Why Choose Sharp Professional Displays?

Want to make a strong statement that incites and inspires engagement? A well-placed digital display will do the trick. Sharp is helping organizations change the way they think about visual communications by developing an extensive line of interactive and professional displays. From retail environments to the boardroom, Smile is thrilled to help companies develop a visual communication strategy which wows clients and collaborators alike.

Ever wonder why a picture is worth a thousand words? It’s because the brain can process images in as little as 13 milliseconds. Take full advantage of that with a Sharp professional display.

Make a Modern Impression with the Right Display

If there’s one thing that makes an impactful impression, it’s the blueprints of a company’s next big idea revealed on a 70-inch LCD in crystalline definition and stunning colors. Sharp’s line of professional displays is built to impress and excite. Their thoughtful deployment:

Takes Advantage of Their Versatility

Sophisticated technology doesn’t need to be difficult to use and with Sharp, it isn’t. Whether a company takes advantage of white-glove installation services or has its own specialists handle setup, professional displays are as easy to use as they are versatile. Digitally illustrate ideas in the boardroom. Make a statement in a retail location or use them in another innovative way in some other unexpected context.

Amplifies Marketing Efforts with Stunning Aesthetics

When it comes to advertising, companies need to be bold, innovating and aesthetically dazzling. Attract the attention of potential customers with a dynamic, eye-catching visual – Sharp professional displays are built for it. Taking advantage of technology such as 4K and ultra hi-definition resolution, it’s now possible to render visuals in breathtaking colors and ultra-realism. When looking for marketing options, you should consider the intelligent campaigns at

Creates a New Way to Communicate

A pad of paper on an easel is boring, lifeless, and unlikely to encourage engagement. In contrast, LCD screens open the door for many new and innovative ways to communicate with customers, clients, and colleagues. Sharp professional displays introduce a dynamic element into a form of communication which was once considered static.

Improves Customer Experience

People want information – fast. With a professional digital display, conveying the necessary information is as easy as pressing a button. Likewise, digital signage presents an opportunity to pack more information into a smaller space, making such technology pack an extra punch when it comes to conveying important information quickly.

The Next Generation of Professional Displays by Sharp

Sharp isn’t just committed to encouraging every company to embrace digital signage. They’re leading the pack with technological innovation which delivers greater levels of sophistication than anything that’s ever been seen. At the top of the line, professional displays boast unparalleled aesthetics which go beyond realistic or breathtaking. Need to make a strong statement? Consider a device which has:

8K Resolution

Thought 4k was intense? 8k resolution is four times more realistic. That’s right – Sharp’s latest professional display can recreate images up to 8,000 pixels wide across its 70-inch screen. To put that level of resolution into perspective, that’s about three times the level of clarity created by the most high-end consumer digital cameras. Professional displays, such as Sharp’s 8M-B70AU combines 4K Ultra-HD technology with proprietary processing technology to upscale images to that level of resolution.

Next-Generation Color Expression & Mapping

In 2019, the latest in color expression technology has left the traditional 256 color palette far behind. With Sharp’s professional displays, viewers can enjoy the subtleties and depth created from 1.07 billion supported colors – far more colors than the human eye can see. The result? Perfectly faithful mapping of colors from media to display. There’s no more approximation or slightly tinged shades. Images will display exactly as they were captured.

Smile Helps Bring Visual Communication to Life

Communication is what makes ideas flow. Facilitate their transmission with technology built to impress. Smile is thrilled to be a dealer in Sharp’s professional displays and interactive whiteboards. As an industry leader in visual communication, Sharp is paving the way for a revolution in the way businesses think about visual communication with its next-level displays and monitors. Organizations of every shape and size can take advantage of this technology to inspire greater heights of engagement, innovation, and productivity.

The team at Smile is pleased to demonstrate their knowledge of Sharp’s line of professional displays. As an Authorized Sharp Dealer, we’re ready to help you discover the best fit for your organization. Contact us today to learn more.