Getting the best results from a company’s employees depends on the tools they provide them with that help teams achieve their goals. After securing the talent, the company needs to enable them to collaborate, share ideas, and find innovative solutions to complex operational problems. By leveraging the latest technologies, the company can foster an engaging work environment that adds real value to the business.

A specific area where companies tend to ignore the ability of technology to improve productivity is in the meeting rooms. Usually, whoever chairs the meeting will also have to capture comments and take the minutes, while maintaining order and keeping other attendees engaged. Experts estimate that up to 50% of time spent in meetings is wasted. One way the company can boost office productivity during group sessions is by using interactive displays. The Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp helps teams organize and collaborate effectively, but also comes with several additional benefits that the organization can leverage for improving their operations.

Productivity Benefits that Come with the Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp

It’s hard to quantify what a productive meeting looks like, but starting and finishing on time is usually the general rule. If employees arrive on time and the chairperson can cover all the topics on the agenda, it’s generally considered as productive. After the chairperson records the minutes of the meeting and distributes it to the team, it could come back with comments about something they missed during the session.

Reworking the minutes to be accurate will require referencing hand-scribbled notes or even going back to the meeting room to check what the team noted on a flipchart or whiteboard (if it hasn’t already been cleaned). With a Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp, the team can ensure they accurately capture all the essential information quickly and efficiently.

Capture Meeting Notes Directly on the Windows Collaboration Display

The Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp comes with complete integration with other Microsoft productivity tools, including OneNote and Office365. This allows teams to capture their notes in real-time on a digital platform using the touchscreen interface. As it also comes with a vivid, 4K 70-inch High Definition screen, the entire team will remain engaged and have a canvas where they can capture their ideas immediately.

Sharp’s Windows Collaboration Display uses its Pen-on-Paper technology that allows users to write directly on the screen just like a regular whiteboard. The display comes with a 10-point Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch-system to make writing just as easy as it is on a whiteboard using either the included passive-pen stylus or a finger. Teams can record their notes and diagrams in real-time, helping the chairperson to summarize outcomes accurately.

Integrate with the Organization’s Favorite Productivity Tools

More organizations rely on Window’s productivity tools today, and Sharp’s Collaboration Display comes with integrations to the most popular solutions included. With Microsoft 365, Azure Digital Twins, and Microsoft Teams, the organization will improve its productivity during group sessions using presentation tools, collaboration features, and seamless video conferencing all available from a single solution.

Sharp designed the Windows Collaboration Display with ease of use in mind. To connect to the display, a USB-C cable is all that’s required. It’s common for meetings to experience delays due to the complexity of setting up and connecting to the digital infrastructure available. If the company uses a Surface Pro tablet, not having an HDMI output means the team leader needs to ensure they bring the necessary adapters to every meeting. The Windows Collaboration Display ensures that anyone with a USB cable can connect and use the platform.

Intelligent Management of Meeting Environments

The display has an array of sensors included to help the company track key information about their meeting environments. It can detect the number of occupants, air quality, temperature, and ambient light. By using the Azure Digital Twins IoT platform, the organization can integrate the sensors with building management solutions that ensure the environment remains optimal for employee engagement and concentration.

The Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp also has an intelligent microphone array that can detect who is speaking and amplifies that person’s voice for easier communication during video conferences. The system is perfect for teams collaborating over vast distances, where one team may be in California and another distributed around the world. With a wireless connection included as standard, Sharp’s Windows Collaboration Display is a worthwhile addition to any organization’s meetings, training sessions, or boardroom gatherings.

Make the Most of your Group Sessions with Smile and Sharp’s Windows Collaboration Display

With Smile Business Products Inc., any business can leverage the latest technologies to improve their daily workflows and business processes. For enhanced productivity during company workshops or meetings, Smile can provide a completely integrated solution that enables teams to collaborate effectively and drill down into the details while solving the company’s latest complex business issues.

If you need to start leveraging Sharp’s technology to boost productivity using the Windows Collaboration Display, speak to one of Smile’s consultants  today.