What Can SmileTel VOIP Managed Communication Systems Do for Small Businesses?

When a business is first starting out, conventional telephone systems are usually enough to get jobs done. The executive team of a fast-growing startup is likely to rely on their mobile phones for business communication simply out of convenience.

At first, this system works. But as growth occurs, it becomes severely limiting. Managing a group of 1-3 ambitious, highly driven employees and a handful of customers is simple enough but quickly gets out of hand when managing even a modestly sized small business.

As your team grows, so do opportunities for long-distance collaboration. Once you begin to rely on regional offices or out-of-state collaborators, the costs of communication begin to mount. Add in international customers, distributors, or vendors, and suddenly, communication becomes a complex budget line item.

It is very important that you plan for that kind of growth and the migration to a full-fledged managed communication system that follows. Implementing a VOIP managed communication infrastructure and a keen interest to  Learn More about it when your business is still small is the best way to ensure a stable, working foundation for scalable growth.

How Managed Communication Systems Save Businesses Money

It’s a fact that businesses can save up to 75% on communication costs over landline phones using VOIP. A major portion of these are direct savings – the ability to make internal calls at no extra cost is a huge differentiator when it comes to effectively managing a business of any size.

But businesses both large and small realize a significant amount of these savings indirectly as well. Any company with a developed focus on customer service can generate indirect savings that outperform the direct savings VOIP telephone technology offers on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

Some of the ways a VOIP telephone communication system can help your business save money include making customer service more efficient and maximizing outsourcing potential. These benefits manifest in multiple ways in the VOIP environment.

Let No Calls Go Unanswered

Customer service is important. Many experts believe that, in a highly developed service economy, it is the most important value differentiator a business can exhibit. In these conditions, not answering a customer phone call is unacceptable.

With a comprehensive VOIP telephone system, you can automatically route calls in an adaptable and efficient way. The best telephone systems allow you to reduce the amount of time customers spend dealing with automated response programs, sending them straight to the customer service agent best-suited to deal with their specific problem.

Engage with Customers More Effectively

SmileTel VOIP managed communication systems allow customer service agents to enjoy immediate access to key customer data without having to ask customers to provide that data. This can be a powerful tool when dealing with already disgruntled customers who don’t appreciate having to call to get their problems solved in the first place. There are a lot more about Ucaas Review to know, since they are the experts in this field and has retained a good position for a long period of time.

With a robust VOIP system integrated with a customer relationship management database, a customer service representative can immediately pull up customer details, review past interactions, and update user information in real-time. This data can prevent small customer complaints from becoming major disputes.

Consolidate Customer Service Management

With VOIP, there is no effective difference between having an employee use their office landline or a VOIP-enabled phone at home. Telecommunication is just one of the major ways that VOIP managed communication systems help companies save money by reducing the necessity of managing large customer service teams on-site.

If your company outsources customer service, or plans to do so in the future, you can leverage VOIP connectivity to offer complete connectivity to outsourced service providers anywhere in the world. VOIP technology establishes a single, simple cost structure for international calls, saving organizations money on every call they need to make.

Choose the Best Telephone System for a Small Business

Certain telephone functionalities are a must-have for modern, growth-oriented small businesses. These functionalities include mobile compatibility, wireless access, and cloud infrastructure, all of which are crucial to leveraging maximum value out of any VOIP solution.

SmileTel’s solutions offer this kind of advanced functionality alongside valuable consulting and support from trained VOIP experts. Choosing the right VOIP system requires performing a professional communications audit where your regular communication needs are identified, catalogued, and quantified.

Using this data, we can determine what kind of hardware is the best choice for your particular office environment, communication needs, network limitations, and more. Our experts can deploy bandwidth-optimized solutions and offer ongoing support and maintenance for your managed communication systems, transforming a complex need into a simple budget line item with a single invoice.

Our team’s remote desktop capabilities allow for on-demand VOIP support and assistance. With SmileTel, there is no need to wait for technical support – it’s only a click away.

Find out more about SmileTel VOIP managed communication systems by talking to a specialist about your organization’s needs. Contact us today for a quote!