Businesses must manage their printing department to keep up with order demand and increase staff productivity.

Many company offices are cluttered with stocky appliances and printer supplies. Staff working within these departments can’t meet print order demands from customers as a company continues to grow. However, with managed print services, any chaotic office can turn into a productive environment to streamline the printing process.

We’ll explore the reasons why printing departments fall apart and discuss ways a managed print service can benefit a chaotic office environment.

The Main Causes of Disorganized Print Departments

Companies with high-output demand for prints are often looking for ways to improve the flow of documents through the workplace and reduce printer waste. The rate at which staff struggles to keep up with business orders and restock supplies is why many offices seek to change their routines.

There are several reasons why an office with a disorganized printing department falls off track:

  • Slow or Faulty Printers: Many businesses in the country use printers with outdated technology and a slow output rate, even when the business grows past their printer’s capability. Upgrading printers with the help of managed printer solutions can drastically improve production rate.
  • Mismanaged Printer Supplies: Companies across the U.S. spend around $6,400 per gallon on printer ink, which amounts to the same price of getting 2,250 gallons of regular gasoline. By organizing printer storage supplies and restocking with more cost-effective material, companies can save more money per year on printer supplies.
  • Outdated Document Sharing Methods: Outdated printer technology and storage require office workers to jump from one end of the department to the printer to activate the print process. Businesses can save more time and clear up space in an office by upgrading to more advanced office equipment models.

Companies are turning to new business technology ideas to help transform a poorly-optimized print production process. If more businesses considered changing how they carry out print tasks, they might keep up with a rising flow of print orders.

5 Steps to Organize Print Departments with Managed Print Services

How can businesses optimize the workflow of a printing department? Here are six steps that can revolutionize a company and put it on a better track to growth.

1. Assign a Print Manager

A printer manager takes charge of assigning specific documents to workers and choosing which printers to use for each type of print. If the wrong document order is sent into a printer without the right technological features to handle the request, it may take hours out of a productive work cycle.

2. Assess the Printer Department Process

By watching where mistakes happen inside a printing department, businesses can get a better clue as to how to resolve the backflow of work orders. The entire printing process starts with the type of document and which machine they choose to do the job. Reorganizing the location of specific printers can also improve efficiency. This also involves the minimal tasks like printing ID cards fro staff – and getting lanyards for staff to keep their cards secure.

3. Evaluate Expenses

Many businesses fail to double-check their printing department expenses, and therefore, spend more on overhead. A couple of ways that companies can figure out how to rework their office budget is to source more efficient printer repair services, find out how much their monthly printer supplies cost, and examine the energy demand of all office equipment.

4. Swap Out Outdated Devices

Companies can reduce the time spent during the printing processing and save money by choosing energy-efficient printers. Consider the type and number of documents the business processes daily. Replace all outdated equipment with printers that have a 50 page per minute cycle and integrated storage systems.

5. Maintain Devices and Printer Supply Storage

If an error occurs while a printer is processing a document or supplies run short in the middle of a cycle, an office can experience delays. Therefore, the print manager should maintain all printer equipment, storage devices, and supplies so office workers can keep up with order demands.

Increase Printer Department Efficiency with Smile Business Products

Does the printing process inside an office require a complete transformation? There’s no better time than now to strategize a new office plan. Poor operational awareness inside a print department quickly leads to backed up print orders and print supply waste. With the implementation of organized print services, businesses can improve office workflow and reduce their expenses.

Smile Business Products understands that businesses in California can fall behind in print production for any number of reasons. Keep up with customer orders by reoptimizing the entire process in which the office completes print orders. Contact us today, and we can help you reimagine a printer environment that keeps up with your growing business.