Educators have a tough job trying to keep students focused on their lessons.

Many school boards believe they need to increase the interest in studies or participation in classroom lessons. However, with advancements in educational technology, schools have new avenues to create an interactive environment for students to enjoy the learning process.

In this article, we’ll explain the reasons schools struggle to keep a student’s attention and discuss the benefits of interactive whiteboards in classrooms.

The Educational Challenges Presented to Schools

Teachers, administrators, and faculty have searched for many years for ways to involve students more in classroom activities and improve curriculum interest. The rate at which students drop out of school or get involved in dangerous activities is increasing at an alarming rate.

There are several reasons why students may lack interest in completing their education:

  • Student Can’t Pick a Career Path: Students who don’t complete their high school diploma are estimated to earn an average income of $606 per week, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This might affect how interested students are in continuing their education. With more motivation to pursue a career, students may be more likely to complete their education.
  • External Influences: A troublesome home life or other external factors are some of the top reasons why students choose to leave school. Educators who increase a child’s interest in learning can help sway students to learn or grow their career instead of getting involved in problematic activities.
  • Lack of Interest in Learning: Nearly 26% of high school dropouts said that they left school because they were too bored in the classroom environment. If all schools implemented strategies for innovative learning, such as an interactive display in each of their classrooms, children might be more likely to enjoy their classes.

Many school districts are now turning towards the use of interactive collaboration boards and software to keep students involved inside the classroom. If more schools worked to promote interest in studies, more students would continue their education.

6 Ways Education Technology Improves Student Participation

How do interactive whiteboards help students gain interest in their studies? Here are six ways education technology improves the learning experience and participation in schools.

1. Easier to Teach

A digital whiteboard provides everything a teacher needs to put the subject curriculum in an easy-to-read format. They’re cleaner and much easier to use than projector screens. Also, information from computers can be placed directly onto the board, instead of sharing them in books or pieces of paper. Teachers spend less time grading papers and more time focusing on providing quality education.

2. Increase Student Activity

A 2013 study found that students who interact within a learning environment learn better and receive a better overall education. Teachers can help students learn to work as a team or provide engaging activities with educational technology.

3. Teach Students with Different Learning Styles

Each student is different in how they learn, and educators have strived for years to find ways to cover each students’ learning styles in the same classroom. Interactive boards allow visual, audio, or kinetic learning experiences. Students can follow along on personal devices to markdown answers, which can show up on software whiteboards.

4. Less Distraction During Lessons

Ordinary whiteboards or chalkboards can cause students to become disengaged within the learning experience. Both teachers and students stay connected during a lesson with integrated learning apps, presentation material, or notes that are directly displayed on the whiteboard.

5. Less Money Spent on Materials

Many schools today face rising pressure to manage their budgets and still provide students with quality education. Interactive board technology doesn’t require paper, books, or expensive equipment to complete daily learning activities. Students and teachers spend less on material for school.

6. Students Get a Quality Education

Compared to other industries or public services, most educational facilities are still a little behind in adopting new-age technology. However, classrooms no longer require paper and pen to complete learning sessions since the learning platform can be entirely digital. As a result, students can learn more throughout the school year than conventional teaching methods.

Improve the Learning Experience with Education Technology

Does the classroom lack the proper tools to keep students interested in their studies? Now is the time to revamp the learning platform. Students can quickly become bored and give up on school if they don’t see a reason to attend class. With the installation of educational technology, school districts can increase the quality of education they provide to students and reduce overall costs.

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