Sharp Remote Device Manager V2.11 – New & Improved

On-Premises Device Management Tool to manage Sharp Devices

Sharp Remote Device Manager (SRDM), installed at the customer’s location, allows IT Administrators and servicing dealers to efficiently manager both Sharp MFPs | Printers and displays.  All data remains at the customers site, customer retains control at all times, and communication stays within the firewall.

Features include: Monitoring the device for consumables, device configuration and cloning, centralized security control, and assisting with remote front panel access and web page set up for faster assistance.  Create weekly or monthly reports to allow IT administrator to be better informed with device management. With the rollout of the new version, SRDM now supports printer servers such as PaperCut, Kayleigh, Synappx Go and more.

Interested in a demonstration? Plan for 20 minutes, quick and to the point!  Give us a call.


Compact MFP for Your Home Office or Workplace

Sharp, C357F, Copier, Printer, ScannerThe Sharp MX-C357F desktop color copier, printer and scanner is designed with robust technology and has features typically found on more expensive MFPs. This devices delivers the performance and reliability customers want in their workspace. Great addition to the Work from Anywhere Bundles from Sharp. 

All this and more available at Smile! Give us a call.

Cerner Millennium Certification for Sharp MFPs!

Cerner – Connecting People and Systems Worldwide


Smile Business Products, in conjunction with Sharp, continue to support the healthcare industry whether it’s at the clinical, hospital, financial or operational level.  Cerner Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions connect people and systems at more than 27,500 facilities worldwide.

Cerner, as well as other EHR providers have their own set of requirements for any device to be utilized on their system. With any new technology comes risks, and this is why Sharp offers a comprehensive document and device security that is critical to today’s healthcare environments.

Sharp MFPs are put through hours of rigorous testing to earn certifications to meet requirements to be compatible with Cerner product offerings. Smile is pleased to announce the newest MFP’s that are certified with Cerner Millennium including the Sharp Monochrome Essential and Advanced Series Document Systems.  Sharp continues the certification process by adding more models to the list of Cerner validated and compatible devices; more to come later this Spring and early Fall.

For more information regarding Sharp Cerner certification updates, model validation and additional models to be added, please contact Smile.

CARES Act – Funding for Education


CARES Act Funding for Education – Technology for the New Normal

While many school districts are returning to the classroom this spring, it’s important to make the most out of your CARES Act funds. Smile is proud to offer solutions from Sharp that can support teachers, students and staff.




Make the most out of your CARES Act funds with technology from Sharp!

  • Microsoft Certified Windows Collaboration Board
  • Interactive White Boards
  • Laptop, Accessories and Desktop Monitors
  • Touch Free Copiers with Alexa
  • Remote Concierge
  • Thermal Screening
  • Digital Files and Workflow
  • Communication platform from Microsoft O365 tools
  • IT Services & Support

Check out the flyer for more information.

Most products are available for purchase through our Sourcewell Catalog.

Give us a call for more information 800-790-7701.

sharp, sharp bundles

Work Securely from Anywhere with Sharp!

sharp, sharp bundles

As more and more businesses transition to a hybrid environment that combines working from home and working in the office, it’s never been more critical to put secure hardware and network solutions in place. Sharp has designed three office technology bundles that make it easy for IT professionals and office managers to equip hybrid workers with everything they need to be effective.  Bundles packages start at $64.99. Smile will be introducing additional a la carte add-ons to enhance security and data backup…stay tuned!

Meeting, WCD, Sharp Windows Collaboration Display

Etiquette Tips to Make your Meeting More Enjoyable

For the last eight months, all we hear about is Zoom Zoom Zoom. The world has transformed from in-person to virtual meetings. We’ve all had to adapt yet some people still inadvertently distract others’, so a little etiquette reminder is in order when attending an online meeting or webinar.  Whether you’re the presenter or the attendee, it’s all about a positive experience for all participants.

To make a meeting and webinar more enjoyable, here are some suggestions:

What type of event are you attending?

Know what type of event you are attending. Are you attending a meeting or a webinar? A meeting is designed for more of collaborative event to share ideas, review projects, weekly updates, screen sharing and more.  Webinars are designed for a host to share a video, audio and screen with view-only attendees. Attendees have the ability to interact via chat, polling questions and a Question & Answer platform.


Make Sure You’re Secure

If you are the presenter, make sure you manage your screen sharing abilities on a per meeting basis.  Usually, only the hosts and co-host have the ability to share their screens, but it’s still important for the host to enable the security icon on the meeting toolbar and make sure the latest version is being used. With all the heightened security due to online events, many of the meeting tools such as Zoom, Teams, Go-To-Meeting, etc. have numerous updates. It’s just as important to make your meeting private. With so many social outlets, ensuring a password will eliminate unwanted people engaging with inappropriate sharing or zoombombing!


Etiquette Tips

In preparation for the event, here are some etiquette tips to consider:

  • Please mute your microphone if it’s not already auto muted. Background noise is such an annoyance for the presenter and attendees. Here are a few common background noises: a barking dog, a crying baby, children talking to their parents, shuffling papers, car alarm, Amazon or UPS at the door, coworkers talking amongst each other, lawnmower, and construction. Can you add to this list?
  • If possible, make sure you have a natural light source in front of you. Everyone looks best in natural light, if necessary, add a lamp for more light.
  • Frame yourself on your screen and be front and center and engaged.
  • Elevate your laptop so you are looking into the camera head-on and at eye level. Try not to look up at the camera.
  • Make sure you look presentable and professional from the waist up! Unless you’re a promoter for AC/DC, probably not a good idea to wear a concert t-shirt, know your audience!
  • Limit your distractions by turning off your phone notifications, close any apps, or merely mute your phone.
  • Although your children and pets are adorable, it might be best to refrain from having them sit on your lap or hold them during the meeting.
  • Avoid snacking while attending a meeting.
  • Be prepared!


Be Prepared

Sharp’s Window Collaboration Display (WCD) is a simple solution to an event. Whether you’re an attendee or the presenter, it’s as straightforward as plugging in your laptop! Be on time and be prepared; technology can be challenging although with the WCD, Sharp makes it so easy.  With a built-in microphone, high quality camera and IoT sensor hub with Azure, the WCD it works seamlessly. As a certified Microsoft partner, using Office 365 and Teams is the best solution. If using other platforms such as Zoom, Go-To-Meeting, etc., no problem, a simple configuration will allow for ease of use.


Everyone has their own meeting pet peeves. Think about your last few meetings and the distraction that everyone encountered.  As world adapts to the new normal with more virtual meetings, let’s try and Zoom through our meetings with better etiquette, less distractions and consideration for others.


To learn more about the Sharp Windows Collaboration Display, contact Smile today!  We can easily provide a virtual demo to show you how the WCD can become a powerful tool within your company.


*The Windows Collaboration Display has already won an award for Best New Collaboration Board in the 2019 Best of ISE Awards, and for 2019 Top New Technology Award for displays*





Print Release, Sharp, Job release

Touchless Job Release from Sharp

Print Release, Sharp, Job releaseSmile and Sharp remain committed to keeping your work environment safe and sanitary by supporting features to help employees safely and hygienically operate shared devices. With that in mind, Sharp has enhanced the Print Hold feature on select A3 and A4 workgroup models, enabling users to release their jobs automatically by simply swiping their ID card when authentication is used. With this workflow, users do not need to physically touch the MFP, allowing for a true contactless experience.

Contact us today for this simple firmware upgrade to your MFP.

For more comprehensive touchless solutions, Sharp offers MFP Voice with Amazon Alexa and Synappx Go. With MFP Voice, users can perform basic copy and scan operations with the power of voice. With Synappx Go, users can easily perform copy, scan and print operations using mobile devices. Take advantage of Sharp’s on-going “Hands Free for Free” promotion, which offers these technologies at no cost with the purchase of a Sharp A3
Advanced Series MFP. For more information, please give us a call.

Sharp, Cannata Report, Awards

Sharp Scores Three Awards from the Cannata Report

Congratulations to Sharp for taking home three Frank Awards at the Cannata Reports 35th Annual Awards & Charities Virtual Gala.

Sharp received the Best-in-Class for the third consecutive year, Best Manufacturer and the Best Male Executive Award for President & CEO Mike Marusic for the second consecutive year.

Smile has been a Sharp dealer for the past 23 years and Sharp’s commitment to their dealer community is unparalleled.

Congratulations on your continued success.

Sharp, 8k, 120 inch

When Bigger is Better with Sharp’s 120 inch 8K Display

Sharp, 8k, 120 inchEarly this month, Sharp released their new 120 inch Class 8K Ultra HD Professional LCD Display delivering brilliant clarity and 4 times the resolution of a 4K and 16 times that of a full HD display.  This monstrosity of a display is ideal for museums, showrooms, video production, arenas and lobbies. For more information, please contact Smile or visit our website to learn about all of Sharp’s Professional displays.

When Bigger is Better! Check out this blog post from Sharp.





Hands-Free for FREE with Sharp!

Now through November 30th, Sharp is offering customers touchless technology with the purchase or lease of a Sharp Advanced Series MFP. Customer will receive a FREE Amazon Echo Dot and Holder as well as a one-year Synappx Go subscription for up to 10 users. Return to the office with confidence.

Contact Smile or your Account Manager today to learn more about this FREE touchless technology.

Sharp, Hyakuman Kai Elite

Smile is Recognized as a Hyakuman Kai Elite Dealer by Sharp Electronics

Hyakuman Kai Elite, SharpSmile Business Products has be recognized by Sharp Electronics Corporation as a Hyakuman Kai Elite dealer for 2019.

Smile is among a select group of dealers recognized by Sharp across the country. “We are proud to be a Sharp dealer, said Joe Reeves President & CEO of Smile. “Our ongoing goal is to provide Northern and Central California, and Western Nevada businesses with world-class products and support, helping encourage business growth within the community. Sharp helps us meet this goal by supplying the latest technology and document solutions for our customers.”

Once again, Thank You to Sharp for this prestigious award.

Sharp Sends Smile 2,000 Face Masks for our Employees

A HUGE shout-out to Sharp for sending us 2,000 face masks to help keep our employees safe while continuing to service our customers. Thank you for your continued support, and going above and beyond to help your dealers! #proudpartner #sharp

Sharp Electronics – Common Criteria Certified Meeting the Latest Security Guidelines

Everyday all businesses face vulnerabilities. Whether its email phishing, ransomware attacks or social engineering campaigns, it’s just a matter of time before a business incurs a security breach.

Most people think of a security breach as an open network port or missing patch updates, but there is also risks with MFPs and printers. Check out what Sharp Electronics has been doing since 2001.

Common Criteria Certification

Sharp was the first document systems manufacturer to obtain Common Criteria Certification on a hardcopy device. Since then, Sharp has continued to be a leader in document systems security by meeting the latest security guidelines by the U.S. Government. Common Criteria is an international standard that defines a set of high-level security guidelines for information technology products. Products that become Common Criteria certified have been rigorously tested over several months and validated by independent third-party laboratories, providing the most up to date security validation for businesses, government and military offices.

Hardcopy Device Protection Profile

In September of 2019, Sharp’s newest line of color workgroups and color desktop MFPs became Common Criteria Certified based on the Hardcopy Device Protection Profile (HCD-PP) V1.0 security target. Hardcopy Device Protection Profile (HCD-PP) is a specific security profile for multifunction printers (MFPs) and is based on requirements specific through the industry collaboration with the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) and the Information Technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA). The profile aims to protect information processed by an MFP from security threats.

Multi-layer Approach

In addition, Sharp takes a multi-layer security approach including the following features that are native to their hardware:

  • HDD Data Overwrite
  • Firmware Attack Prevention and Recovery
  • Application Whitelisting
  • IP/MAC Filtering/Port Control
  • 256-bit Data Encryption
  • User Authentication (Local/LDAP and Active Directory)
  • Audit Log (standard Syslog protocol)
  • End-of-Lease (overwrite and trade-in)
  • Optional Data Security Kit – Trusted Platform Module, Firmware Digital signature, advanced features for highly secure environments

As an MNS provider, Smile Business Products stresses additional ways to minimize risk with your Sharp MFP by:

  • Change the Admin passwords regularly or when an employee leaves the company
  • Take steps to destroy the existing data on a hard disk when trading in the copier (End-of-Lease)
  • Removing the hard-drive completely when retiring a MFP
  • Closing unused network ports on the MFP
  • Protect wireless LAN’s

Don’t be a statistic, protect your company and avoid a breach.  Did you know that 60% of all businesses lose their data through printer security breaches*? Here is a Checklist to Mitigate Threats at the MFP

Contact Smile Business Products for more information to ensure that your MFP is secure.

*Global Print Security Landscape 2019 by Quocira




Microsoft Renames Office 365 & the Microsoft Certified Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp

Microsoft Announcement – Today, Microsoft announced that Office 365 SMB will be renamed to Microsoft 365. Why? The new name indicates that Office is more than Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; including apps like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and SharpPoint. The new Microsoft 365 is designed to help customers achieve more with apps, intelligent cloud service, AI and enhanced security.

If you are a Microsoft users  it would benefit you to take some time to learn about the new Microsoft Certified Windows Collaboration Display (WCD) from Sharp Electronics – It’s definitely a game changer! For teamwork to be truly effective, people need to easily connect and share ideas. The WCD is a 70 inch 4K Ultra HD interactive display that works seamlessly with Microsoft 365 collaboration tools such as Teams.  The technology is astounding from plug and play, to built-in cameras, and multiple IoT sensors that connect to Microsoft Azure Digital Twins IoT platform.  The WCD technology not only enhances your productivity but also your workplace.

Data Information from Microsoft Azure

To learn more about the 4K camera, built-in microphone array, sensor hub, Synappx Meeting, and more, contact Smile Business Products. We can easily provide a virtual demo to show you how the Sharp Windows Collaboration Display can become a power tool within your company.

*The Windows Collaboration Display has already won an award for Best New Collaboration Board in the 2019 Best of ISE Awards, and for 2019 Top New Technology Award for displays*

laptops for business, Dynabook laptop, Dynabook

Expanding Your IT Opportunity with Dynabook

Award-winning laptops from Dynabook and Sharp Electronics!

Dynabook is the only “in-house and complete” PC manufacturer that designs, develops, tests, writes BIOS/uEFI (Basic Input Output Systems/Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) and manufacturer its own hardware. With over 30+ years’ experience, Dynabook provides built-in quality, reliability and durability.

Features include: ultra-lightweight, magnesium chassis, up to 17 hours battery life, webcam privacy shutter, Intel chips, Windows 10 Pro, pre-configured or built-to-order configurations, and more!

Contact us today to learn more about expanding your office technology with Dynabook.

Improve Workplace Collaboration and Productivity with Sharp Synappx

Better, smarter, faster – that’s the name of the game in the modern work environment. Workplace collaboration and enhanced productivity are hailed as features of the 21st-century company, goals to aspire to as companies push the boundaries of what’s possible – and for a good reason.

Research shows that collaboration helps foster collective goals and a sense of purpose. Likewise, collaborative workplaces are widely regarded as more meaningful, innovative, and successful.

To address this growing interest in workplace collaboration, many business technology leaders are rethinking the way their products support the modern office. Here’s how Sharp promotes collaboration in the office with its new tool, the Synappx platform.

Transform Meetings Into Productivity Sessions

Scheduling meetings represent one of the most dreaded office tasks. Getting everyone together at once can prove challenging, especially when they’re all professionals on the go who don’t see the point of meetings at all. According to Sharp, employees may attend up to 60 meetings monthly, and the majority of them don’t start on time due to misunderstandings with schedules and issues with technology.

Synappx Meeting helps prevent this. The app empowers employees to digitally attend a meeting from any device on which it’s installed. Additionally, the app comes loaded with numerous tools to help staff get the most out of their meetings. With Synappx Meeting, it’s easy to:

  • Track and manage meeting times
  • Access attachments or files necessary for the discussions
  • Implement hands-free voice control while working with Microsoft Office, Sharp Pen Software, or other display controls
  • Automatically update calendars
  • Create plans and notes for follow up meetings
  • Auto-connect to web conferences such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams

Access Content and Data on the Go

Mobile devices are becoming a reality in the workplace. Fast and convenient, they help professionals get the information and maintain the connectivity they need to keep pace with every change during the day.

While mobile device support has been rapidly becoming more common in many workplaces, Sharp takes it a step further with Synappx Go. This convenient app allows users to set up personalized scan and print settings from their mobile device. That represents a tremendous timesaver for companies with extensive print fleets. Synappx Go standardizes the interface and allows printouts to be released at the MFP from the mobile device. Learn one device – the one the employee already knows – and get back to work.

Finally, Synappx-enabled displays make it easy to display materials on screens. Simply tap the NFC tag with the mobile device, and team members can turn any space into a collaborative workspace by displaying materials stored on the cloud.

Accelerate Team Performance With Total Integration

Integrating devices across an environment is well-known for its ability to enhance productivity. With software integration, employees can rapidly access resources such as archives or printers conveniently from their computers.

In addition to bringing employee devices into the fold of office productivity, the Synappx platform supports workplace collaboration with total integration between its many product lines. Enjoy features that amplify mobility, the ability to make data-driven decisions, and collaboration across Sharp’s interactive displays, multifunction printers, and more.

Leverage the Internet of Things – In The Future

Released in late 2019, Synappx is still a work in progress. However, Sharp has shared some of the most exciting features that are in the works for this innovative platform.

With Synappx WorkSpaces, users will soon be able to leverage the Internet of Things to track workspace utilization and environmental factors. Using sensor data and technology developed through a collaboration with Microsoft, office technology is about to get smarter, more comfortable, and more effective at helping employees do their jobs.

Remain Secure at All Times

To support the level of connectivity that Synappx offers workplaces, Sharp has loaded it with the best-in-class security features. Synappx leverages many of the same security features like Microsoft Azure, which powers the cloud storage of the platform. According to the Synappx white paper, users will enjoy:

  • Enhanced data encryption
  • Total network security
  • Role-based access permissions
  • Biometric authentication
  • Unique identifiers for devices
  • Advanced system logs

Get the Latest in Workplace Collaboration with a Smile

Looking for new ways to inspire workplace collaboration and innovation? Give Sharp’s new Synappx platform a try. This state-of-the-art software transforms an environment into a connected ecosystem that keeps employees in the loop and communicating no matter their physical environment. With Synappx, everything a team needs remains at their fingertips yet securely stored.

Smile Business Products is a proud partner of Sharp and thrilled to help companies take advantage of this unique technology. With the Synappx platform, collaboration has never been simpler or easier.

Smile excels in helping companies find the best technology solutions for their office. Contact us now to get started. 

Sharp Receives 14 Buyers Lab Winter 2020 Pick Awards

Anyone paying attention to the world of business technology knows that there have been a lot of exciting innovations in the past year. Technology is getting simultaneously more sophisticated and affordable, unlocking new ways to propel business operations to greater heights. Many of Smile’s partners, like Sharp, Lexmark, and Epson, have unveiled fantastic new products poised to change the way the modern business operates.

Every year, Keypoint Intelligence selects the most useful, innovative business products and awards them with a Buyers Lab Pick Award. In the Winter 2020 awards, Sharp received an astounding 14 of these awards, cementing its position as an industry leader in digital imaging. Here’s why that’s so exciting.

What Are the Buyers Lab Awards?

Buyers Laboratory Inc, or Buyers Lab, was a product testing organization that started in 1961 and acquired by Keypoint Intelligence in 2004. Sixteen years later, it continues to test and report on OEM devices for a business consumer audience.

Keypoint Intelligence is a market research and insights organization widely regarded as an authority in the digital imaging industry. They research, test, and report on specialized printers, scanners, fax machines, multifunction printers, and other digital imaging hardware as they hit the market. These reports are online and include an analysis of:

  • Nine key performance points: Reliability, ease of use, productivity, image quality, IT administration, security features, maintenance, advanced features, and overall value.
  • Overall strengths and weaknesses: The most unique advantages and disadvantages are highlighted.
  • Expert recommendations: Keypoint Intelligence makes honest, unbiased recommendations using test data, firsthand experience, and industry insight.
  • Special reports: Many devices also receive field tests and environmental reports according to how the manufacturer has positioned the device in the market.

The product receives a score from one through 10 in each category. At the end of the year, the devices which ranked the highest across all performance points in a given category receive a Buyers Lab Pick Award.

What Products by Sharp Won?

The Buyers Lab Pick Awards represent a coveted prize for the leaders of innovation in the digital imaging industry. A quick browse through previous award winners reveals that it’s rare for a company to earn awards on more than three or four of their devices.

That makes Sharp’s domination of the Winter 2020 awards phenomenal. The technology leader won 14 awards across six categories:

1. Outstanding Color MFP for SMBs

When announcing the award for Sharp’s MS-C304 multifunction printer, Keypoint Intelligence noted the device’s solutions-readiness, security, and environmental data. Additionally, flexible pricing options for supplies and features made it an attractive option for small to medium businesses.

2. Outstanding MFP for Mid-Size Workgroups

The slightly larger device, Sharp MX-B476W, was determined the best MFP for mid-size workgroups (up to 80 users) due to its robust hardware, abundant options, and leading-edge security features. Users could enjoy up to 47 black-and-white pages per minute along with optical character recognition and seamless wireless connectivity.

3. Outstanding Color Copier MFP

Six of Sharp’s copier MFPs won a Buyers Lab Pick Award for their speed, versatility, and overall performance. These are all mid-range devices that deliver between 20 and 60 pages per minute. For the best color copier MFPs of 2019, Keypoint Intelligence chose:

  • MX-2651
  • MX-3071
  • MX-3571
  • MX-4071
  • MX-5071
  • MX-6071

4. Outstanding Monochrome Copier MFP

Sharp certainly didn’t pour all of its attention into color copiers and forget about the rest. Those same six devices also won in the monochrome copier MFP category, meaning that users now have an award-winning option for either color or black-and-white document output in the same device.

This isn’t the first time Sharp’s monochrome copier MFP line has earned recognition from Buyers Lab. Keypoint Intelligence also issues a Reliability Award, which is presented once every three years and goes to brands dedicated to building devices that last. In 2018, Sharp’s entire monochrome copier MFP line won the Most Reliable Monochrome Copier MFP Brand Award.

5. 2020 Outstanding Achievement in Innovation Award

In late 2019, Sharp rolled out its Synappx™ Smart Office platform. Designed to enhance office connectivity and collaboration while supporting mobile devices, it’s an innovative response to other printer integration software currently on the market.

However, rather than limiting itself to the integration with the printers, Sharp targeted the collaboration services market by bundling a host of connectivity tools designed to make meetings easier and more dynamic. Buyers Lab recognized Synappx Smart Office with the 2020 Award for Outstanding Achievement in Innovation.

Harness the Best Business Technology with a Smile

Sharp’s achievements with this year’s Buyers Lab Pick Awards reflect the manufacturer’s dedication to innovation and delivering the best-in-class business technology to its consumers. As an authorized dealer, Smile is thrilled to be among the experts able to provide access to the latest and best from Sharp.

Whether in the market for a new multifunction printer, or just seeking to take advantage of the latest software solutions compatible with an existing Sharp device, contact Smile and get the business products the office needs to succeed.

Smile is an authorized Sharp dealer. Start a conversation now about which business solutions are best for the office.

Keep a Sharp Eye on Office Technologies in 2020

Modern offices look a lot different today than they did in the past. For years, the office environment has trended towards a digital, connected environment. Employees are now accustomed to seamless digital workflows with tools that integrate across clouds and networks – and there’s no sign of that stopping. Many of Smile’s preferred brands, including Sharp, Fujitsu, and Epson, have been at the forefront of innovation for printing and office technologies. Here’s a recap of what they’ve been up to this year, and what the world has to look forward to in 2020.

What’s New in the World of Printing and Office Tech

Anyone who has been paying attention to the printing industry this year is delighted – and impressed – by some of the latest in printing technology. During 2019:

  • Experimental and specialty inks came to the forefront. Industry leaders like Epson, HP, and others have been actively finding new ways to redesign and reconsider the printing industry’s relationship with ink. For Epson, that has meant revolutionizing the cartridge world with cartridge-free printers.
  • Production print started going mainstream. The printing industry is finally catching up with Lexmark and Fujitsu, which have both marketed entry-level production printers for years. As this technology becomes more commonplace in offices, expect to see yet more companies leveraging ever more sophisticated printing capabilities.
  • Next-generation automation was born. While automation has long existed in the print industry, early examples of advanced automation are taking it to the next level. From prepress to production, automation can handle more parts of the printing process than ever before.

The Most Anticipated Tech of 2020

In 2019, the world saw the first glimpses of some of the exciting things which the future holds in store. Whereas some excitement may have been dampened by the 2018 Bitcoin crash or this year’s burgeoning trade war, innovators aren’t passing up any opportunities. Next year’s most anticipating technology includes:

5G: More Integration with the Internet of Things

Since the first 5G announcements in 2018, the world has been quietly holding its breath in preparation for the rollout of the next generation of wireless connectivity. 5G is expected to revolutionize the way people – and things – connect to the internet.

For offices, 5G will mean more integration and a greater presence of the Internet of Things (IoT), that horde of ubiquitous Wi-Fi-connected devices quietly streaming data in the background. Printers will be able to move data to and from other parts of the data environment seamlessly and employees will no longer be limited to interacting solely with their computers.

Next year, expect to see more efforts to take advantage of the new level of digital connectivity that’s on its way. What will that look like? Consider Sharp, which has just rolled out a line of MFPs that’s fully compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Unlocking Productivity with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is largely heralded as the next wave of digitalization – at least that’s what Fujitsu called it when they unveiled their latest business productivity solutions that leverage AI. These human-centric AI solutions promise to improve business processes across the board, from smarter printers to more perceptively crafted customer journeys.

However, that’s not the only place where AI is appearing in creative and surprising ways. In 2019, AI began making its way into everyday office management processes such as document management systems. Such AI-powered DMS has the potential to revolutionize not just productivity, but the way data is gathered, extracted, and interacted with at every step of its journey through a company.

Blockchain for the Print Industry

Blockchain rose to fame – or infamy – on the back of cryptocurrency, but it’s since spread into other industries, including that of print. Blockchain offered to create a tamper-proof, secure way to share data. For printers, that means using blockchain to accelerate and transform printing in a secure environment which still benefits from the hyper-connectivity of a digital business.

Blockchain for the print industry is still in its nascent state, but research group Quocirca expects that it will have the same disruptive effect that it’s had in other industries. Stay tuned for next year, as innovators continue to look for ways to refine printing with blockchain.

From Fujitsu to Sharp: Embrace the Future with a Smile

From Fujitsu’s next-generation automation and AI capabilities, to the latest IoT-integrated MFPs by Sharp, the future is looking pretty – well – futuristic. 2019 unveiled some of the most sophisticated and innovative technologies ever seen in the printing and office tech industries. These technologies are promising to unleash unprecedented creativity and productivity for modern offices. Forward-thinking companies need to prepare now to seize the competitive edge which these technologies offer. Prepare for the future with a smile by getting started today.

Whether you need software updates or hardware repairs, Smile’s service technicians are some of the most tech-savvy there are. Contact us today to discuss your technological ambitions for the future.


Sharp Has a New Line of Monochrome MFPs

Sharp Has a New Line of Monochrome MFPs

Has the topic of upgrading the office printer been floating around meetings recently? Good news: Sharp has a new line of monochrome MFPs – eleven new MFP/printers, to be exact.

For years, Sharp has made a name for itself, delivering innovative devices which propel offices, board rooms, and educational institutions to the next level of collaboration and productivity. With the introduction of their new Advanced Series multifunction printers, Sharp is now changing the way businesses think about their printing environment.

Smile Business Products is thrilled to introduce the new line of multifunction printers. Read on to learn exactly why they’re so exciting.

What’s New With Sharp

Sharp already had a line of color multifunction printers under the Advanced and Essential series. Announced in August 2019, these A3 monochrome workgroup MFPs are the monochrome counterparts of the former.

Monochrome, or black and white printing, is an invaluable setting for offices which need to print large quantities of documents rapidly but still retain a professional quality. With the monochrome addition to the Advanced series, Sharp users can now enjoy the marriage of unbridled speed with the many leading-edge features which the manufacturer loads into its devices.

Key Features of the Advanced Series

Several key features set Sharp’s Advanced series printers apart from the competition. Whereas MFPs are designed to be the workhorse of the modern office – and many fine selections exist on the market – Sharp takes the idea further with numerous unique features not commonly found in other devices. Working with a Sharp color or monochrome Advanced series, MFP involves features such as:

  • MFP Voice Feature, which allows users to give printers verbal commands to keep the process entirely hands free. This feature also works with Amazon Alexa, introducing a new layer of integration into the workplace.
  • Adobe® Embedded Print Engine technology lets users direct print PDFs with new heights of accuracy and clarity.
  • Application Portal makes printer administration easier than ever by creating a central interface where apps can be added, updated, or removed.
  • Multi-layered, leading-edge security features such as proprietary Firmware Attack Prevention and Self-Recovery modes.
  • Greater paper handling flexibility to support heavier papers, sizes up to 12” x 18”, and even print media that isn’t paper.
  • Walk-up motion sensors to detect approaching users and wake the machine, so it’s ready to go when it’s needed.
  • Multiple finishing options including the stacking, stapling, saddle-stitching or corner-crimping capabilities.
  • For offices with demanding and dynamic print environments, Sharp MFPs rise to the challenge. Enjoy printing power and efficiency married within one convenient machine.

Advantages of Sharp Advanced Series MFPs

Sharp monochrome MFPs are the latest addition of devices designed to help transform an office into a lean, efficient beehive of productivity. Offices which rely on Sharp to power their most critical devices enjoy advantages such as:

An Emphasis on Collaboration and Streamlined Workflows

The many features of Sharp’s MFPs are designed to enhance collaboration and document processes across a department or organization. Employees can:

  • Distribute, access, and work with documents easily through Sharp’s connectivity software.
  • Leverage mobile scanning and printing to keep business flowing while on the go.
  • Standardize and collate file types to keep data organized across teams.
  • Maximize productivity with flexible printer and copier solutions.

Industry-Leading Security Features From End to End

Sharp approaches security from an ecosystem perspective, introducing more than simply strong passwords and access controls. With Sharp in the office, users enjoy a secure environment which focuses on the document workflow, introducing layers of security such as:

  • Firmware attack prevention installed on the printer.
  • Authority groups and whitelisting to keep unauthorized users and software away.
  • Remote device management to keep security centralized.
  • End-of-lease data erasure to prevent private information from leaking.

Demonstrated Environmental Commitment

The new monochrome MFPs in the advanced Series adhere to the company’s Green Products Guidelines, which have won Sharp the Excellence Award from ENERGY STAR for several years in a row. An office using a product from this lineup will consume less power, benefit from recycled materials and benefit from the ability to upgrade the devices easily.

Upgrade the Office Printer With a Sharp Monochrome Advanced Series MFP Today

Smile Business Products is thrilled to introduce Sharp’s latest lineup of monochrome MFPs. These robust, technologically-advanced devices complement the modern office which needs printing power and next-generation security balanced with a commitment to environmental sustainability. With an array of capabilities and features, they’re the smart option for a company’s next printer upgrade.

Smile helps companies develop robust productivity infrastructure to support sustained success. Contact us today to learn more about Sharp’s latest innovations.

What to Look For in a Service Provider

Office hardware services are a fantastic way to save money and enhance both efficiency and productivity in business today. Firms that do not utilize these services can end up lagging behind competitors or over spending. Here’s what managers should look for in a office hardware service and how they should go about choosing the best fit for their business.

What Is a Managed Network?

Managed networks are outsourced networks which are built, operated, secured, and managed by third-party service providers. It provides some or all of the required network solutions. Cloud services deliver managed networks or installed by the service provider.

These networks provide hardware resources like servers, routers, and switches, along with operating systems and firewall software to secure the data stored in it. The service provider maintains the entire system. Other services that may include managed LAN managed WAN, managed gateway, managed wireless networks, and automated network support services.

What Are Print Hardware Services?

Another thing to look into are managed printing services which handle the maintenance of office printers and copiers. Printing hardware requires traditional maintenance with occasional repairs. The key is to find the provider with the knoweledgeable and reliable technicians that can sevrice the machines with ease and avoid downtown to customers.

Choosing an Office Hardware Service Provider

Choosing the right service provider for a company can be tricky. The first thing companies will have to do, is to find providers in their area. Not all service providers are available in every area. However, some will have very large service areas, such as Smile. It’s important to compare plans and pricing, including extra fees such as set up, delivery and installation. It doesn’t matter whether it’s managed network services or traditional copier/printer mainteance, it’s imperative that plans and pricing are reviewed in full to make sure both parties are satisfied with the terms. 

If a company wants to switch service providers, they should check if there will be any extra fees, costs, or complications with their contracts. There may be fees from the existing provider for ending the contract early.

Finding the Right Tech for the Job

Providers needs to choose the right technician for the job. Depending on the complexity of job, a certified engineer may be needed. Ask questions about who is assigned to the job, or install, and make sure the particular engineer or technician is on site. Many times promises are made but then when it comes time for installation, the promised engineer to technician gets pulled for another job.

Look for Certified Service Providers

Certification is one of the absolute musts on the checklist when shopping for a office hardware or network service provider. Service providers that are certified stand above competitors and customers can rest assured in knowing that they are partnering with masters in the field. Being certified is a major benchmark for quality among service companies and ensures a high level of professionalism and expertise.

What Certifications are Available for Service Providers?

Depending on the level of support a provider offers, ISO 27001 is the largest certification needed for service providers. Other certifications are HIPPA-HITECH for the medical field and SSAE-18 SCO1 Type 2.printing services. Also look for technicians with a CompTIA certificate as a minimum.

Service Checklist When Planning Future Scope of Work

Managers should keep a checklist when looking into office hardware maintenance services. Among other things, this checklist should encompass the future scope of work the company plans to take on. Knowing the scope of future work will help determine how many features and extra services the firm will require. Knowing what services won’t be needed can save a lot of money.

Choose a Sharp Platinum Level Service Provider

Sharp Platinum Level service providers are dealers who have shown excellent customer service and support. Customers receive professional, and reliable service for their high performing multifunction copiers. Being a Sharp Platinum Level Service Provider is the highest honor and reserved for the best service providers in Sharp’s industry. Smile has been a Sharp Platinum Level Service Provider for the past 5 years.

Partner with a Service Provider You Can Trust, Partner with Smile

Get in touch with Smile and start enjoying the worry-free benefits of a managed service today. Trust is one of the biggest factors of all when deciding on a hardware service provider, especially when planning to engage in a long-term business relationship. No one wants to waste money and get trapped in a sticky contract with a business that can’t deliver. This wastes time and money, and in today’s market firms can’t afford to lose either one. Smile is associated with Sharp, a trusted industry leader, and as a service provider they offer some of the best features for the price.              

Get in touch with Smile and start enjoying the worry-free benefits of a managed service today.