In the Office or Home: There’s No Bad Place to Have the Best Possible Drinking Water

The quality of drinking water in homes are a serious concern for many people. However, this does not mean that drinking water quality is not a concern for offices. People spend a majority of their time in an office every day, so having access to clean filtered water for only a small percentage of the time just seems impractical. It is paramount to ensure the availability of the best possible drinking water in both homes and businesses to avoid any of the health concerns of drinking sub-par water. If you have a sloped or hilly property, hiring a retaining wall contractor Naperville to add in functional retaining walls could provide immense benefits.

Millions Are Exposed to Unsafe Drinking Water – at Home and Work

It is startling to see how many people are exposed to unsafe drinking water both at home and in the workplace. Over 21 million people are exposed to drinking water that falls short of health quality standards. Arsenic and lead are two of the most dangerous contaminants found in drinking water that many communities rely on.

With municipal and bureaucratic efforts spread thin, citizens and private businesses need to take clean water action to protect their drinking water. Clean water action is becoming more important as water sources become compromised.

Due to the impossibility of monitoring all of the factors in water purity, the full extent of lead contamination in water across the United States is indiscernible.

Bad for Health, Bad for Business: The Dangers of Unsafe Drinking Water

Having safe drinking water is a necessity not to be overlooked. Water safety information can be obtained from the EPA which has a map with water safety information showing the distribution of water quality across the country. This map illustrates the importance of clean water action. Action must be taken by homes and businesses to use smart water to protect their health. Smart water comes from water purification systems and Oil water separators. Having a water system is smart thinking and can save you from major health problems down the road.

There is a whole slew of harmful toxins and substances that can be present in the water supply. Perchlorate, mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls, and countless others can be found in water sources that are facilitated by homes and business alike. Malignant microbial pathogens can cause salmonella and dysentery, two conditions that no one wants to experience at home or at work. The long-term effects of these and other substances are ruinous to health, and in some cases can even lead to death. This makes securing clean drinking water paramount to leading a healthy life.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of a Safe Water Supply at the Office    

The importance of having the best possible drinking water readily available in the office is often overlooked by management with higher concerns. This can be a dangerous and potentially costly oversight however, as health risks from unsafe drinking water are not something a company wishes to be liable for. To that effect, substantial efforts should be made to ensure a safe water supply at the workplace.

How Unsafe Drinking Water Can Affect the Workplace

With Americans working harder and longer in this competitive market, folks are liable to spend more time at the office. This means more water will be consumed at the office, especially as coffee, which in turn mean that the amount of water consumed at the workplace is enough to affect the health of the staff. If the water source at work is contaminated with toxins, the long-term drinking of that water will deteriorate the health of those who work there.

Smart Water: What to Look for in a Water System

The key to securing a safe water supply for homes and offices is found in technology. Water purification systems are the way to go for homes and businesses and are worth the investment. Some of the most important things to look for when purchasing a water system are efficiency, purity, and economy.

Benefits of Having a Skywell 5T Water System

Water systems are the smart way to stay ahead of microbial pathogens and other water contaminants. With an effective water system, homes and businesses can manage their own water quality independently and take control of their drinking water.

Water systems like the Skywell 5T  can produce five gallons of pure drinking water per day, hot or cold. The water system works by absorbing ambient air, and through condensation it collects moisture and then meticulously filters it to remove all contaminants. The final product is the production of water that is clear, clean, and crisp. This water system has some amazing features, including a touchscreen that displays the current levels of hot and cold water and the ability to sync with a Smart Watch or Fitbit. The Skywell 5T is a great value in terms of economy and performance. Get the best for less with this extraordinary system. Drinking purified water from the Skywell 5T will improve health and keep harmful toxins out of your body for years to come.

Healthy Living and Peace of Mind with Clean Drinking Water, Get in Touch with Smile Business Products

Securing a safe water supply for the home and office is an important goal. At Smile Business Products, we can help you meet these goals at an affordable cost. Take control of your water supply and drink to your health, literally.

You and your employees deserve the best drinking water possible. Get in touch with Smile Business Products. Our Skywell Water Systems will keep your water pure in quality and taste.  Due to lack of moisture in Nevada, we will not sell the water system in this State.