An In-Depth Look: Lexmark MFPs

Running your business efficiently means constantly looking for ways to reduce cost, improve service, and increase productivity. Printing and managing paper documents efficiently is one way to streamline your operation, generate higher-quality documents, and cut your total printing expense.

With high-performing Lexmark multifunction printers (MFPs) on the job, you reduce the total number of devices required in your organization. No more fax machines, scanners, or copiers taking up space, consuming energy, or needing service. One MFP can do the job of all these machines, with a single contact to service all your equipment – and a single service agreement or contract to deal with.

Lexmark’s Family of MFPs

Lexmark offers MFPs that incorporate industry-leading technology that is affordable for every business – even home offices.

Which Lexmark MFP is right for your team or business? With Lexmark, companies have plenty of options.

Workgroup MFPs

For departments or teams of ten or less that print fewer than 3,000 pages per month, these models offer the same reliability, quality images, and performance of larger, more high-powered units. Offered in color or monochrome units with output levels beginning at 23 PPM, MFPs for small workgroups are designed to fit in small spaces, yet provide huge value.

Medium and Large Workgroup MFPs

When you need more throughput in your business, step up to this family of MFPs. With units that handle monochrome or color, these models handle up to 70 PPM. Lexmark high-performance MFPs include high-capacity toner cartridges and high-capacity paper feed/stacking.

Whether your needs are for workgroup or larger MFPs, you benefit from technology that keeps your offices running efficiently – saving time and reducing downtime.

Additional Lexmark Features

Lexmark incorporates many standard features that other manufacturers simply don’t measure up to:

  • With smart Lexmark MFPs, companies gain efficiencies such as printing from mobile devices – Android, iOS, and Google Cloud.
  • Implement Lexmark’s powerful software – Embedded Solutions Framework, Cloud Solutions Framework, and other included software to integrate your documents directly into business applications – without ever printing or touching a piece of paper or reviewing a document.
  • Lexmark MFPs incorporate their industry-leading e-Task touch screen that is easy to navigate with both text and intuitive icons.
  • Flexibility allows your business to specify what users are authorized to print in color vs. monochrome, saving additional expense in toner.
  • Lexmark MFPs are engineered with long-life components, ensuring reliability, and making your office more productive.

With Lexmark’s family of quality MFP’s, your business is positioned for efficient operation and growth in printing operation that meets the expanding needs of your organization.


Turn to Lexmark for a Business Advantage

Lexmark offers so much more than a full complement of choices in high-end office equipment. Their commitment to research and development offers businesses of every size and industry complete business solutions:

  • Content Management – Lexmark document management software facilitates ease of access to your documents, while also securing content from unauthorized access and enabling collaboration with customizable workflow.
  • Intelligent distribution and capture image workflow – Perceptive Intelligent Capture streamlines not only scanning but storing and distribution. Utilizing leading-edge Lexmark technology, scanned documents are classified by content, key fields are identified for indexing and organization, then workflow routes the documents to the correct individuals or departments.
  • Simplified and efficient document search and organization – create multiple methods and indexes that make storing and retrieving critical documents quick and reliable — no more digging through files or storage boxes to find information.
  • Full integration with other business applications – generate, store, organize and share documents from word processing systems, spreadsheets, email, and enterprise applications easily and seamlessly.
  • Records retention – Lexmark Retention Policy Manager ensures compliance with record retention mandates for every industry automatically. This reduces the cost of storing paper documents and brings a new sense of security with lower risk.

There are, of course, many manufacturers providing a variety of MFPs for your business. Lexmark offers so much more, with their IBM heritage and complete commitment to research and development that keeps their products and software a step ahead of the competition.

Smile – Your Partner for a Complete Lexmark MFP Solution

Smile can transform your business document management process from a jumble of printers, scanners, fax machines, and copiers from disparate manufacturers into an efficient operation with lower operating costs. Implementing the technology of Lexmark MFPs will offer your business many advantages:

  • Simplified service – one call to a single source when you need service or regular maintenance
  • Reduced energy costs – energy-efficient MFPs from Lexmark eliminate extra devices and lower your carbon footprint
  • Supplies – a common source of supplies and reduced number of office machines save time and money
  • Automation – storing documents digitally reduces dependency on paper and manual handling of documents

Contact Smile when your business is ready to leap forward in document management with high-quality, reliable Lexmark MFPs.

Customize Workflow on Sharp Devices

As the BLI Line of the Year, Sharp multifunction printers are ideal for any company’s offices. They come in full color and monochrome to fit each company’s needs. These printers have been engineered to help companies print with the best quality and outstanding efficiency. Some of Sharp’s MFP’s come in different sheet tandem paper decks, allowing up to over 3,000 sheets in paper capacity.

They will save time and money, printing out any type of document in-house with image quality that is also economical. With the front panel display, it makes printing documents even easier.

The Importance of Workflow in the Modern Economy

The importance of efficient workflow in the modern economy cannot be understated. Time is more precious than ever, and businesses need every tool available to increase productivity. One of the areas where productivity is most important is the print environment. With fully functional paperless offices still in the distant future, printing keeps information flowing.

Optimizing printing operations is key, and Sharp printers are the weapon of choice. Never compromise on multifunction printers, they provide essential services that have a direct impact on office productivity.

Customization in Sharp’s Devices

One of the greatest advantages of Sharp products for multifunction printers is their customizability. Firms looking for an all in one printer should shop Sharp. Sharp printers are the best in quality on the market today winning BLI’s Line of the Year!

Having an all in one printer is a necessity in business today, they are powerful and require little maintenance. Then the little maintenance that these printers do need can be performed by a managed service.

Customizing the User Interface on Sharp Touchscreens

With any of the three sizes of screens, they are all customizable to each person or company’s needs. Ease of use for any user makes Sharp printers a top choice for businesses around the world. Another great feature of Sharp’s all in one printer touchscreen interface is that they support two-sides flipping. Meaning that two-sided pages are easy to review directly from the LCD panel.

Innovation in User-Friendly Technology

Having a touch-screen panel makes these printers very user-friendly. Anyone can accomplish any action with the ease of a finger. No need to go back and forth from the printer to the computer. The amount of time that this feature saves is incredible, and by saving time, firms also save money.

Another advantage of the unmatched ease of use that is associated with sharp MFP touchscreens is the increased employee productivity. Having an unintuitive printing interface causes employees to struggle unduly. Sharp touchscreen products are the way to go for printers that are intuitive, efficient, and easy to use.

With technology advancing so rapidly, keeping up with it can be difficult. Simplicity is inherent in the user interface design of this technology and has made it easier for people. Touch-screens have ended up being one of the easiest facets of technology for anyone to use.

Features on the Touch-Screen of Sharp Multifunction Printers

The touch-screen on Sharp multifunction printers has many features on the 10.1-inch, 8.5-inch, and 7-inch. These features make them a great value for the price.

The features on the 10.1 inch include an overview, action panel, real-time image preview, eco mode, languages, move/delete pages, page rotation, and two-sided flip. Seeing these options on a touch screen will make printing easier. With the real-time image preview, the pages show up exactly how they will be printed out, so users can make changes before printing.

With these printers, there are 24 languages to choose from making them ideal for many companies to use across the globe. The eco mode helps save energy and electricity, with the option to best fit the customer’s needs day to day.

Embrace cost savings with the sleek and economical 8.5-inch display model. It comes with an overview, thumbnail view, and advanced image check. Printing with this screen isn’t as advanced as the 10.1-inch but will still get documents printed with uncompromised quality.

The 7-inch display has the same overview and thumbnail view as the 8.5-inch screen, however, it does not come with the advanced image check. It does come with a convenient stylus, for easy use. This printer will still print just as well as the other two models, with comparable quality.

Make Workflow Seamless with Smile                          

Businesses are dependent for anything to give them a competitive edge. The search is over, with Smile’s Sharp’s touchscreens for multifunction printers. These devices are advanced, affordable, and will impress in the office as they are sleek and easy to use.

Get the best MFP touchscreen on the market through Smile, a trusted vendor