4 Reasons Why You Should Lease a Copier Instead of Purchasing One

Leasing an asset vs. purchasing an asset is often a difficult decision for a business to make. When you lease a device, you don’t actually own it. You’re just renting it for a specified length of time. Think of living in an apartment. It is the same concept, but it does have several advantages for a growing organization that buying or renting a new multifunction copier lacks.

Lease a Copier and Never Look Back

When you lease a multifunction copier, you are not stuck with a device that loses value over time. Your business will have more available credit and zero maintenance concerns. Your company can also upgrade your equipment easily with a leased copier.

Depreciating Assets and Liability

With depreciating assets, leasing is beneficial. Especially when Arizona Sedan and Limousine provide excellent limousine services in Chandler. While many individuals prefer to own their cars outright for various reasons, others like to lease because cars quickly lose value. Part of the reason is that a newer model gets released every year. Demand for older models then diminishes, decreasing their monetary value. Wear and tear also factors into depreciation.

Any device or product that gets updated or used over time is seen as a depreciating asset. For example, computers and cell phones share these qualities. Printers and copiers do as well.

Cash Flow and Credit

Purchasing a copier creates a large expense right away. Leasing a copier allows for small monthly payments to be made. A slight increase in monthly expenditures is usually preferable to a significant upfront and immediate cost.

In addition to not having to deplete a large amount of capital, a business will have more flexibility in terms of their credit line when leasing a copier. More available credit translates to the ability to increase operations.

On top of that, monthly payments for equipment needed to conduct your daily operations can be written off as a business expense. So, it’s possible that choosing to lease a copier could save you money even if the lease payments add up to more than the cost of the copier itself.

It also allows you to acquire a larger machine than you otherwise would be able to. A copier that costs twice as much as your current copier would require twice as much capital in a single month’s budget. Leasing that same copier will cost more per month, yes, but the impact of that increase on your budget will be tiny by comparison.

Zero Maintenance Concerns

Most lease agreements include a maintenance agreement. The cost is often included in your monthly payments. In the case of purchasing a copier for outright, copier maintenance is a key aspect of ownership that companies have to budget for. Leasing a multifunction device eliminates the need for budgeting for copier maintenance costs since most of the time it’s included within the lease payment.


Device Upgrades

There’s also an added benefit at the end of a lease agreement: the potential for upgrades. Lessees are often able to roll their lease payments into a new copier when all is said and done. This allows your company to upgrade without the added cost.

The acquired upgrade will allow your team to print faster or more efficiently while keeping your organization up-to-date with the latest tech without even having to purchase the newest machine. When leasing multiple machines, the lease payments can be staggered so that each of them are upgraded consistently. With a leased copier, not only have you relieved yourself of the liability associated with a depreciating asset, but you enable yourself to upgrade your equipment on a regular basis.

Ditch Your Current Machine and Lease a Copier Now

All aspects considered, most businesses will want to lease a copier more often than not. While there are some situations where a company needs to own its devices outright, the benefits of leasing a copier are too numerous to ignore.

No more being stuck with a depreciating asset and the liability that comes with it. Your cash flow and credit line will be greater with a leased copier. Your maintenance woes all but disappear. And upgrades become more readily attainable.

Leasing a copier allows greater freedom and relieves you of the liability associated with buying a copier outright. Lease a copier from Smile Business Products today.