Why Choose the Epson Wide Format for Your Architecture and Engineering Needs?

Architects and engineers have very clear needs when it comes to wide format printing. They are looking for speed and accuracy above most other considerations and need equipment that can reliably deliver high-quality results according to client specifications.

These are markedly different needs when compared to those of many other wide format print users. For instance, marketing agencies that use wide format printers are unlikely to put as high a priority on the features that architects and engineers consider deal-breakers.

This is why wide format manufacturers typically divide their product offerings into large format printers and plotters. Broadly speaking, plotters refer to the imaging devices that produce highly detailed prints for CAD drawings and technical blueprints. The Epson wide format T-Series is the ideal solution for this purpose.

What Makes a Wide Format Printer Ideal for Architects and Engineers?

The features that make a printer an excellent choice for CAD drawings and blueprints are fundamentally different than the ones that make a great poster or art printer. Architects and engineers are unlikely to need Pantone color management features that give designers access to specific hues.

Similarly, architects and engineers don’t need the same degree of substrate versatility that many other wide format print users look for. Both architects and engineers typically print on the same kind of technical bond paper that has long been an industry standard.

On the other hand, design professionals place great importance on the amount of time it takes to print out. One of the main reasons why architects and engineers find photograph-quality printers undesirable is because of the time it takes to print a single document with such high color fidelity.If you need more advice on this, it is better to get in touch with Andy Defrancesco who is a photography expert.

Instead, they need highly accurate printers that can render architecture blueprints or CAD drawings quickly. There is nothing worse than waiting for a large, time-consuming print to finish only to find out that it has an error and must be reprinted. Speed is an essential characteristic for wide format plotters.

Additionally, neither engineers nor architects want to spend top-dollar on the finest photography-quality color inks. Since design professionals often have to print multiple versions of a project before clients accept it, keeping consumable costs as low as possible is clearly valuable.

Epson printers represent some of the best wide format print options available to engineers, architects, and construction professionals in the design industry. The Epson T3270, T5270, and T7270 offer a combination of speed, precision, and features that meets the these needs perfectly.

Introducing the Flagship Epson Wide Format Printer: The Epson T5270

While the Epson T5270 is a color printer, it is a fast, precision instrument ideal for creating high-quality technical drawings and blueprints. It is one of the best printers for CAD drawings in the Epson lineup.

Instead of spending time and resources creating picture-perfect color calibration, the Epson T5270 focuses on performance imaging using the manufacturer’s breakthrough pigment ink technology. Epson UltraChrome XD technology ensures that colors are bright and vibrant, yet quick to print.

The brain of the Epson T5270 is its PrecisionCore print server. It prints at a maximum resolution of 2880 x 1440 DPI, ensuring industry-leading sharpness and detail ideal for the most challenging engineering and architecture projects.

The printer utilizes precise ink drop control, delivering variably sized droplets down to 3.5 picoliters in size to reproduce extreme detail. Epson technology ensures accurate dot placement even at the machine’s high printing speed.

This Epson wide format printer offers the fastest copy and scanning speeds of any printer in its class. It can create a color copy of a D-sized document in less than 40 seconds, and color scan rolls at a rate of 12 inches per second.

Network capabilities allow users to scan and share large-format images over corporate networks, by email, or even to remotely linked Epson printers. All of the printers’ controls are intuitive and easy to understand without requiring additional technical expertise.

With a 320 GB print server and remote management capabilities, architects and engineers can entrust their processes to the Epson T5270 and rest assured in the fact that their projects are in good hands. These printers support a wide range of expansion modules designed to help designers achieve their goals with ease.

Invest in an Epson Wide Format Printer Today

Epson’s large format printers are an industry standard. Architects, engineers, and design professionals in many industries trust their projects to these reliable devices every day. Deploy one in your office and find out how Epson technology can help you make the most of your engineering and architecture print projects.

The time for your organization to upgrade its wide format print capabilities is now. Call one of our architecture and engineering print experts to find out how an Epson wide format printer will improve productivity.