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How Can NASPO ValuePoint Help Government Offices in California & Nevada Stay Productive?

Local government offices have a lot of duties and responsibilities. Staying productive is essential to ensuring that these offices can provide timely and effective services to the people in the communities that they serve. Any delay, downtime, or inefficiency could have a ripple effect throughout an office’s operations.

With this in mind, NAPSO ValuePoint was developed to ensure state and local governments can get the best products and services at the best prices. Government offices are able to spend public dollars wisely without sacrificing quality by purchasing from NASPO ValuePoint authorized contractors.

So, how can NASPO ValuePoint help with office technology procurement and keep government offices productive? In this article, we will look at how NASPO California and NASPO Nevada contracts work, the office supplies and products that can be purchased through the affiliated contractors, and how the framework improves productivity.

Simplified and Streamlined Office Technology Procurement

Searching for office technology and office supplies can be a long and painstaking task as decision makers research products, compare pricing and features, negotiate purchase contracts, and ultimately complete deployment of new purchases. All of this is streamlined thanks to NASPO ValuePoint. Now, less time is spent on office technology procurement and more time is spent focusing on the work that delivers results in local communities.

NASPO ValuePoint does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to procurement of devices and offices supplies by collecting contract bids from suppliers, vetting partners, and negotiating deals. Local government offices can skip those time consuming tasks and, instead, easily shop with contract partners or through online portals for the products they need.

The co-operative nature and broad membership of NASPO ValuePoint means that the organization can use its buying power to secure the best deals when it comes to pricing, warranties, service, and more. Offices can feel confident when buying through a NASPO ValuePoint contract whether they are looking for office supplies or the most advanced Sharp office technology and printers.

Great Support, Long After Purchase

The up-front pricing provided by NASPO ValuePoint contracts is only one small part of the total value offering the organization provides. One important factor when considering bids from contractors is service, support, and warranties that come with products. NASPO ValuePoint considers the total cost of ownership and that includes maintenance or potential warranty repairs as a part of the contract.

For example, if your office required Sharp printers and you chose to purchase through a NASPO ValuePoint contractor, you can feel confident that the organization has negotiated the best terms and warranty on your behalf. Not only are you getting a top quality product, you are also getting support long after the initial sale is completed. This means less downtime, fewer unexpected maintenance expenses, and more productivity.

Top Quality Products to Support Productivity

Getting a great deal is only a deal if it is on something that will actually benefit your office environment and improve productivity. NSPO ValuePoint does not just look for the absolute lowest prices but, instead, also considers the quality of product being offered.

Of course, with the best office technology comes the best productivity features. For example, choosing Sharp office technology like the latest Sharp printers opens up a world of new technology and features designed to boost productivity within an office environment.

Sharp printers and copiers feature industry leading workflow management solutions that make document sharing and storage simple and easy. In addition, users can work from mobile devices to share the documents they need to share without being in the office.

When you choose to purchase through a NASPO ValuePoint contractor, you can be confident you are getting the best products in addition to the best prices. Your office can have the latest productivity technology at a much lower cost with a much smaller time investment for office technology procurement. That’s the beauty of NASPO ValuePoint.

Learn More About NASPO ValuePoint Contracts for Sharp Office Technology

Smile Business Products is proud to be a contract provider for NASPO California and NASPO Nevada members. We have partnered with Sharp to provide the best office technology procurement experience as well as industry leading quality and service.

If you are interested in Sharp copiers or printers for your office, please contact our expert product advisors on our Government Team to learn more about your excellent benefits from NASPO ValuePoint.