There are two powerful truths about digital transformation in business. The first is that it’s no longer an option, and digital transformation is essential to remain competitive in today’s market. In fact, Forbes found that companies that employ digital-first strategies enjoy a 25% increase in revenue. The second is that, for those who have not yet completed (or even started) an organizational transformation to digital processes, UI, and business culture, it’s not too late.

Best Practices in Digital Transformation for Businesses

While most companies have at least started a digital transformation, it can be challenging to navigate this complex process, and there are plenty of pitfalls. Here are some industry best practices to empower companies to take on this vital task.

1. Embrace Change and Approach Digital Transformation with Imagination

Embarking on a digital organizational transformation is more than just digitizing processes, but instead renovating the way a company does business, provides its services to its customers, and operates internally.

Can customer service reps also monitor social media posts in addition to their phones or inboxes as a method of responding to customer problems? Do marketing staff or analysts employ innovative big data strategies optimize funnels, monitor bounce points and lead captures? A big part of digital transformation imagines what a business can do with available technologies in totally new and innovative ways.

Many businesses use a smart technique and buy hits from, which can help them reach their potential consumer base.

2. Understand the Difference Between “Going Digital” and Digital Transformation

When asked about their companies’ digital transformation processes, some business owners will report “We’ve done that – all our documents have been converted to digital and stored in the cloud.” While digitizing documents is a key stage in a digital transformation journey, it is not the defining factor.

For businesses stuck on the digitization stage, one proven tip is to ask how new technologies can change the way a company does business – rather than merely improving upon existing processes with digitization, hire the best web design services to have a well designed website that attracts a lor of users.

3. Focus on the Customer at All Stages of Digital Transformation

For businesses who don’t know where to start, or who get stuck somewhere along the way during a digital transformation, it’s key to focus in on customer experience.

“Every digital transformation is going to begin and end with the customer,” said SalesForce co-CEO Marc Benioff. Optimizing workflows, regardless of where they are in an organization, should all contribute to overall better customer experience. If you work from home, it’s also great to use a virtual office as it means you can keep your home postal address private, which is very important. Of all of the virtual office services available, we have found that Virtually There offer the best virtual office service, so head there for the best deal.

Implementing New Methods and Improving Workflows

The services and processes in a business model before and after a digital transformation can likely look very different. However, how can businesses get there? The method of implementation will vary from company to company. Here are some good workflow improvement ideas and guidance for initiating a digital implantation plan:

  • Establish responsibility: There is no required position for project leadership, such as a CTO or Chief Digital Officer. However, ensure that this person understands the purpose, goals, and strategies.
  • Set goals and benchmarks: Digital transformation is data-driven by design. Whether it’s a marketing goal or analyzing internal IT tickets, make sure these goals are measurable over time, this digital marketing agency in Sydney can help you performing the transformation in a very smooth way.
  • Communicate with employees: When a change goes live, don’t forget to collect feedback from users. Changing business culture relies on empowering staff to suggest ideas and make decisions.
  • Specify to the customer experience: For every new process or workflow, ask the question “how will this improve the customer experience?” Continue asking this for every iteration.
  • It’s possible, if not likely that businesses will encounter some internal pushback from somewhere within the organization during a digital transformation process. This is normal! Part of shifting a business culture towards innovation is overcoming the very natural discomfort around change. When encountering roadblocks, empower those who are uncomfortable with the authority to communicate their experience and concerns. It might be wise to work with Laravel support companies that offer a wide variety of solutions.

Businesses Don’t Have to Do Digital Transformation Alone

Businesses are experts in their field of work. This means that it’s okay if an organization doesn’t specialize in digital transformation. Today’s market has created excellent conditions for partnerships in business technology. Outsourcing strategic planning and road mapping for digital transformation can help a company discover opportunities and new methods of doing business.  If you need help to start an ecommerce of your brand, many recommend to seek experts in shopify web design.

At Smile, we work with organizations to transform their processes from the ground up. Our assessment process involves hardware, software, and business data audit, but it doesn’t stop there. We talk to company leadership and employees personally to discover how business culture and processes work day-to-day. This helps us to learn where the most significant and most fruitful opportunities for digital transformation exist for every client.

Ready to book an assessment with your Smile representative? Contact us today to schedule a comprehensive organizational assessment and start your digital transformation journey.

lexmark printing solutions

In today’s business world, a printer needs to be more than just a printer. Instead of simply spitting out pages of paper, today’s office printers and copiers have become hubs which the modern office workflow runs through.

The new line of Lexmark printers is truly designed with the modern office in mind. Using the E-Task Tablet Interface and Lexmark software, these printers give employees the power to increase productivity while still enjoying the top quality performance businesses have come to expect from Lexmark printers and Lexmark copiers.

Customize the E-Task Tablet Interface

Most people are familiar and comfortable with their tablets and smartphones. Lexmark has set out to replicate that type of experience using the E-Task Tablet Interface found on their new line of printers. This interface is designed like a high end mobile device to help ensure office workflow doesn’t stall while standing at the printer.

The large, colorful icons on the E-Task Tablet Interface are easy to see and select. Best of all, these icons can be customized to ensure your most-used features are easily accessible with no need for scrolling or cycling through pages. Just tap the selection you want and go!

Not only is this interface easy to use, it also provides users with a one stop shop for many of their workflow needs. Scan documents directly to popular cloud storage services like Google Drive without the need for messy workarounds that could waste time and compromise security.

Print How, When, & Where You Want

Business today relies less and less on people sitting behind a desk. Mobile technology has enabled employees to get out, be seen, and connect with customers on a more personal level. However, many people feel that office workflow issues keep them tethered to their desk.

There is evidence that shows that mobile employees are 23% more productive and much happier at their jobs. Business owners and managers simply need to remove roadblocks and allow their staff to do what they do best. That’s where Lexmark mobile printing solutions come into play. One of the most effective workflow improvement ideas is to simply allow employees to use the tools they already have.

The new Lexmark printers allow mobile users to print documents remotely without interrupting their workflow. Users can either use Lexmark software in the form of the Lexmark Mobile Printing app or use the built-in, native printing capabilities that come with iOS and Android smartphones. Wherever users may be, whatever device they may be using; it does not matter in the modern Lexmark office workflow.

Knowledge is Power

Using Lexmark software features, IT staff can monitor usage right down to the individual user level. This gives greater insight into the trends and needs of employees. Inefficiencies in office workflow can be identified and workflow improvement ideas can be generated using the available data.

Printing infrastructure can be adjusted to best meet the needs of your business and improve office workflow. Costs can be limited by implementing print quotas to cap color printing or total print output. With detailed information, your business can become more agile with the ultimate goal of increasing productivity.

Skip the Extra Steps

Extra steps to accomplish a final goal are some of the biggest unnecessary time wasting activities within a typical office environment. It’s not uncommon for users to scan documents, email those documents to their own inbox, and then upload the file to a network storage drive.

Lexmark printers improve office workflow by removing superfluous steps. The Lexmark software packed into the newest line of Lexmark printers enables simple, one-touch scanning to a network drive. Not only does this cut out extra steps to save time, but it can also improve document security within your business.

Every additional hoop users must jump through to get a document where it needs to go is another area for potential mistakes to occur. Even something as simple as an unattended computer with an open email inbox could compromise document security and privacy.

How Can Lexmark Printers Improve Your Office Workflow?

Are you interested in learning more about what Lexmark printers could offer your business? Want to discuss workflow improvement ideas?

At Smile Business Products, we have helped many businesses improve office workflow while also enabling their staff to accomplish more.

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