Office hardware services are a fantastic way to save money and enhance both efficiency and productivity in business today. Firms that do not utilize these services can end up lagging behind competitors or over spending. Here’s what managers should look for in a office hardware service and how they should go about choosing the best fit for their business.

What Is a Managed Network?

Managed networks are outsourced networks which are built, operated, secured, and managed by third-party service providers. It provides some or all of the required network solutions. Cloud services deliver managed networks or installed by the service provider.

These networks provide hardware resources like servers, routers, and switches, along with operating systems and firewall software to secure the data stored in it. The service provider maintains the entire system. Other services that may include managed LAN managed WAN, managed gateway, managed wireless networks, and automated network support services.

What Are Print Hardware Services?

Another thing to look into are managed printing services which handle the maintenance of office printers and copiers. Printing hardware requires traditional maintenance with occasional repairs. The key is to find the provider with the knoweledgeable and reliable technicians that can sevrice the machines with ease and avoid downtown to customers.

Choosing an Office Hardware Service Provider

Choosing the right service provider for a company can be tricky. The first thing companies will have to do, is to find providers in their area. Not all service providers are available in every area. However, some will have very large service areas, such as Smile. It’s important to compare plans and pricing, including extra fees such as set up, delivery and installation. It doesn’t matter whether it’s managed network services or traditional copier/printer mainteance, it’s imperative that plans and pricing are reviewed in full to make sure both parties are satisfied with the terms. 

If a company wants to switch service providers, they should check if there will be any extra fees, costs, or complications with their contracts. There may be fees from the existing provider for ending the contract early.

Finding the Right Tech for the Job

Providers needs to choose the right technician for the job. Depending on the complexity of job, a certified engineer may be needed. Ask questions about who is assigned to the job, or install, and make sure the particular engineer or technician is on site. Many times promises are made but then when it comes time for installation, the promised engineer to technician gets pulled for another job.

Look for Certified Service Providers

Certification is one of the absolute musts on the checklist when shopping for a office hardware or network service provider. Service providers that are certified stand above competitors and customers can rest assured in knowing that they are partnering with masters in the field. Being certified is a major benchmark for quality among service companies and ensures a high level of professionalism and expertise.

What Certifications are Available for Service Providers?

Depending on the level of support a provider offers, ISO 27001 is the largest certification needed for service providers. Other certifications are HIPPA-HITECH for the medical field and SSAE-18 SCO1 Type 2.printing services. Also look for technicians with a CompTIA certificate as a minimum.

Service Checklist When Planning Future Scope of Work

Managers should keep a checklist when looking into office hardware maintenance services. Among other things, this checklist should encompass the future scope of work the company plans to take on. Knowing the scope of future work will help determine how many features and extra services the firm will require. Knowing what services won’t be needed can save a lot of money.

Choose a Sharp Platinum Level Service Provider

Sharp Platinum Level service providers are dealers who have shown excellent customer service and support. Customers receive professional, and reliable service for their high performing multifunction copiers. Being a Sharp Platinum Level Service Provider is the highest honor and reserved for the best service providers in Sharp’s industry. Smile has been a Sharp Platinum Level Service Provider for the past 5 years.

Partner with a Service Provider You Can Trust, Partner with Smile

Get in touch with Smile and start enjoying the worry-free benefits of a managed service today. Trust is one of the biggest factors of all when deciding on a hardware service provider, especially when planning to engage in a long-term business relationship. No one wants to waste money and get trapped in a sticky contract with a business that can’t deliver. This wastes time and money, and in today’s market firms can’t afford to lose either one. Smile is associated with Sharp, a trusted industry leader, and as a service provider they offer some of the best features for the price.              

Get in touch with Smile and start enjoying the worry-free benefits of a managed service today.