Marketing has been due for innovation, and the mobile showroom has it in spades. Here’s what businesses need to know about mobile showrooms and how forward-thinking companies like Smile are utilizing them.

Fully Functioning Demo on Wheels, Mobile Showrooms and What They Mean for Businesses

In concept, a mobile showroom bus is a fully functioning demo on wheels that acts as a showroom featuring company products. Mobile showrooms on city streets leave a much grander impression than static billboards or ads painted on the sides of cars. These marketing presentations make for an exciting experience, by using a display bus, they reach customers on the street and generate interest. Although the use of a display bus as a marketing installation is relatively new, they gain a lot of attention, and that’s good for marketing. This is a revolutionizing concept that brings products to the customers and takes advertising to a whole new level. For more on good marketing, check out the job done by these seo experts london agency.

Here’s What Smile’s Mobile Showroom Features

Smile’s mobile showroom is something everyone should see. Not only is the mobile showroom practical, but offers a new, fun context for shopping office devices. Smile has included a rich variety of office products for display ranging from advanced business phone systems to office copiers/printers and water systems that generate clean drinking water out of thin air.

Sharp MFP’s

One of the most exciting products to be seen in Smile’s mobile showroom is Sharp’s multifunction printers. These printers are sleek in design and powerful in application. These printers come in a wide variety that will suit the needs of any office environment and ultimately make it more efficient. Sharp printers are well known for their ease of use, longevity, and superior performance. Make it complete with Smile’s managed print services.

4K Sharp AQUOS Interactive White Board

The 4K Sharp AQUOS Interactive White Board has been gaining traction as one of the best tools on the market for education and corporate environments. Combining the concept of a traditional whiteboard with the best in presentation technology, these products are making waves and are a spectacular sight in Smile’s mobile showroom.

Fully Functioning Office Environment with Microsoft Office

Smile’s mobile showroom is more than a display. It features a fully functioning office environment powered by Microsoft Office.

Skywell Water Machine

The Skywell Water Machine in Smile’s mobile showroom is something worth checking out. This incredible machine furnishes a crisp, clear, and clean water supply for home and office environments. By taking particles from the air, purifying them, and converting them into drinking water, the Skywell is one of the most coveted appliances in any office.

PaperCut Software

One of the most cutting edge software products on the market, PaperCut, is also featured. This impressive software tool can be used to track printer users and helps facilitate output management. These benefits can reduce wasted paper and printing costs. Office managers with compatibility concerns can rest assured that Sharp products sold through Smile BPI are fully compatible with PaperCut software. More companies have been shifting towards investing in user tracking software to help manage unnecessary paper consumption and enforce security measures. Documents flowing through offices every day can be used malignantly to siphon, sell, or otherwise use company information in a way that would be extremely damaging. PaperCut software steps in to prevent these issues by closely monitoring the users that interact with sensitive documents. This software ensures safe and secure document management. The software generates reports showing who used the printer, how they used it, and even their department.

Mobile Showrooms, Accessibility, and Interactive Sales Strategy

The key advantage of the mobile showroom as a marketing presentation is accessibility. It acts as an interactive sales strategy that draws people in and gives them an experience. These experiences are much richer than driving past an ad on a billboard in your 1967 GT 350 Mustang.

Take a look Into the Future with Smile

Smile’s mobile showroom is just a taste of what this remarkable company has to offer. Check it out and dive deeper into their products, they have something for every office. According to, after seeing their mobile showroom it’s clear that this isn’t just the latest marketing gimmick, it’s an experience. The mobile showroom is a truly unique way to display their many fine products and leads customers to learn much more than they could glean from a traditional advertisement. Don’t hesitate, check out Smile today and see what they can do to revolutionize the office.