Sharp is well-known for leading the way in paper economy and consumable efficiency. However, many offices and institutions are looking for an even greater focus on preventable paper waste, user accountability and enhanced tracking.

Deploying a fleet of highly efficient printers and multifunction devices is just the first step when it comes to truly reducing office waste. To truly make a difference, executives and directors need to commit time and effort into reducing overall print usage and establishing systems of accountability.

When it comes to print tracker software, there is no name more respected than PaperCut. The company’s output management and user tracking software has proven itself invaluable time and time again.

However, office managers are right to question whether PaperCut will truly deliver results with their existing equipment. Will PaperCut MF provide the kinds of results it promises even with a print fleet full of hyper-efficient Sharp imaging devices? Are they even compatible with one another? This is exactly the question that Smile’s imaging experts answer on a regular basis.

Are Sharp Imaging Devices Compatible with PaperCut?

There is nothing worse than going through the time-consuming acquisition process only to end up with software and hardware that are incompatible with one another. It’s a mistake that has cost office managers their jobs in the past – executives expect their teams to perform due diligence.

Fortunately, when it comes to integrating PaperCut with Sharp printers and multifunction devices, the answer is simple: Yes, they are compatible with one another. There is no need to worry about whether your Sharp equipment will play nicely with PaperCut MF.

In fact, the latest PaperCut release incorporates advanced functions with eligible Sharp multifunction devices. For instance, office managers can incorporate their Sharp device’s stapling unit into the PaperCut Global Print Driver.

The PaperCut is continually working towards new finishing option compatibilities for its software and Sharp devices. As the company releases more drivers and integrated systems, Sharp users will enjoy automatic increases to their cost-efficiency and tracking capabilities. Simply check the PaperCut Knowledgebase to find out what the latest developments are at any time.

Why Choose PaperCut MF?

PaperCut does something that no multifunction printer on the market can do by itself. PaperCut Software establishes a sophisticated rule-based print environment for individual users and places control over that environment squarely in the hands of print administrators.

The management powers that PaperCut confers on administrators are extremely valuable. With PaperCut, system administrators can enjoy immediate real-time visibility into print processes at the individual user level and set or restrict user access based on that data.

This means that with PaperCut, an office manager could restrict print usage for a particular employee who has been abusing print resources wastefully. This happens at the software level, with no need to issue a reprimand or to confront the employee at all – the system simply produces an error message explaining that the monthly print quota has been exceeded.

Alternatively, office managers can use PaperCut to issue format and file-specific rules for office printing. For example, an office manager may wish to reduce color printing for internal documents without affecting color printing processes for external documents. With PaperCut, external documents could enjoy a special exception to an otherwise strict no-color rule, based on document format, origin, or content.

The benefits of PaperCut MF go beyond the cost-saving advantages that accountability provides. They extend to visibility and transparency at the executive level. They ensure that corporate stakeholders know what’s happening with the company’s print processes at any given time. This is one reason why PaperCut is popular among academic institutions.

Making the Most of PaperCut

To make the most of PaperCut, implementation and training are necessary. Not only does the office print manager need to become a qualified PaperCut expert, but individual users need to be aware of the new rules of accountability concerning print usage.

PaperCut training is easy to administer with the help of a reputable vendor. Our team of technicians is happy to take on the task of implementing PaperCut throughout the entire office and instructing the appropriate employees in its proper use.

With PaperCut training and Sharp printer support offered in a single service, office managers can entrust the entirety of their print accountability framework to our team. With these tools and services at their disposal, print managers can enjoy the peace of mind that complete accountability and visibility offer.

Have Smile Perform Your PaperCut Integration

Entrust your print processes to Smile to earn the qualified expertise of some of the industry’s finest minds. Our imaging professionals can help your office capitalize on its Sharp imaging equipment using PaperCut MF’s sophisticated print tracking technology.

You could start tracking print usage at the level of individual users starting today. Talk to a Smile imaging expert to find out how.