Sharp Receives 14 Buyers Lab Winter 2020 Pick Awards

Anyone paying attention to the world of business technology knows that there have been a lot of exciting innovations in the past year. Technology is getting simultaneously more sophisticated and affordable, unlocking new ways to propel business operations to greater heights. Many of Smile’s partners, like Sharp, Lexmark, and Epson, have unveiled fantastic new products poised to change the way the modern business operates.

Every year, Keypoint Intelligence selects the most useful, innovative business products and awards them with a Buyers Lab Pick Award. In the Winter 2020 awards, Sharp received an astounding 14 of these awards, cementing its position as an industry leader in digital imaging. Here’s why that’s so exciting. When it comes to faxing, there is the email faxing available these days and is very advantageous check over here to know more.

What Are the Buyers Lab Awards?

Buyers Laboratory Inc, or Buyers Lab, was a product testing organization that started in 1961 and acquired by Keypoint Intelligence in 2004. Sixteen years later, it continues to test and report on OEM devices for a business consumer audience.

Keypoint Intelligence is a market research and insights organization widely regarded as an authority in the digital imaging industry. They research, test, and report on specialized printers, scanners, fax machines, multifunction printers, and other digital imaging hardware as they hit the market. These reports are online and include an analysis of:

  • Nine key performance points: Reliability, ease of use, productivity, image quality, IT administration, security features, maintenance, advanced features, and overall value.
  • Overall strengths and weaknesses: The most unique advantages and disadvantages are highlighted.
  • Expert recommendations: Keypoint Intelligence makes honest, unbiased recommendations using test data, firsthand experience, and industry insight.
  • Special reports: Many devices also receive field tests and environmental reports according to how the manufacturer has positioned the device in the market.

The product receives a score from one through 10 in each category. At the end of the year, the devices which ranked the highest across all performance points in a given category receive a Buyers Lab Pick Award.

What Products by Sharp Won?

The Buyers Lab Pick Awards represent a coveted prize for the leaders of innovation in the digital imaging industry. A quick browse through previous award winners reveals that it’s rare for a company to earn awards on more than three or four of their devices.

That makes Sharp’s domination of the Winter 2020 awards phenomenal. The technology leader won 14 awards across six categories:

1. Outstanding Color MFP for SMBs

When announcing the award for Sharp’s MS-C304 multifunction printer, Keypoint Intelligence noted the device’s solutions-readiness, security, and environmental data. Additionally, flexible pricing options for supplies and features made it an attractive option for small to medium businesses.

2. Outstanding MFP for Mid-Size Workgroups

The slightly larger device, Sharp MX-B476W, was determined the best MFP for mid-size workgroups (up to 80 users) due to its robust hardware, abundant options, and leading-edge security features. Users could enjoy up to 47 black-and-white pages per minute along with optical character recognition and seamless wireless connectivity.

3. Outstanding Color Copier MFP

Six of Sharp’s copier MFPs won a Buyers Lab Pick Award for their speed, versatility, and overall performance. These are all mid-range devices that deliver between 20 and 60 pages per minute. For the best color copier MFPs of 2019, Keypoint Intelligence chose:

  • MX-2651
  • MX-3071
  • MX-3571
  • MX-4071
  • MX-5071
  • MX-6071

4. Outstanding Monochrome Copier MFP

Sharp certainly didn’t pour all of its attention into color copiers and forget about the rest. Those same six devices also won in the monochrome copier MFP category, meaning that users now have an award-winning option for either color or black-and-white document output in the same device.

This isn’t the first time Sharp’s monochrome copier MFP line has earned recognition from Buyers Lab. Keypoint Intelligence also issues a Reliability Award, which is presented once every three years and goes to brands dedicated to building devices that last. In 2018, Sharp’s entire monochrome copier MFP line won the Most Reliable Monochrome Copier MFP Brand Award.

5. 2020 Outstanding Achievement in Innovation Award

In late 2019, Sharp rolled out its Synappx™ Smart Office platform. Designed to enhance office connectivity and collaboration while supporting mobile devices, it’s an innovative response to other printer integration software currently on the market.

However, rather than limiting itself to the integration with the printers, Sharp targeted the collaboration services market by bundling a host of connectivity tools designed to make meetings easier and more dynamic. Buyers Lab recognized Synappx Smart Office with the 2020 Award for Outstanding Achievement in Innovation.

Harness the Best Business Technology with a Smile

Sharp’s achievements with this year’s Buyers Lab Pick Awards reflect the manufacturer’s dedication to innovation and delivering the best-in-class business technology to its consumers. As an authorized dealer, Smile is thrilled to be among the experts able to provide access to the latest and best from Sharp.

Whether in the market for a new multifunction printer, or just seeking to take advantage of the latest software solutions compatible with an existing Sharp device, contact Smile and get the business products the office needs to succeed.

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