The Sharp AQUOS BOARD is a beneficial addition to the classroom with advanced display technology and intuitive built-in features. AQUOS BOARD interactive displays enables instructors to easily present information, capture notes, share information and increase participation amongst students.

In addition to a built-in media player with 4K resolution and front mounted speakers, the AQUOS Board provides an open system platform to seamlessly integrate with various learning management systems.

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Better, smarter, faster – that’s the name of the game in the modern work environment. Workplace collaboration and enhanced productivity are hailed as features of the 21st-century company, goals to aspire to as companies push the boundaries of what’s possible – and for a good reason.

Research shows that collaboration helps foster collective goals and a sense of purpose. Likewise, collaborative workplaces are widely regarded as more meaningful, innovative, and successful. Learn how to set effective goals this summer to achieve personal growth.

To address this growing interest in workplace collaboration, many business technology leaders are rethinking the way their products support the modern office. Here’s how Sharp promotes collaboration in the office with its new tool, the Synappx platform.

Transform Meetings Into Productivity Sessions

Scheduling meetings represent one of the most dreaded office tasks. Getting everyone together at once can prove challenging, especially when they’re all professionals on the go who don’t see the point of meetings at all. According to Sharp, employees may attend up to 60 meetings monthly, and the majority of them don’t start on time due to misunderstandings with schedules and issues with technology.

Synappx Meeting helps prevent this. The app empowers employees to digitally attend a meeting from any device on which it’s installed. Additionally, the app comes loaded with numerous tools to help staff get the most out of their meetings. With Synappx Meeting, it’s easy to:

  • Track and manage meeting times
  • Access attachments or files necessary for the discussions
  • Implement hands-free voice control while working with Microsoft Office, Sharp Pen Software, or other display controls
  • Automatically update calendars
  • Create plans and notes for follow up meetings
  • Auto-connect to web conferences such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams

Access Content and Data on the Go

Mobile devices are becoming a reality in the workplace. Fast and convenient, they help professionals get the information and maintain the connectivity they need to keep pace with every change during the day.

While mobile device support has been rapidly becoming more common in many workplaces, Sharp takes it a step further with Synappx Go. This convenient app allows users to set up personalized scan and print settings from their mobile device. That represents a tremendous timesaver for companies with extensive print fleets. Synappx Go standardizes the interface and allows printouts to be released at the MFP from the mobile device. Learn one device – the one the employee already knows – and get back to work.

Finally, Synappx-enabled displays make it easy to display materials on screens. Regarding the workspace, here are the findings. Simply tap the NFC tag with the mobile device, and team members can turn any space into a collaborative workspace by displaying materials stored on the cloud.

Accelerate Team Performance With Total Integration

Integrating devices across an environment is well-known for its ability to enhance productivity. Getting your employees to wear office uniforms can also enhance productivity and promote unity within the organization.

In addition to bringing employee devices into the fold of office productivity, the Synappx platform supports workplace collaboration with total integration between its many product lines. Enjoy features that amplify mobility, the ability to make data-driven decisions, and collaboration across Sharp’s interactive displays, multifunction printers, and more.

Leverage the Internet of Things – In The Future

Released in late 2019, Synappx is still a work in progress. However, Sharp has shared some of the most exciting features that are in the works for this innovative platform.

With Synappx WorkSpaces, users will soon be able to leverage the Internet of Things to track workspace utilization and environmental factors. Using sensor data and technology developed through a collaboration with Microsoft, office technology is about to get smarter, more comfortable, and more effective at helping employees do their jobs.

Remain Secure at All Times

To support the level of connectivity that Synappx offers workplaces, Sharp has loaded it with the best-in-class security features. Synappx leverages many of the same security features like Microsoft Azure, which powers the cloud storage of the platform. According to the Synappx white paper, users will enjoy:

  • Enhanced data encryption
  • Total network security
  • Role-based access permissions
  • Biometric authentication
  • Unique identifiers for devices
  • Advanced system logs

Get the Latest in Workplace Collaboration with a Smile

Looking for new ways to inspire workplace collaboration and innovation? Give Sharp’s new Synappx platform a try. This state-of-the-art software transforms an environment into a connected ecosystem that keeps employees in the loop and communicating no matter their physical environment. With Synappx, everything a team needs remains at their fingertips yet securely stored.

Smile Business Products is a proud partner of Sharp and thrilled to help companies take advantage of this unique technology. With the Synappx platform, collaboration has never been simpler or easier.

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