Remember inkjet? It hasn’t exactly been a favorite in the office for at least a couple of decades. When process optimization became a major focus for offices, laser printing became the default technology. It was fast, efficient, and didn’t gobble up cartridges to produce pages.

However, this year, inkjet has made a surprising comeback. It’s no longer the slow, inefficient cousin to laser printing that was forever confined to homes and very small offices. Today, inkjet has some impressive features which rival even professional laser printers – and it’s all thanks to Epson.

Read on to learn how Epson has rejuvenated this technology to make it fast, cost-effective, and an invaluable asset to offices seeking ever greater operational efficiency.

Epson Is Helping Redefine Inkjet and Process Optimization

Inkjet technology has a reputation that many print manufacturers have struggled to overcome. Historically slow, prone to ink guzzling, they were only really good for printing photos – at home. As a result, inkjet as a printing technology rapidly became eclipsed in the office world by its fast, efficient cousin: laser printing.

However, the office world is moving towards more powerful printing capabilities. That’s forcing businesses to reconsider the standard multifunction printer as the de facto best choice for office productivity. It’s rapidly becoming no longer enough to simply have a high-capacity, efficient device. Companies seeking a printer that delivers connectivity, print capacity, and aesthetics are rediscovering inkjet printers.

They’re almost unrecognizable from their early digital ancestors in the 1970s. No longer slow and wasteful, today’s inkjet printers can rival laser printers in terms of speed, consumable efficiency, and printing power – all while delivering professional quality printed photos. They’re making a comeback in the office world and innovations around ink and cartridges are helping build that momentum.

As one of the longest players in the inkjet printer market, Epson is helping the business world rediscover inkjet by redefining it. Looking for a fast, professional, environmentally conscious printer? Consider an Epson EcoTank inkjet.

The Future (of Inkjet) Is Cartridge-Free

Cartridges have long represented one of the biggest pain points for businesses and their printing infrastructure. Ink and toner cartridges are expensive, bulky, and often difficult to replace. Likewise, when the difference between two models comes down to a single number, it’s all too easy to accidentally buy the wrong thing entirely. Yet, despite leaps and bounds in printer innovation, office printers still rely on a regular supply of cartridges – until now.

In a move that represents a first in the printing industry, Epson has eliminated them. The EcoTank is a new type of printer that doesn’t rely on ink cartridges at all. Instead, companies purchase sets of ink bottles. A special syringe allows users to refill the ink super tank within the printer. According to Epson, these super tanks:

  • Can hold 80 cartridges worth of ink.
  • Support 7,500 pages in black and white, or 6,000 pages in color.
  • Cut ink costs for the printer by up to 90 percent.

As a result of this innovation, inkjet printers are quickly becoming an affordable, practical option for companies with demanding print environments that also want to enjoy enhanced image printing. By eliminating ink cartridges, Epson has set the tone for the future of inkjet in the office: fast, convenient, hassle-free quality.

Introducing the Epson EcoTank ET-3710 All-In-One Printer

Think an ink tank printer is too good to be true? Meet the EcoTank ET-3710. This brilliant little device packs the printing power of a full-sized MFP into a desktop-sized printer, delivering quality and quantity as the most efficient inkjet model on the market.

As an all-in-one printer can print, scan, and photocopy while enjoying wireless connectivity. That makes it versatile enough for a home or small office that needs a printer for photos but doesn’t want to invest in a specialized device. Additionally, Epson has a long history of commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly products. In addition to its super tank which eliminates cartridges, the ET-3710, like all EcoTank printers, is both ENERGY STAR certified and recyclable.

The EcoTank is a smaller printer than many office MFPs. Consider adding it to a print environment when:

  • It will be located in a smaller department or office which doesn’t have a demanding print volume.
  • The office would benefit from color printing, but it mostly relies on its larger devices.
  • The company values environmentally friendly solutions and wants to cut printing waste.
  • A dedicated printer for photos or images would prove advantageous to the office workflow.
  • The company doesn’t have the budget – or space – to invest in an entry-level production printer.

Explore Novel and Environmentally Friendly Printing Options

Who knew that inkjet printers could ever have a place in the quest for process optimization? Cartridge-free printers almost sound like a dream, but thanks to Epson’s innovation, they’re now a reality. For companies seeking to add color printing to their print environment, the Eco Tank model is a practical option. Eliminate ink cartridges and gain the flexibility of an office MFP in one convenient device. You must work with a bronze foundry if you require any type of cast metal object.

Smile is thrilled to bring the latest innovations in printing to customers. Contact us today to discuss whether an EcoTank printer is right for you.