Did You Know That NJPA is Now Sourcewell? Find Out What This Means for Your Business

If your office or organization was a member of National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) then you may have noticed the agency has undergone a name change, logo change, and website redesign. For those agencies on a thin budget that relied upon NJPA to secure affordable equipment and services, this change may have initially caused a bit of a scare. It is also advised to contact a reliable enterprise seo consultant to help your website come first in search engine results and help your prospects find you easily.

NJPA is now known as Sourcewell and they have a swanky new logo to go with the name change. Of course, names and logos don’t mean much – what ultimately matters is the product and the customer care you receive.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what has changed, what has stayed the same, and how it all affects your organization’s ability to secure preferred contract pricing.

The History of NJPA

The National Joint Powers Alliance was created over 40 years ago to help smaller agencies work together to increase their buying power and, ultimately, get better prices on the equipment and technology they need. Over time, the NJPA has grown to become 50,000 members strong.

It is no secret that non-profits and government agencies operate on thin budgets. These organizations must manage their spending, payroll, and even marketing on a reduced budget. Therefore, working together to save money on equipment and technology can provide a huge boost to a cash strapped organization.

Seeing changes made to the NJPA would understandably raise some interest among organizations that rely on this increased buying power to negotiate deals that fit within their budget. The good news is that the reputation of NJPA continues to live on despite the name, acronym, and logo being upgraded.

What is Sourcewell?

In June, NJPA officially became Sourcewell with notice being issued in the form of a letter. In that same letter, Sourcewell indicated that all of the existing memberships, contract pricing, and agreements under NJPA will be upheld under their new banner.

Essentially, Sourcewell is a modern reimagining of NJPA. The goals, value, and mission all remain the same – but the name, appearance, and logo has been updated for a more modern business world. It’s like putting a coat of paint on your family home. The home remains the same and the memories of the home are not lost. Only the outside appearance of the home has changed.

Vendors who worked with NJPA are continuing to operate as usual after the Sourcewell rebranding. Agencies and organizations who used their Sourcewell membership to negotiate special contract pricing will also not notice any changes.

Basically, it’s business as usual for Sourcewell, their members, and affiliated vendors.

What Is Changing With Sourcewell?

While existing relationships are being maintained, the Sourcewell name and logo change is more than just visual. The organization has made some promises to update the way they operate and meet the needs of their members.

Sourcewell wants to be more than just an organization that helps members increase their buying power.

Their new mission statement says that they will dive deeper into the needs of their members and exceed service expectations. What this means for individual organizations still remains to be seen as the change is relatively new. However, there does appear to be a shift in purpose for the group.

It makes sense that NJPA has rebranded to Sourcewell and taken a deeper interest in their members. With the power of the internet, it is much easier for groups to organize. Sourcewell had to update the way they operate to offer more than just a place for similar organizations to combine their purchasing power.

The visual aspects of this change can be seen on the Sourcewell website. The site is colorful and lifestyle images have been placed throughout the site to put an emphasis on more than just equipment procurement and pricing aspects. Sourcewell members are looking forward to learning more about the new and exciting changes coming to the organization.

NJPA Deals Continue With Sourcewell

Smile Business Products is proud to continue our agreement with Sourcewell to help education institutions, non-profits, and government organizations make the most of their budget. If you previously had an agreement through NJPA then you can be confident that your contract pricing will continue.

If you are wondering about any changes as a result of the Sourcewell rebranding or you would like to take advantage of your Sourcewell membership then please feel free to contact us at Smile Business Products any time. We would be happy to help you make the most of every dollar you spend on equipment and technology.