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Expanding Your IT Opportunity with Dynabook

Award-winning laptops from Dynabook and Sharp Electronics! Dynabook is the only “in-house and complete” PC manufacturer that designs, develops, tests, writes BIOS/uEFI (Basic Input Output Systems/Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) and manufacturer its own hardware. With over 30+ years’ experience, Dynabook provides built-in quality, reliability and durability. Features include: ultra-lightweight, magnesium chassis, up to 17 hours […]

Why SMBs Must Have a Disaster Recovery Plan

Every company relies on technology to operate in the 21st century, but technology isn’t failproof. With more and more critical information existing only in digital form, it’s become essential to take steps to keep everything backed up in the event of problems. A disaster recovery plan is one way that businesses prepare for the unthinkable. […]

Improve Workplace Collaboration and Productivity with Sharp Synappx

Better, smarter, faster – that’s the name of the game in the modern work environment. Workplace collaboration and enhanced productivity are hailed as features of the 21st-century company, goals to aspire to as companies push the boundaries of what’s possible – and for a good reason. Research shows that collaboration helps foster collective goals and […]

The Best Practices for School Network Security in 2020

When it comes to IT, few environments are as difficult to manage as a school network. Security experts must grapple with numerous unique features, not the least of which includes the heavy traffic that the network sees every day. Combined with budget restraints and other features common to schools, keeping the network safe is no […]

How New Ransomware Threats Target Critical Infrastructure

Just when the world thought it had finally figured out how to stop cybercriminals for good, a new threat arises: industrial control system (ICS) ransomware. It’s ransomware, but it’s unlike anything that has ever appeared in the business world before. In addition, threats spike during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s commonly said that data is more […]

How to Safeguard Your IT Environment from the Coronavirus

Undoubtedly, the current coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc to business operations around the world. In the U.S., many cities and states are implementing measures to reduce the community spread and recommend social distancing to limit the number of new infections. These measures seek to “flatten the curve” and prevent the COVID-19 virus from spreading through […]

Sharp Receives 14 Buyers Lab Winter 2020 Pick Awards

Anyone paying attention to the world of business technology knows that there have been a lot of exciting innovations in the past year. Technology is getting simultaneously more sophisticated and affordable, unlocking new ways to propel business operations to greater heights. Many of Smile’s partners, like Sharp, Lexmark, and Epson, have unveiled fantastic new products […]

Why Are Managed IT Services Imperative to Business Operations?

Ever experience the frustration of trying to configure an internet connection, multi-line phone system, or firewall that allows essential business software to run? When those challenges mean downtime for a company, it can lead to much more than just frustration. That’s why smart business owners turn to managed IT services to keep technology configured and […]

Effective Printer Fleet Management in Windows 10

Managing the printers can seem like a lot of work, but Windows 10 helps make it easy. Companies looking for a lightweight, convenient solution to keeping their printers up and running can take advantage of the numerous built-in printer fleet management tools in Windows 10. The current Microsoft operating system is used on 51 percent […]

Technicians of the Year!

Congratulations to our Technicians of the Year! Each year, Smile recognizes technicians, by branch, who meet and exceed their goals. Award winners for 2019 are: Jose Jurado, Salinas; Mike Simons, Sacramento; Tom Altman, Lathrop; Ron Brown, Napa; Guy Ward, Sparks; and Cody Hall, Chico. Thank you for your dedication and support. We couldn’t do it […]

How to Avoid the Latest Ransomware Scam this Tax Season

There’s hardly a source of funds or data that cybercriminals won’t go after, and as tax season gets underway, they’ve got tax refunds in their crosshairs. While the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been diligent at stopping hackers from stealing tax returns, cybercriminals are doing what they’ve always done – adapting to circumvent security. In […]

Stockton Kings Education Day – February 26th

Stockton Kings Education Day is Wednesday, February 26 at the Stockton Arena with a full day of education and fun starting at 8:30am. Smile Business Products  will be on-site to provide an interactive experience for students, teachers and staff  with the Sharp Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) designed for educational collaboration and learning. Stop by and visit […]

Secure Document Management Solutions for Government Agencies

Providing municipal services to the public requires excellent responsiveness and transparency from government agencies. In the state of California alone, there are over 3,000 special districts, 482 cities, and 58 counties that require a government office to oversee policies and provide resources for the general public. The provision of shared data between agencies upon the […]

How Can Sharp Interactive Whiteboards Increase Classroom Participation?

Educators have a tough job trying to keep students focused on their lessons. Many school boards believe they need to increase the interest in studies or participation in classroom lessons. However, with advancements in educational technology, schools have new avenues to create an interactive environment for students to enjoy the learning process. In this article, […]

Optimize Your Print Environment with Managed Print Services

Businesses must manage their printing department to keep up with order demand and increase staff productivity. Many company offices are cluttered with stocky appliances and printer supplies. Staff working within these departments can’t meet print order demands from customers as a company continues to grow. However, with managed print services, any chaotic office can turn […]

Improve Office Collaboration with Fujitsu Scanners

Maintaining office collaboration within a business requires the quick processing and exchange of documents. An office not only requires a plan to schedule tasks within the printing department but also requires efficient office equipment throughout the workplace to process documents quickly. As with many businesses, there isn’t much time to dedicate to order output or […]

Reliable Printer Repair Services for Businesses

Printers are an essential component of busy office spaces, but when they run out of ink or experience a paper jam, print production comes to a screeching halt. Most businesses believe that there is no way to reduce the overall cost of printer supplies and maintenance. However, with a printer repair service, companies can reduce […]

Gilbert Barajas, Smile’s General Service Manager featured in Comstock’s Magazine

Congratulations to Gilbert Barajas for being featured in Comstock’s Magazine’s.  Great job Gilbert! “Over the years, Smile’s Service Department has been committed to understanding our customers’ unique needs and working with them to maximize the capabilities of copier technology to help them be more productive. As the technology becomes more advanced, our Service Department continues […]