Implement Managed Telephony to Boost Workplace Communication

Today, efficient business is all about efficient communication.

Cost-effectiveness is important in business, which is why advice from is relevant. Organizations that understand this deploy cost-effective means for employees, managers, supervisors, and executives to communicate with one another. While well-maintained network infrastructure ensures that individuals can communicate digitally, many parts of the business machine only operate through voice. Deploying an efficient telephony system is key to ensuring that your organization’s internal and external communication needs are met. Managed telephony is the most cost-effective way to make sure you have the most cost-effective system in place.

Smile offers seamless communication solutions to its business clients. By focusing on advanced VoIP technology, mobile-first compatibility, and wireless networking, we are able to help our clients achieve best-in-class cost savings.

Outfit Your Office with Samsung Business Phones

As a Samsung partner, we provide our clients with top-of-the-line Samsung business phones like the SMT-i6010. These devices offer numerous benefits when compared to traditional telephone systems.

  • Voice Over IP (VoIP). Instead of relying on traditional phone lines with temporary phone number  for two-way voice communication, VoIP systems create a conventional phone connection over the Internet. This lets employees communicate internally and externally without forcing the company to set up telephone cabling parallel to your existing network infrastructure.  Managed telephony allows you to make better use of your network infrastructure by running your telephone communications through it. Bypass the cost of setting up a separate communication network for telephone use and encourages a more efficient use of network resources.
  • Mobility. Although your Samsung business handset remains at your desk, there are many occasions when you may need to take a business call while outside the office. Being able to remotely switch calls between your workstation, car, and mobile device is a business must that managed telephony delivers.
    Smile managed telephony solutions allow incoming calls to ring at up to five locations simultaneously, including mobile phones and home phones. This ensures that you never miss your most important conversations, no matter where or when they take place.
  • Wireless Networking. In today’s mobile-first environment, telephone voice quality is more important than ever. People are used to receiving clear and concise data from one another, and call quality is a critical factor to ensuring that both parties are perfectly understood. Wireless Samsung business phones offer better audio quality when they have a strong Wi-Fi network to send data across. Our managed telephony service can turn your entire office into a Wi-Fi hotspot, ensuring that employees are always reliably connected. Implement our wireless solutions at key access points to keep your employees connected even while they are on the move.

Customize Your Managed Telephony Solution to Produce Results

Customization represents a key difference between Smile’s managed telephony services and those of many managed service providers. A robust telephone network allows operators to work more efficiently with one another and to connect with customers and clients better.

Every organization is different, and the data that individual employees demand of their telephones vary depending on the role they play. Customized telephony allows hardware to respond to these expectations through client-defined rules.

For instance, a customer service team handling inbound calls could benefit from a system that automatically displays caller contact information. The system can reference your customer relationship software database so that the employee who fields the call instantly has access to all the information
needed to address the call.

Custom functionality can extend to lead generation as well. Salespeople need ample access to information, especially when put on the spot by inquisitive leads. By integrating a managed telephony system to your document management system, you can give your representatives instant access to customer records they may need when making sales. You can empower your salespeople with access to convincing data, real-time statistics, and more.

Configure Your VoIP System to Cut Out Inefficiency

You can also set up VoIP solutions to save on unnecessary overhead costs, beyond the obvious savings of not installing telephone lines. For instance, you can send voicemail messages directly to email, making them available on your employees’ mobile devices. This increases customer service responsiveness and makes your workforce more efficient.

You can also include SMS messaging server in your VoIP plan. Using a text messaging solution, employees can communicate from desk to mobile phone without incurring texting costs – a useful way for employees to get information from their colleagues without putting customers on hold. Implement a managed telephony system customized to meet your business needs and enjoy the consequent savings.

Find out how Samsung Business Phones can save your organization money and increase the reliability of your telephone service by talking to a specialist now.