Are your Managed Documents & Print Services at Risk of a Cyberattack?

A company of any size shouldn’t take cybersecurity lightly. The rise of digital systems that streamline workflows and provide near-instantaneous communications also puts organizations at risk. Malware containing ransomware can wreak havoc in a company’s system and lead to a complete shutdown of its network.

If the company doesn’t ensure they also protect these devices connecting to their network, it may become a vulnerability in itself. Every device on a company’s network is a target for threat actors and cybercriminals. By investing in digitally connected IoT devices, companies are increasing their cybersecurity attack surface. This makes it essential to ensure they have adequate business security solutions in place.

As we focus on MFP security in the month of May, here’s a great article from DPS Magazine about managing your document and print vulnerabilities. Its not all about managing your network and applications, but also the devices and documents.

Within the article George Grafanakis, Associate Director, Hardware Product Management for Sharp, highlights Sharp’s whitelisting features that detect attempts to machines and deny access if the source data is not on the whitelist. This is one of many features Sharp offers to safeguard your data and protect your business.

To learn more about all the security features that Sharp offers on their MFP, please call us for an appointment. Virtual or in-person, it’s up to you!