At Smile, we’re in tune to the fact that business runs on documents. Documents cover a broad range of uses, and are necessary to conduct business and record all types of transactions:

  • Employee agreements
  • Payroll and personnel records which are easy to handle if you use this source-to-pay procedure
  • Technical bulletins and documentation
  • Purchase orders and outstanding invoices
  • Inventory and financial records

However, just because you  need documents does not mean you need paper.  Paper has many disadvantage that drag down the efficiency of an organization:

  • They must be printed – time-consuming and expensive
  • They are often copied and passed along to other employees or external contacts
  • You have to find a place for them – desktops, drawers, filing cabinets – even off-site storage
  • They can be lost or damaged
  • It may be difficult and labor-intensive to find the document you need – when you need it

There is a better solution to document management – digitization.

What is Digitization?

Many of your documents originate in digital form – spreadsheets, emails, Office, or other word processing applications. The challenge is to retain them in digital form, avoiding as much printing as possible.

Today’s multifunction devices are capable of so much more than printing. Technology now combines all the functions of printing, collating, and sorting documents with the ability to send and receive faxes, make copies and scan documents into digital formats. Scanning documents allows you to generate a digital image of paper documents that can be shared, emailed, and saved for future reference in server or cloud-based digital storage.

Putting this technology to work for business can save printing costs, eliminate the avalanche of paper documents, and make your office more productive immediately.

How Do You Get Started with Digitizing Documents?

There are many quality, full-featured scanners and multifunction devices on the market today offering the technology that can pull businesses out of a paper blizzard. Two industry leaders are Fujitsu and Panasonic.

Fujitsu Scanning Technology

Fujitsu has been a leader in scanning technology for years, offering businesses of every size and infrastructure a complete solution for digitizing your document load. Scanners from Fujitsu offer a blend of speed, paper handling ability, and superior image quality of scanned documents. Fujitsu scanners are offered to service multiple office organizational conditions:

  • Departmental scanners – where large document volumes and high throughput are required, Fujitsu sheet-fed or flatbed departmental scanners can do the job efficiently and reliably – handling up to 80 pages per minute (PPM).
  • Workgroup scanners – perfect for smaller groups or mid-sized businesses, workgroup scanners provide up to 60 PPM scanning performance, with the flexibility to scan documents to PDF, email, FTP, or even scan directly to printers.
  • Production scanners – when the ultimate in speed and capacity are needed, Fujitsu production models can handle everything you throw at them – up to 100k high-quality scans per day.
  • Network scanners – boost productivity with Fujitsu network scanners – ideal for sharing documents anywhere on your network. It’s as simple as logging into your network and pressing “scan.”PaperStream Capture software – standard with all fi Series scanners – gives you control over what information on your documents is important, to help organize your digitized documents into folders as they are scanned. This powerful software enables you to clean up your document backlog and move toward digital technology quickly and efficiently.
  • Not only does Fujitsu offer a scanner for every organization requirement – they back it up with industry-leading software.

Panasonic Scanners

Panasonic enables your business to transform paper documents and images into a digital form easily, with a variety of scanner models – one that’s right for the needs of your organization.

With performance that will handle any volume – from occasional use to non-stop document and image scanning, Panasonic offers high image quality and ease of use regardless of your organizational requirements:

  • Network Scanners
  • Departmental Scanners
  • Workgroup Scanners

Designed for high-volume corporate users, Panasonic’s PremierOCR/PremierCOMPRESSION software optimizes your PDF documents. This technology compresses files and utilizes OCR to help organize documents for simplified processing and retrieval.

Smile – Your Solution for Digitizing Documents

There’s no time like the present to get started with transforming your paper burden into digital documents. This does not only apply to future document use – you can benefit greatly from scanning your existing documents for digital storage. There are many benefits to be found from eliminating the binders and stacks of paper that already consume far too much valuable office space:

  • Facilitate sharing of documents easily – without copying or printing
  • Avoid loss or damage of important and confidential information
  • Improve security – digitally managed payroll services can be protected from unauthorized access, where paper is more challenging to protect
  • Productivity – filing and wading through stacks of paper to retrieve the information you need is replaced with quick and easy searches of stored digital documents

Smile offers complete printing services that make your office more efficient and streamlines business processes. With our industry-leading Fujitsu and Panasonic scanners, quality supplies, and exemplary service, your office will gain productivity while reducing operating expense.

Contact Smile today to discover how we can prevent your organization from being buried in paper documents.