The ENX Elite Dealer Awards Recognizes Smile Business Products

ENX, the respected imaging industry publication, recognizes Smile as one of its 2018 Elite Dealers. The publication selected 132 imaging dealers from throughout the United States and awarded them with its prestigious Elite Dealer title. Elite Dealers represent the very best brands in the print dealer industry – service vendors that the rest of the industry looks up to.

ENX selects its Elite Dealers based on a variety of criteria, looking for the intersection of qualities that generates best-in-industry value for customers who rely on print dealers for their expertise and professionalism. According to ENX, independent print dealers are an important part of the overall success of the imaging industry.

Smile Business Products has earned the distinction of becoming an ENX Elite Dealer thanks to its focus on customer satisfaction, expert technical support, and commitment to innovation in a crowded market. Smile and Sharp Electronics have held the contract with the State of California for more than a decade.

What Makes an ENX Elite Dealer?

The publication examines multiple criteria when choosing its ENX Elite Dealers for the year. There is no one quality that stands out from the rest. Instead, ENX editors look for the greatest value generators in the marketplace and select the print dealers that best represent those elements. Some of these criteria include:

  • Growth. Elite Dealers are growth-oriented companies whose approach to developing new lines of business have improved the state of the imaging industry at large. ENX awards the elite dealers whose growth initiatives do more than simply take a bigger piece of the pie for themselves – ENX recognizes companies that make the pie bigger for everyone.
  • Innovation in Marketing. ENX Elite Dealers bring new customers into the imaging industry fold. One of the things that sets Smile apart from many other dealers is that we use what we sell. Instead of telling customers that we’re a DocuWare dealer, we bring them into our offices and show them how we use DocuWare.
  • Innovative Strategies. Another aspect of Smile’s innovation is in its mobile showroom. We have a bus filled with office equipment that we invite customers into. We ask them to physically break something in the bus and then call our network operations center. Then the customer watches as we remotely take over the device, fix it, and show them how long it took.
  • Inventive Service Offerings. Smile’s service offerings include Smart Office technology in partnership with Sharp and Amazon. We are constantly looking towards the future, striving to develop workflow solutions that help customers perform work faster and more efficiently than ever before.
  • Customer Satisfaction. ENX Elite Dealers have to exceed customer expectations and solve customer issues that other print dealers don’t touch. Smile applies sophisticated technology to customer-specific problems – like using Amazon Alexa to make an entire office run through a single voice-activated interface.
  • Vendor Acknowledgements. ENX magazine pays close attention to the way manufacturers treat print dealers. They are looking for imaging dealers that improve the reputation of copier dealer associations while providing customers with best-in-class technology solutions.

Smile has been a Sharp dealer for over two decades. CEO Joe Reeves has been on Sharp’s Dealer Council for 17 years and was instrumental in promoting a product development subcommittee that led to Sharp developing the first iPad displays. Smile’s relationship with Sharp is stronger than most manufacturer-dealer relationships.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility. Elite Dealers are not just great places to work for their employees, they are upstanding corporate citizens that give back to their communities in a variety of ways. Corporate sponsorship, charity events, and volunteering serve to define the dealer’s role in the community.
  • Excellent Employee Relationships. Recruiting and retaining employees is a challenge in the tech industry. It’s especially challenging when it comes to cybersecurity. Imaging dealers that successfully retain top performers are a rarity in this industry, and Smile works hard to ensure that its employees are well-compensated – even going so far as to offer lucrative annuities on maintenance agreements.

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About ENX Magazine

ENX Magazine is the premier source for imaging technology news. Imaging dealers, manufacturers, and customers rely on it for the latest news in the print industry. ENX covers managed print services, upcoming technologies, and global news that affects the print industry as a whole.

ENX is one of the industry’s most reputable sources of imaging information. This is why it’s a particular honor for Smile to be named an ENX Elite Dealer for 2018. Smile remains committed to helping its customers use the most sophisticated technology available to solve business challenges and streamline office workflows.

Your organization can benefit from state-of-the-art imaging equipment and expertise. Speak with one of our expert consultants and find out how Smile can help you.