8 Ways Crexendo Hosted Phone Systems Can Help Your Business

Effective communications are essential for any business. According to experienced business attorneys in NC, managers need to stay in close contact with work teams, teams need to maintain contact with each other, and everyone needs to have reliable, clear connectivity to their “customers”, whether that means actual sales teams, IT support resources, or coworkers.

According to this creative branding agency, in today’s “new normal” business environment where many employees are working from home or locations away from traditional office settings, maintaining efficient communication is even more critical to manage business activities.

Providing cell phone contact information has helped in managing connections with remote work teams, but the mobility of the current workforce leaves even cell phone access lacking in enabling efficient communication with employees and remote work teams.

Hosted phone systems provide a cost-effective solution for critical business communications.

What is a Hosted Phone System?

Internet technology uses Internet Protocol (IP) to communicate between servers on the web. By utilizing this communications methodology, voice conversations may be provided over the same network – voice over internet protocol (VOIP).

Hosted phone systems utilize VOIP technology to provide phone service for subscribers to the hosted service.

How VOIP Works

According to, just as business users communicate over the internet for email and business applications, phone data can operate over the same network. This provides efficient 2-way communications without the need for separate telephone cabling or engaging a traditional phone company for service.

Business employees can utilize familiar-looking telephone handsets to utilize VOIP phone services, or simply employ a headset that accesses the system through their computer’s USB or Bluetooth connection.

Benefits of Hosted Phone Systems

Implementing a hosted phone system provides multiple benefits for business users:

1.     Mobility

By utilizing the internet for phone communications, users can make or answer calls anywhere there is an internet connection. This is especially relevant for today’s mobile workforce, with employees spending more time on the road, at customer sites, or working from home.

With a hosted phone system, incoming calls can be customized to ring at multiple locations at the same time – office, cell phone, home, etc. This can be a significant benefit for sales teams, support personnel, or medical professionals. Lack of missed calls equates to better service and potentially increased sales.

2.     Wireless Connectivity

Wireless connectivity is not only important for mobile teams. Even within a traditional office environment, transitioning to wireless technology means workers can receive calls anywhere in the facility including breakrooms, conference rooms, and even when in transit between locations. Access to calls from anywhere is extremely valuable for support personnel, medical professionals, and managers.

3.     Flexibility and Scalability

Hosted phone systems can be customized to meet the special needs of any business. Combinations of VOIP phones, mobile phones, voice and data communications, handsets, and wired and wireless configurations can be tailored to business requirements.

Regardless of how the system is tailored for a business, employees are connected through the hosted system regardless of where in the building – or the world – they may be.

Users can be added or removed easily as business needs change. Scalability requires no changes or upgrades in equipment.

Phone numbers can also be modified dynamically so that if contact numbers change, new information can be changed immediately to provide accurate call routing.

4.     Cost

Hosted phone solutions are a cost-effective alternative to traditional dedicated phone systems. Installing an internal PBX phone system can be costly both from the initial purchase and ongoing maintenance expenses. With a hosted solution, the vendor provides communication functionality and maintenance of the system.

Rather than an expensive capital investment for traditional telephone service, businesses implementing a hosted solution have a stable and predictable monthly cost that is typically an operating expense.

5.     Reliability

Phone service is no longer reliant on carrier services – often involving multiple carriers to complete calls. Hosted phone systems are as reliable as any internet connection – anywhere in the world just like this mobile phone plans in Australia.

6.     Support

Hosted phone system vendors provide support for users 24×7, including maintenance, upgrades, training, and implementation.

7.     Features

Hosted phone systems offer businesses enhanced features that may not be available with other systems:

  • Call forwarding
  • Multiple destination ringing
  • Call recording
  • Conference calling

8.     Ease of Implementation

VOIP is a stable and reliable technology that can be implemented quickly and without the installation of equipment required by traditional PBX systems. Minimal training is required for end-users, assuring productive use of the system in a short timeframe.

Hosted phone systems also have no space or electrical requirements, which can be an added advantage where space is at a premium.

Implementing a Hosted Phone System

Getting started with a hosted phone system is simple. Smile Business Products Inc. (Smile BPI) offers a sophisticated Crexendo phone system with all the technology and features that provide businesses with powerful features and reliability at an affordable cost.

Crexendo will help your business realize all the benefits of VOIP communications with advanced features customizable to your needs.

Smile BPI communications professionals can provide additional information to get you started. Contact us today.