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Reliable Printer Repair Services for Businesses

Printers are an essential component of busy office spaces, but when they run out of ink or experience a paper jam, print production comes to a screeching halt. Most businesses believe that there is no way to reduce the overall cost of printer supplies and maintenance. However, with a printer repair service, companies can reduce […]

Gilbert Barajas, Smile’s General Service Manager featured in Comstock’s Magazine

Congratulations to Gilbert Barajas for being featured in Comstock’s Magazine’s.  Great job Gilbert! “Over the years, Smile’s Service Department has been committed to understanding our customers’ unique needs and working with them to maximize the capabilities of copier technology to help them be more productive. As the technology becomes more advanced, our Service Department continues […]

Epson: What to Look Forward to in 2020

Currently, 70% of Epson’s business is printer related, followed by 20% visual communications, and the remaining portion stems from wearable technology, robotics, and more. Although robotic technology only contributes to a small percentage of Epson’s overall revenue, it’s predicted that these numbers may increase in the future. What does this mean for Epson and print […]

5 Benefits of VoIP That Every Business Needs to Know About

Despite the ubiquity of smartphones in daily life, landlines remain a staple in the business environment. Seen as professional, secure, and easier to manage than mobile phones, they’re nonetheless full of disadvantages, which can hamstring the ability of a company to communicate rapidly between departments or with customers. Many businesses are increasingly turning to VoIP […]

Custom Document Management Solutions to Fit Your Company’s Exact Needs

Today more than ever before, the efficiency at which information flows through a business dictates their continued growth and success. Losing track of an order or forgetting to follow up on a lead can cause losses in revenue, reputational damage, or worse, losing a client altogether. It’s why every company still relies on processing documents […]

Why It’s Important to Have a Disaster Recovery Plan for Your Business

Over the years, IT systems have become a core function of any successful business. Whether the company provides a service to the public or manages complex facilities, the networks, servers, workstations, and applications they use daily remains vital for the business’s continuity. Extended downtimes lead to damaged reputations, losses in revenue, and a massive amount […]

Top Cybersecurity Trends to Watch For in 2020

Staying ahead of cybercriminals requires a dedicated and persistent effort for any modern company. With so many vulnerable points to target in a network, it may feel like it’s only a matter of time before a cyber-attack succeeds in penetrating the organization’s system. Keeping up with the latest trends regarding cyber threats is a vital […]

Bob Lewis, Smile CIO featured in Comstock’s Magazine

Congratulations to Bob Lewis for being featured in Comstock’s Magazine’s.  Great job Bob! “Technology is constantly evolving. I take great care in staying on top of that rapid change, not only for Smile, but also for our customers. That mindset, coupled with a team of talented and equally caring people at Smile, ensure that we […]

Cathy Hetherington featured in Comstock’s Magazine

Congratulations to Cathy Hetherington for being featured in Comstock’s Magazine’s.  Great Job Cathy!  “The one constant thing about Smile is change. As Smile continues to grow the need for adaptability and innovation is a necessity. I collaborate with my staff on a monthly basis on ways to simplify and improve our customer experience. By providing […]

Keep a Sharp Eye on Office Technologies in 2020

Modern offices look a lot different today than they did in the past. For years, the office environment has trended towards a digital, connected environment. Employees are now accustomed to seamless digital workflows with tools that integrate across clouds and networks – and there’s no sign of that stopping. Many of Smile’s preferred brands, including […]

Managed Services for Printing: A Step by Step Process

Ever wondered exactly what happens when a company decides to hire managed services for their printing environment? While many companies like the sound of a third-party specialist taking over the chore of printer maintenance, it’s not always obvious what these handy professionals actually do. When an office hires a managed service, it outsources some or […]

Comparing MFPs: How to Choose the Best One for the Job

Anyone who is in the market for a multifunction printer (MFPs) has endured the headache of making heads or tails of all options out there. To add to that challenge, printers are an investment for any business no matter the size. With top of the line models ranging into the thousands of dollars, choosing the […]


Platinum Level Service Provider Award from Sharp!

Congratulations to our Service Department for earning the prestigious Platinum Level Service Provider award from Sharp Electronics Corporation. This award represents an exceptional commitment to delivering the highest level of technical support in the office products industry. Congratulations to ALL our technician, company wide, for achieving this award for the sixth consecutive year!

How to Know if MFPs Need to Be Repaired or Replaced

How to Know if MFPs Need to Be Repaired or Replaced Printers, whether specialized devices of MFPs represent a sizeable investment for any company. As a result, it may be tempting to hold onto one as long as possible. That’s not always a bad strategy. However, like any machine, printers do eventually wear out – […]

Reshaping a Business With Digital Transformation in 2020

Reshaping a Business With Digital Transformation in 2020 The topic of digital transformation has swept through the business world for years, finally emerging as a mainstream and essential strategy for business survival in the 21st century. In 2019, at least 30 percent of all companies are actively planning for undertaking a digital transformation. That number […]

Safe & Super Halloween at Fairytale Town

It’s that time of the year again for Safe & Super Halloween at Fairytale Town. This years theme is IN OZ featuring the Yellow Brick Road to Emerald City, flying monkeys and more! Lots of trick-or-treating and family fun from 5-9 PM this weekend and next. For tickets and more information, click on the link above.