies. You no longer have to deal with multiple supply invoices and service orders, as we give you a single point of contact for all the printing devices in your office. Our comprehensive print management solutions help you ensure better device maintenance, reduced printer downtime, reduced waste, and reduced cost on supplies.

What is Managed Print Services?

Managed Print Services (MPS) is a program that helps improve the efficiency, productivity, and associated cost of a printer fleet, big or small! A recent study by the Gartner Group determined that the average business spends 1-3% of its annual revenue on document output.  Are you surprised to hear that 30% of all printed documents are wasted?  As more and more color documents are produced, that expense is expected to increase dramatically.  Since most companies have multiple vendors for printing supplies and service, in the end, most companies have no idea what they truly spend on office printing. This is where Smile Managed Print Services come in. Smile’s Managed Print Services will give you a real-time visibility of your network print environment to help you streamline your office printing while developing a strategy to manage the associated costed.

Since you can’t manage what you can’t measure, our process starts by auditing your current situation using a Print Assessment Tool.  Your Smile Representative will identify each print device in your office and, over a 30 (or 60) day period, determine its average monthly volume.   We will also obtain recent service and supply invoices from you.  Once the assessment is complete, we will present you with a final report detailing the printers in your office and identifying all of their associated costs. Full transparency is important to us, which means that, you too, will have access to the same information that we collect and present.

Printer Fleet Assessment Process

Our Print Management Team will use a three-step process to create the perfect Managed Print Fleet Program for you and your business.

  • STEP 1 – Collection
  • First, Smile will gather meter reads and monitor your printers to investigate how they are operating.
  • STEP 2 – Verification
  • Next, Smile will take collected data and verify it by reviewing statistics based on past history as well as invoices for toner and service.
  • STEP 3 – Presentation
  • Smile will present you with detailed audit results including total operating cost per device and total cost of ownership for your entire fleet.

Implementing a Smile Managed Print Services

Smile will assign a Print Fleet Management Team who will provide you with an implementation schedule, apply a Smile identification sticker to each piece of equipment, and load Online Remote Monitoring software to obtain meter readings and monitor your supply needs. Meters on non-networked devices will be collected manually.

In addition, by having access to your own dashboard, you can run reports on your own time having visibility into your print cost and usage in real time.

Ongoing Monitoring and Management

Your print fleet will be monitored daily for service issues and automatic supply ordering.  In addition, our Help Desk is available for fast, remote support.  To keep you informed, Smile will schedule a Quarterly Business Review which includes service history, inventory with monthly volume, and toner usage by device.

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