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Keep a Sharp Eye on Office Technologies in 2020

Modern offices look a lot different today than they did in the past. For years, the office environment has trended towards a digital, connected environment. Employees are now accustomed to seamless digital workflows with tools that integrate across clouds and networks – and there’s no sign of that stopping. Many of Smile’s preferred brands, including […]

Managed Services for Printing: A Step by Step Process

Ever wondered exactly what happens when a company decides to hire managed services for their printing environment? While many companies like the sound of a third-party specialist taking over the chore of printer maintenance, it’s not always obvious what these handy professionals actually do. When an office hires a managed service, it outsources some or […]

Comparing MFPs: How to Choose the Best One for the Job

Anyone who is in the market for a multifunction printer (MFPs) has endured the headache of making heads or tails of all options out there. To add to that challenge, printers are an investment for any business no matter the size. With top of the line models ranging into the thousands of dollars, choosing the […]


Platinum Level Service Provider Award from Sharp!

Congratulations to our Service Department for earning the prestigious Platinum Level Service Provider award from Sharp Electronics Corporation. This award represents an exceptional commitment to delivering the highest level of technical support in the office products industry. Congratulations to ALL our technician, company wide, for achieving this award for the sixth consecutive year!

How to Know if MFPs Need to Be Repaired or Replaced

How to Know if MFPs Need to Be Repaired or Replaced Printers, whether specialized devices of MFPs represent a sizeable investment for any company. As a result, it may be tempting to hold onto one as long as possible. That’s not always a bad strategy. However, like any machine, printers do eventually wear out – […]

Reshaping a Business With Digital Transformation in 2020

Reshaping a Business With Digital Transformation in 2020 The topic of digital transformation has swept through the business world for years, finally emerging as a mainstream and essential strategy for business survival in the 21st century. In 2019, at least 30 percent of all companies are actively planning for undertaking a digital transformation. That number […]

Safe & Super Halloween at Fairytale Town

It’s that time of the year again for Safe & Super Halloween at Fairytale Town. This years theme is IN OZ featuring the Yellow Brick Road to Emerald City, flying monkeys and more! Lots of trick-or-treating and family fun from 5-9 PM this weekend and next. For tickets and more information, click on the link above.

5 Wasteful Habits That Can Cost You & How Managed Services Help

5 Wasteful Habits That Can Cost You & How Managed Services Help Printing is as natural to offices as breathing is to people. In fact, it’s so automatic that many offices don’t even take note of it. However, the IDC estimates that printing expenses constitute an average of 3 to 5 percent of a company’s […]

Artificial Intelligence in Document Management

Artificial Intelligence in Document Management Documents are a critical aspect of any business. Keeping them organized while balancing accessibility with security has been a core concern for centuries. In the past twenty years, document management has expanded and refined its capabilities tremendously. Today, businesses leverage sophisticated tools like cloud services, artificial intelligence, and automation to […]

What is Phishing and How to Keep a Network Safe

What is Phishing and How to Keep a Network Safe The history of hacking goes back much further than most people suspect. In 1878 , Bell Telephone fired two teenage operators for disconnecting and redirecting calls to see how the technology worked. Some 103 years later, Ian Murphy – better known as Captain Zap – became […]


Sharp Has a New Line of Monochrome MFPs

Sharp Has a New Line of Monochrome MFPs Has the topic of upgrading the office printer been floating around meetings recently? Good news: Sharp has a new line of monochrome MFPs – eleven new MFP/printers, to be exact. For years, Sharp has made a name for itself, delivering innovative devices which propel offices, board rooms, […]

Windows 10S: The Secure Mode for Businesses

Windows 10S: The Secure Mode for Businesses Regarding business security, computers need special attention. Sensitive data passes through them, and they’re critical for doing business. Keeping the company machines security can create a headache. From choosing an antivirus to finding the right configurations, security is time-consuming and labyrinthine. However, many company IT departments are unaware […]

5G and 6G: What to Expect in 2020

5G and 6G: What to Expect in 2020 With the exception of some selected cities who began offering 5G a few months ago, for the rest of us, 5G is almost here.  For the past year, the tech world has been abuzz with the word. 5G is expected to herald the next major revolution in […]


CONGRATULATIONS  to our very own Jose Jurado, Smile’s Service Technician from our Salinas Branch, for advancing to Round 2 of Sharp’s Master Tech Competition. Jose is one of 10 technicians on the West Coast that will compete in Santa Ana next month in hopes of moving onto Round 3 in New Jersey.  Wish him luck!  […]

Why Choose Sharp Professional Displays?

Why Choose Sharp Professional Displays? Want to make a strong statement that incites and inspires engagement? A well-placed digital display will do the trick. Sharp is helping organizations change the way they think about visual communications by developing an extensive line of interactive and professional displays. From retail environments to the boardroom, Smile is thrilled […]

Need to Update Hardware for the New School Year?

Need to Update Hardware for the New School Year? A Managed Print Assessment Can Help Every student knows that printing is a massive part of the school experience. Whether it’s rushing to print off an essay five minutes before class or mailing out thousands of school letters or reports, a campus often has a more […]

An In-Depth Look: Lexmark MFPs

An In-Depth Look: Lexmark MFPs Running your business efficiently means constantly looking for ways to reduce cost, improve service, and increase productivity. Printing and managing paper documents efficiently is one way to streamline your operation, generate higher-quality documents, and cut your total printing expense. With high-performing Lexmark multifunction printers (MFPs) on the job, you reduce […]

Don’t Get Buried in Paper: Digitizing Your Document Load

  At Smile, we’re in tune to the fact that business runs on documents. Documents cover a broad range of uses, and are necessary to conduct business and record all types of transactions: Employee agreements Payroll and personnel records Technical bulletins and documentation Purchase orders and invoices Inventory and financial records However, just because you  […]

What Are Your Toner Recycling Options?

Businesses of all sizes print a wide variety of documents every day. Although business documents have many variations, they all have one thing in common – they require ink or toner to produce a printed image. Toner cartridges are very convenient for refreshing your printing capability quickly and easily. Changing a cartridge is such a […]