Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp! It’s So Simple to Use

As we start to make our way back to the office, envision this? A meeting is starting in 10 minutes, you’re trying to figure out what cable is the correct one to plug into your laptop, is the camera on, are the speakers working. You think you’re ready for the meeting but no.  The camera is not working!  Have you been there? I’m sure we all have at one point in our career.  Why not make it easy with the Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp!  It’s as simple as walk in, plug in and start work!

Just walk in, plug in the 8m USB-C cable and it automatically switches to the right input for whatever information you want to display. You’re instantly ready to start your meeting. Really, its that easy and it’s worth the few extra dollars!

The Microsoft certified 4K Ultra HD 70-inch display is ideal for meeting spaces, boardrooms, training rooms and almost anywhere else with an office environment you can imagine. With a built-in microphone, high quality camera and IoT sensor hub, it works seamlessly with the Microsoft 365 collaboration tools. Microsoft Office application allow staff to work together and be more creative and Teams provides the online meeting solutions including annotation, overlay and presentation tools for the ultimate in collaboration. Lastly, Microsoft Azure Digital Twins is an IoT platform to help with the physical environment such as occupancy, room bookings, light control,  HVAC control and air quality.

Worried about the cabling?  Don’t be.  The single USB-C connector, which is used with latest Windows and Apple Mac notebooks, provides high-speed, high-bandwidth data transfer for multiple functions, include 4K video, internet network and application data. With split screens and built-in casting, up to five devices can be connected simultaneously whether its Windows or Android, i.e., phones, tables, or laptops. If you don’t have hardware that supports the USB-C connection, don’t worry a HDMI and USB cable connection will still have you fully functioning.

The display comes with a three year warranty from Sharp. Set up and delivery by Smile.

Check out the video from Sharp.

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