Why Do Business Services Require High-Speed, Multifunction Printers?

Why Do Business Services Require High-Speed, Multifunction Printers?

If making other businesses great is what makes your business great, then you are likely in the business services industry. “Business services” is a broad description that can cover a wide range companies and industries. However, one thing many business services have in common is the need for a quality printer.

Whether you are operating a co-working space, running a graphics design company, or providing a dedicated business services center; you need quality printing. No matter how creative this site is or how perfect their works are, customers expect timely delivery, great quality, and exceptional service. A printer that isn’t up for the job simply can’t help you deliver on those expectations.

What Makes a Multifunction Printer “High-Speed?”

Many people often wonder why a multifunction printer, like those found in a typical office environment, are not adequate for business services. One of the main reasons boils down to speed. Comparing a standard multifunction printer to a high-speed multifunction printer is like comparing a hatchback to a sport car. Both can get you to work, but the sports car delivers premium performance.

Let’s look at the Sharp MX-M6570 and the Sharp MX-M7570. These printers are designed specifically for high-volume operations and can print 65 and 75 pages per minute, respectively. If you are operating a busy business services location then you need to ensure your customers are able to get their printing and move on with their day so you can move onto the next order.

Some high-quality multifunction printers that you would find in an office or small business will print 30 to 40 pages per minute. While that is a respectable amount for the needs of a single business user, that volume is about half of what a high-speed multifunction printer can do. The difference could mean cutting your potential client base in half. A slower printer is not necessarily a worse printer; it simply is not designed for the business services industry.

The Extra Features Matter

Business services often provide more than basic printing. Creating pamphlets or presentation booklets is a common job you may see in a business services provider. Choosing a Sharp multifunction printer designed for high-volume businesses means you get access to additional features that typical multifunction printers simply do not provide.

One great feature, for example, is the ability to machine fold brochures and other materials as part of the entire printing process. This removes the need for additional equipment or employees to do the work by hand. Ultimately, employees are more efficient with their time and your business can serve more customers.

In business services, time is money. That’s why a Sharp MFP designed for business services strives to make the most of every moment. These devices wake from sleep as you approach and are ready to begin printing in just seconds. You get the benefit of power savings while the device is in sleep mode without having to wait for it to warm up and begin printing.

Sharp has also worked to integrate cloud services to streamline workflows. No dealing with unfriendly interfaces or linking services you never use. Simply use the cloud services you want and print directly from the cloud with just a few taps on the colorful touchscreen.

Some office environments may not need quick wake features or instant printing, but business services operations don’t have the luxury to wait a second longer. Choosing a Sharp multifunction printer like the Sharp MX-M6570 or the Sharp MX-M7570 gives you everything you need to get the job done quickly and to the highest quality.

Because Your Customers Deserve the Best

There is no better feeling than when other businesses trust your business to help them discover success. When your customers rely on you for top quality business services, there is no better choice than a Sharp multifunction printer designed with business services in mind.

Using their industry leading features allows you to provide the best quality work and make the most of your time with improved efficiency. There is a reason that business services providers around the world trust Sharp MFP devices to help them deliver on their promises every day.

If you want the best quality and the latest technology working for you then contact us at Smile Business Products. We can give you a deeper introduction to the Sharp MX-M6570 or Sharp MX-M7570 and show you why these printers are high-speed essentials for high-volume businesses.