More and more K-12th and Universities are moving toward student centered collaborative learning environments. Sharp can help reinvent your classrooms to create more efficient learning spaces.  As a Sharp authorized dealer, Smile Business Products can provide schools and higher learning (private or public), with seamless integration and cost-effective solutions for both teachers and students. Most displays and Interactive White Boards are on both NASPO and Sourcewell Contracts. Reach out for more info.

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Stockton Kings Education Day is Wednesday, February 26 at the Stockton Arena with a full day of education and fun starting at 8:30am.

Smile Business Products  will be on-site to provide an interactive experience for students, teachers and staff  with the Sharp Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) designed for educational collaboration and learning.

Stop by and visit us….draw on the board, grab a pencil and eraser, and the opportunity to win a IWB for your school!

What Exciting New Things Can You Do with an Interactive Whiteboard?

Interactive whiteboards are gaining attention and making presentations easier and more efficient. This exciting new technology is having an impact on schools and offices as it makes conducting presentations a breeze. With superior features and elegant design, interactive whiteboards take the stress out of making presentations in both school and office environments.

Meet the Future of Presentation Technology: The Sharp PN-L705H AQUOS BOARD, the Finest 4K in Interactive Whiteboard Technology

One of the most exciting interactive whiteboard on the market, the Sharp PN-L705H ( 70 inch) 4K AQUOS BOARD, providing stunning 4K Ultra-HD resolution that reproduces your content accurately with incredibly precise rendering of color and detail.  Sharp’s original capacitive touch technology give the PN-L705H display highly sensitive touchscreen options allowing ultra-precise multiple touch inputs to be detected. No more unintended inputs errors. Users can operate and write on the screen as intended with touch pens or fingers, and gain maximum benefit from it’s superb performance.  Additionally, the PN-L705H recognizes 30 touch points, allowing up to four people to use a touch pen or finger simultaneously to add their creative input whether its a brainstorming session, meetings or lessons.

To minimize glare and fingerprints, all Sharp’s Interactive Whiteboard display’s have an anti-glare film that works to reduce glare and reflections, plus minimize fingerprints soiling.

Features That Make Sharp’s Interactive Whiteboards Stand Above the Rest

The features of Sharp 4K AQUOS Interactive Whiteboard allow users to do more with presentations. Unfettered by the limitations of older presentation technology, Sharp has developed Interactive Whiteboards that revolutionizes the way businesses collaborate. With cloud plug-in applications such as Google Drive and SharePoint, and an USB port accessible on the front tray, makes sharing videos, documents and files easy!  Depending on the type of business, school or government entity, Sharp has the size and configuration to meet those needs. Make sure you watch the video link above.

Plan for Growth with Interactive Whiteboards

These revolutionary presentation tools are a welcome sight for schools and offices, and use of these products are expected to grow exponentially over the next 10 years. By buying interactive whiteboards for presentation activities, firms can stay ahead of the curve and give themselves an edge with Sharp AQUOS Boards.

Remember, businesses are not the only institutions that can benefit from the use of Interactive Whiteboards. Sharp products, such as the Sharp PN-C605B ( 60 inch)  or PN-L705H AQUOS BOARD, has a wide range of potential uses in businesses, government offices, and education. Schools are becoming more sophisticated in terms of technology, and as schools are going high-tech the trend fuels growth in interactive whiteboards.

Exciting Uses for Interactive Whiteboards in Schools

Schools can benefit from using the award winning Sharp PN-C705B AQUOS BOARD Education Kit. The features offered with  the PN-C705B Education bundle includes everything educators need for a classroom, staff lounge, or athletic department. Let the whiteboard become the ultimate collaboration tool for students and staff. In addition, the display provides an open system architecture allowing for seamlessly integration with the schools software such as Blackboard, Promethean, Google Classroom, Splashtop and more.

Interactive whiteboards can also save schools additional expense in the long term by saving money on paper. Making copies of worksheets for each student is costly. Now schools can skirt the expense of making so many copies when they can display anything they need students to see on their interactive whiteboard.

There are even more whiteboard uses in education. Teachers can bring in other educators and connect with them remotely, even from different schools. This allows for a highly collaborative classroom. Additionally, teachers can use their interactive whiteboard to monitor, with additional software, which students are participating in group projects, taking the headache out of finding out which students truly participated.

Change How Business Presentations Are Conducted

Interactive whiteboards represent a remarkable advancement in presentation technology. These tools are changing how business presentations are performed. This new technology has a superior suite of features that leave traditional presentation technologies in the dust.

While businesses are using interactive whiteboards for presentations, others have been using these tools for employee training purposes. Many of the whiteboard uses for schools also apply to businesses such as the Sharp PN-C605B, PN-705B or  PN-L705H AQUOS BOARD – there are so many options to explore.

The Best Choice is Sharp

Do your school or business a favor and explore the features of the Sharp Interactive Whiteboards. Not only will the interactive whiteboard products offered by Sharp improve the flow and execution of your presentations, they will give you an edge over those relying on older presentation technology. Be the best by using the best, with Sharp. Think Big – Think Sharp!

Speak with a dealer who knows the product like the back of their hand. Smile Business Products has what you need to make your presentations stand above the rest.

6 Free Web Resources for Teachers Using Sharp

Interactive Whiteboards

As school budgets tighten, educators across the United States are looking to new technology to drive student engagement while reducing costs.

For teachers in many secondary and tertiary education institutions, Sharp interactive whiteboards represent the ideal combination of innovation and long-term cost savings. Compared to traditional whiteboards, these devices are less wasteful and better-suited for modern students’ mobile lifestyle.

It is a well-known fact that education remains underfunded. The need to invest in cost-saving teaching materials is as urgent as ever. At the same time, teachers and professors are constantly looking for resources to help them improve the quality of education they can deliver.

As part of an initiative to help educators make the best possible use of their Sharp Interactive Whiteboards, we’ve compiled a list of free resources educators can use. These resources help teachers encourage collaboration, share data, and improve student interaction. Use them to obtain maximum value out of your touchscreen whiteboard without paying out-of-pocket expenses.

6 Free Web Resources for Sharp Interactive Whiteboard Users

The interactive whiteboard is a powerful tool for education. Long seen exclusively business meeting settings, the technology is increasingly part of classroom lesson plans and presentations. But not all teachers are equally familiar with interactive whiteboard technology. The following web resources offer guidance and templates for teachers to use on a variety of common subjects.

1. TeacherLED

One of the most useful places to start is TeacherLED. This website offers a set of resources for implementing common teaching tools like Venn diagrams and Cartesian coordinate systems on a variety of interactive whiteboards. TeacherLED resources are free-to-use and universally compatible with any web browser.

Setting up a lesson plan using TeacherLED resources is simple. With over 50 distinct modules, it’s easy to find a resource that matches the lesson you wish to teach. Simply find the tools you are looking for and input the figures and values that your lesson dictates.

2. TopMarks

TopMarks is an interactive whiteboard education resource website founded in 1998. This website features a broad range of modules designed for lessons in multiple subjects. Teachers can access mathematics, literacy, science, biology, chemistry, geography, music, history, and religious lesson plans through the website.
The website features both whiteboard-exclusive lessons for teachers and tablet friendly exercises for students. It is regularly updated and has an active blog full of games, additional lesson plans, and third-party resources.

3. MathFrame

This independent website offers a variety of interactive math games. The website’s founder and primary content creator is a schoolteacher who has spent years adjusting each of the games on the site for optimal student engagement.

The website also offers apps for Android and iOS, as well as printable worksheets that accompany some of the lessons. Lesson categories include arithmetic, fractions, measurements, geometry, statistics, partitioning, word problems, and more.

4. Stellarium

Stellarium is a free, open source digital planetarium that works on any Linux, Mac, or Windows computer, making it compatible with Sharp Interactive Whiteboards. It is the perfect tool for astronomy lessons, displaying a realistic night sky complete with planets, moons, stars, and constellations taken from 10 different cultures.

Stellarium contains a default catalog of over 600,000 stars. Power users can extend this catalog to contain more than 177 million extra stars and an extra 1 million deep-sky objects. It also shows realistic atmosphere conditions, including sunrises, and sunsets.

5. Zygote Body

Zygote Body is every anatomy professor’s best friend. It lets students interact directly with an anatomically correct model of the human body. Users can zoom in and out, peel away anatomical layers, identify organs, and search for specific body parts using the engine.

Basic users have access to the body’s entire anatomical structure. Premium users pay for the ability to save scenes, create their own annotations, and save lesson plans directly to the Zygote Body platform.

6. The Eco Zoo

A 3D interactive touchscreen adventure, The Eco Zoo teaches young children about the environment, basic ecology, and basic standards of eco-friendly living. The website is essentially a drag-and-drop interactive game in which individual users interact with a fanciful animal world. The website content is available in both Japanese and English.

Sharp Interactive Whiteboards Improve Student Engagement

While the benefits of interactive whiteboard technology on preschool and primary education are well- documented, the technology has much to offer high school and college-level lessons as well. While hands-on interactivity is less critical for more mature students than it is for young children, the ability to share information between subject materials in different formats is an advantage.

Are you considering the implementation of Sharp Interactive Whiteboards in your classrooms or lecture halls? Ask one of our experts to guide you through the process.