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Back-to-School with New Thermal Technology

As parents and students prepare to send their children back to into the classroom, Sutter High School is going high tech and investing in the  GoSafe artificial intelligence device that has thermal sensors for body temperature and facial identification technology. Check out the story

Betty Bollinger – 2020 ENX Magazine Difference Maker

Each year, ENX Magazine reaches out to the dealer community looking for those candidates who make a difference and exhibit the qualities that truly define a Difference Maker. Congratulations to Betty Bollinger, Sales Manager – Government, Education and Medical, for being selected as a 2020 ENX Magazine Difference Maker. Congratulations Betty!  We are so lucky […]

Smile Business Products – Platinum Level Service Provider for 2019

Smile Business Products is proud to announce that we have been recognized by Sharp Electronics as an  Platinum Level Service Provider for 2019, making it our 9th year in a row! The program recognizes organizations that show excellence in following critical areas of service: commitment to training, using genuine Sharp parts and supplies, timely updating […]

8 Ways Crexendo Hosted Phone Systems Can Help Your Business

Effective communications are essential for any business. Managers need to stay in close contact with work teams, teams need to maintain contact with each other, and everyone needs to have reliable, clear connectivity to their “customers”, whether that means actual sales teams, IT support resources, or coworkers. In today’s “new normal” business environment where many […]

MPS: A Must for Healthcare Right Now

Managed Print Services (MPS) offer many advantages for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Healthcare organizations can benefit from MPS implementations. Under the dramatic conditions faced by the extreme working conditions related to the pandemic virus in circulation in recent months, systems that reduce exposure and streamline business processes are invaluable. What MPS […]


IT Support Pitfalls for Remote Workers – and IT

Working remotely is a growing trend because of the recent pandemic virus that has kept hundreds of thousands of office teams seeking alternative solutions for performing their jobs. Mobile workforces have changed the way many companies conduct business, with sales, support, and service employees already transitioning to this “new normal” way of working. Technology provides […]

Setting Up Your Work-from-home Office: What You’ll Need

Working from home is a new environment for thousands of employees who adapted to working remotely. There are multiple reasons for this transition, but mostly tied to the need to maintain safety and compliance with regulatory mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, working outside a traditional office environment is a growing trend across many industries. […]

Why are Small Businesses Spending Less on Cybersecurity Software?

It’s common for small businesses to have to make sacrifices to stay within their annual budget. A surprising trend that emerged in 2019 was companies investing in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions more than IT and cybersecurity. According to Accenture, 43% of cyberattacks target small businesses, and only 14% of these businesses can defend themselves […]

How to Stop Cybercriminals Dead in Their Tracks with Ethical Hacking

From the very first day that organizations started using communication networks, there have been stories of hackers trying to exploit their systems. Often, fictional characters portrayed the underbelly in the world of information security on film. They posed a risk to government agencies, police departments, multinational banks, and other global corporations. What few small businesses […]

Top Trends that Will Define the Future of VoIP

For companies of all sizes, effective communication remains a cornerstone of running a productive business. The advent of Voice over IP (VoIP) telecommunication systems has ushered in a new era where digital communications are a viable alternative to traditional telephones. As data network capacity increased, having multiple communication cables running through the office was no […]

Earth Day – 50th Anniversary

The theme for Earth Day 2020 is climate action. Join the world for 24 hours of digital landscape with global conversations, call to action, performance, video teach-ins and more. Visit earthday.org Throughout the year, Smile does our part by recycling, using reusable water bottles and coffee cups, use LED bulbs,  watching our water usage, and […]

Microsoft Renames Office 365 & the Microsoft Certified Windows Collaboration Display from Sharp

Microsoft Announcement – Today, Microsoft announced that Office 365 SMB will be renamed to Microsoft 365. Why? The new name indicates that Office is more than Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; including apps like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, and SharpPoint. The new Microsoft 365 is designed to help customers achieve more with apps, intelligent cloud service, […]

Expanding Your IT Opportunity with Dynabook

Award-winning laptops from Dynabook and Sharp Electronics! Dynabook is the only “in-house and complete” PC manufacturer that designs, develops, tests, writes BIOS/uEFI (Basic Input Output Systems/Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) and manufacturer its own hardware. With over 30+ years’ experience, Dynabook provides built-in quality, reliability and durability. Features include: ultra-lightweight, magnesium chassis, up to 17 hours […]

Why SMBs Must Have a Disaster Recovery Plan

Every company relies on technology to operate in the 21st century, but technology isn’t failproof. With more and more critical information existing only in digital form, it’s become essential to take steps to keep everything backed up in the event of problems. A disaster recovery plan is one way that businesses prepare for the unthinkable. […]

Improve Workplace Collaboration and Productivity with Sharp Synappx

Better, smarter, faster – that’s the name of the game in the modern work environment. Workplace collaboration and enhanced productivity are hailed as features of the 21st-century company, goals to aspire to as companies push the boundaries of what’s possible – and for a good reason. Research shows that collaboration helps foster collective goals and […]

The Best Practices for School Network Security in 2020

When it comes to IT, few environments are as difficult to manage as a school network. Security experts must grapple with numerous unique features, not the least of which includes the heavy traffic that the network sees every day. Combined with budget restraints and other features common to schools, keeping the network safe is no […]

How New Ransomware Threats Target Critical Infrastructure

Just when the world thought it had finally figured out how to stop cybercriminals for good, a new threat arises: industrial control system (ICS) ransomware. It’s ransomware, but it’s unlike anything that has ever appeared in the business world before. In addition, threats spike during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s commonly said that data is more […]