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Etiquette Tips to Make your Meeting More Enjoyable

For the last eight months, all we hear about is Zoom Zoom Zoom. The world has transformed from in-person to virtual meetings. We’ve all had to adapt yet some people still inadvertently distract others’, so a little etiquette reminder is in order when attending an online meeting or webinar.  Whether you’re the presenter or the attendee, it’s all about a positive experience for all participants.

To make a meeting and webinar more enjoyable, here are some suggestions:

What type of event are you attending?

Know what type of event you are attending. Are you attending a meeting or a webinar? A meeting is designed for more of collaborative event to share ideas, review projects, weekly updates, screen sharing and more.  Webinars are designed for a host to share a video, audio and screen with view-only attendees. Attendees have the ability to interact via chat, polling questions and a Question & Answer platform.

If the meeting is not virtual and you need to organize the meeting make sure that you get the help from event planning services in DC they will help you to succeed in the event.

Make Sure You’re Secure

If you are the presenter, make sure you manage your screen sharing abilities on a per meeting basis.  Usually, only the hosts and co-host have the ability to share their screens, but it’s still important for the host to enable the security icon on the meeting toolbar and make sure the latest version is being used. With all the heightened security due to online events, many of the meeting tools such as Zoom, Teams, Go-To-Meeting, etc. have numerous updates. By using a secure automated user management software provided by a cloud-based platform like Tools4Ever, an organization can make provisioning rapid, and secure, and can streamline their business. It’s just as important to make your meeting private. With so many social outlets, ensuring a password will eliminate unwanted people engaging with inappropriate sharing or zoombombing!


Etiquette Tips

In preparation for the event, here are some etiquette tips to consider:

  • Please mute your microphone if it’s not already auto muted. Background noise is such an annoyance for the presenter and attendees. Here are a few common background noises: a barking dog, a crying baby, children talking to their parents, shuffling papers, car alarm, Amazon or UPS at the door, coworkers talking amongst each other, lawnmower, and construction. Can you add to this list?
  • If possible, make sure you have a natural light source in front of you. Everyone looks best in natural light, if necessary, add a lamp for more light.
  • Frame yourself on your screen and be front and center and engaged.
  • Elevate your laptop so you are looking into the camera head-on and at eye level. Try not to look up at the camera.
  • Make sure you look presentable and professional from the waist up! Unless you’re a promoter for AC/DC, probably not a good idea to wear a concert t-shirt, know your audience!
  • Limit your distractions by turning off your phone notifications, close any apps, or merely mute your phone.
  • Although your children and pets are adorable, it might be best to refrain from having them sit on your lap or hold them during the meeting.
  • Avoid snacking while attending a meeting.
  • Be prepared!


Be Prepared

Sharp’s Window Collaboration Display (WCD) is a simple solution to an event. Whether you’re an attendee or the presenter, it’s as straightforward as plugging in your laptop! Be on time and be prepared; technology can be challenging although with the WCD, Sharp makes it so easy.  With a built-in microphone, high quality camera and IoT sensor hub with Azure, the WCD it works seamlessly. As a certified Microsoft partner, using Office 365 and Teams is the best solution. If using other platforms such as Zoom, Go-To-Meeting, etc., no problem, a simple configuration will allow for ease of use.


Everyone has their own meeting pet peeves. Think about your last few meetings and the distraction that everyone encountered.  As world adapts to the new normal with more virtual meetings, let’s try and Zoom through our meetings with better etiquette, less distractions and consideration for others.


To learn more about the Sharp Windows Collaboration Display, contact Smile today!  We can easily provide a virtual demo to show you how the WCD can become a powerful tool within your company.


*The Windows Collaboration Display has already won an award for Best New Collaboration Board in the 2019 Best of ISE Awards, and for 2019 Top New Technology Award for displays*