What Are Managed Communication Services and Why Should You Implement Them?

Managed communication services can be an advantageous option for firms looking to save money. Communication systems can be optimized by managed service providers and bring in tremendous value at a comparatively low cost. The value from these services, which encompass phone systems featuring VoIP, makes it a sound investment for firms of all sizes.

Managed Communication Services and How They Benefit Businesses

Managed communication services, or MCS, furnish essential communication technology services through a managed service provider. Many savvy businesses use managed communication services to outsource the technical end of their communications operations; phone systems. This is an important trend to follow as the practice of outsourcing communications management becomes more common.

Why managed services? A managed service provider can save firms two of their favorite things, time and money. While these savings are great in their own right, managed communication services have much more to offer. Here is what firms need to know about managed communication services and why they should incorporate them into their business.

Lower Costs Than Handling Communication Services In-House

Management should take a hard look at their budgets and isolate the most expensive and challenging operations. Outsourcing IT and communication operations to a managed communication service provider is one of the savviest decisions a business can make.

Firms that perform their own communication services in-house incur larger expenses. Paying for the salaries and benefits of full-time staff takes away from the bottom line. The installation, maintenance, and support that office communication equipment requires can be expensive to handle independently. This money can be put to better use elsewhere when a managed service provider is handling their communication technology.

Managed Communication Services and the Freedom of Mobility

Out of all the benefits of having a managed service provider to handle a firm’s communication technology, mobility is the most advantageous. A managed service provider will setup a robust communication system that will keep information flowing far beyond the office.

Offices can be outfitted with a phone system that can reach remote offices, and with Smile’s offerings, incoming calls to the offices can be routed to multiple phones, including office, home, and mobile phones. This makes sure that important phone calls won’t be missed when away from the office. Communication is key in today’s market and missing a phone call can break a deal or lose a sale. Don’t let that happen. Firms with robust communication systems installed and maintained through a managed service provider like Smile enjoy greater productivity and lower costs.

The Beauty of Managed Wireless Communications and VoIP  

A skilled managed service provider turns the office into a Wi-Fi hotspot. This can be a tremendous advantage and help streamline office-wide communication via wireless handsets. These handsets provide a secure and trusted form of communication that allows employees to communicate irrespective of their location in the building. This is made possible by Smile’s facilitation of wireless access points.

VoIP is another key advantage of having a managed communication service provider. This technology allows users to make calls over the internet. This great feature can be installed using an office’s pre-existing cabling infrastructure and eliminates the headaches of traditional telephone wiring, including the cost! With VoIP, employees can communicate with USB headsets or the handsets discussed previously.

Managed Service Providers and Consulting Support Are Always There

Firms that procure their MCS from a reputable company like Smile also receive extensive consulting support. Smile sustains system quality and keeps all communication components running smoothly and well maintained. Their clients enjoy the comfort of having a team standing by to handle any technical problems that may come up.

When a firm has a reliable managed communication service provider, they get a full communications system. A communication system is far superior to having disjointed phones and communication components that are not strategically integrated into the office environment. This is much more than a phone system. Communication systems combine the use of digital phones and VoIP phones, and wireless handsets. With Smile, these systems come as customizable packages, giving businesses the freedom to develop the perfect communication system for their needs.

Finding the Right Managed Communication Service Provider

The right managed service provider to handle a firm’s communications can make all the difference in terms of the value of the service. Smile’s services for instance, are some of the most valuable on the market. Not all managed service providers are equal in quality, and many have limited their managed communication services because of the rigor and organization required to provide them. Smile has mastered the art and can bring businesses the finest in communication technology at an enticing price point.

Save time and money when you call Smile Business Products. They have communication solutions for the modern business environment that help firms stay competitive and efficient through superior communications management. 

What Exciting New Things Can You Do with an Interactive Whiteboard?

Interactive whiteboards are gaining attention and making presentations easier and more efficient. This exciting new technology is having an impact on schools and offices as it makes conducting presentations a breeze. With superior features and elegant design, interactive whiteboards take the stress out of making presentations in both school and office environments.

Meet the Future of Presentation Technology: The Sharp PN-L705H AQUOS BOARD, the Finest 4K in Interactive Whiteboard Technology

One of the most exciting interactive whiteboard on the market, the Sharp PN-L705H ( 70 inch) 4K AQUOS BOARD, providing stunning 4K Ultra-HD resolution that reproduces your content accurately with incredibly precise rendering of color and detail.  Sharp’s original capacitive touch technology give the PN-L705H display highly sensitive touchscreen options allowing ultra-precise multiple touch inputs to be detected. No more unintended inputs errors. Users can operate and write on the screen as intended with touch pens or fingers, and gain maximum benefit from it’s superb performance.  Additionally, the PN-L705H recognizes 30 touch points, allowing up to four people to use a touch pen or finger simultaneously to add their creative input whether its a brainstorming session, meetings or lessons.

To minimize glare and fingerprints, all Sharp’s Interactive Whiteboard display’s have an anti-glare film that works to reduce glare and reflections, plus minimize fingerprints soiling.

Features That Make Sharp’s Interactive Whiteboards Stand Above the Rest

The features of Sharp 4K AQUOS Interactive Whiteboard allow users to do more with presentations. Unfettered by the limitations of older presentation technology, Sharp has developed Interactive Whiteboards that revolutionizes the way businesses collaborate. With cloud plug-in applications such as Google Drive and SharePoint, and an USB port accessible on the front tray, makes sharing videos, documents and files easy!  Depending on the type of business, school or government entity, Sharp has the size and configuration to meet those needs. Make sure you watch the video link above.

Plan for Growth with Interactive Whiteboards

These revolutionary presentation tools are a welcome sight for schools and offices, and use of these products are expected to grow exponentially over the next 10 years. By buying interactive whiteboards for presentation activities, firms can stay ahead of the curve and give themselves an edge with Sharp AQUOS Boards.

Remember, businesses are not the only institutions that can benefit from the use of Interactive Whiteboards. Sharp products, such as the Sharp PN-C605B ( 60 inch)  or PN-L705H AQUOS BOARD, has a wide range of potential uses in businesses, government offices, and education. Schools are becoming more sophisticated in terms of technology, and as schools are going high-tech the trend fuels growth in interactive whiteboards.

Exciting Uses for Interactive Whiteboards in Schools

Schools can benefit from using the award winning Sharp PN-C705B AQUOS BOARD Education Kit. The features offered with  the PN-C705B Education bundle includes everything educators need for a classroom, staff lounge, or athletic department. Let the whiteboard become the ultimate collaboration tool for students and staff. In addition, the display provides an open system architecture allowing for seamlessly integration with the schools software such as Blackboard, Promethean, Google Classroom, Splashtop and more.

Interactive whiteboards can also save schools additional expense in the long term by saving money on paper. Making copies of worksheets for each student is costly. Now schools can skirt the expense of making so many copies when they can display anything they need students to see on their interactive whiteboard.

There are even more whiteboard uses in education. Teachers can bring in other educators and connect with them remotely, even from different schools. This allows for a highly collaborative classroom. Additionally, teachers can use their interactive whiteboard to monitor, with additional software, which students are participating in group projects, taking the headache out of finding out which students truly participated.

Change How Business Presentations Are Conducted

Interactive whiteboards represent a remarkable advancement in presentation technology. These tools are changing how business presentations are performed. This new technology has a superior suite of features that leave traditional presentation technologies in the dust.

While businesses are using interactive whiteboards for presentations, others have been using these tools for employee training purposes. Many of the whiteboard uses for schools also apply to businesses such as the Sharp PN-C605B, PN-705B or  PN-L705H AQUOS BOARD – there are so many options to explore.

The Best Choice is Sharp

Do your school or business a favor and explore the features of the Sharp Interactive Whiteboards. Not only will the interactive whiteboard products offered by Sharp improve the flow and execution of your presentations, they will give you an edge over those relying on older presentation technology. Be the best by using the best, with Sharp. Think Big – Think Sharp!

Speak with a dealer who knows the product like the back of their hand. Smile Business Products has what you need to make your presentations stand above the rest.

A Managed Network Services Breakdown: What All Do They Include?

Network management services are a great way to save time and money as a business. Firms that take advantage of network management services stay competitive and free up more time for employees to perform more important work. These services can sound confusing, but they are anything but. In fact, they make business operations smoother, easier, and help keep the workplace more productive overall. Let’s give it to you straight, offices need network management services to stay competitive. So what are these great services?

Network Management Services: Outsourcing That Works

Network management services are essentially IT network services that are outsourced to firms that can manage these tasks with greater efficiency and at a lower cost than most in house operations allow. While outsourcing network operations, maintenance, and security, firms not only save money, they free up time to put vital staff members to better use. A workforce in a firm with Managed IT services, is a leaner, more concise and financially competitive workforce.

Why Managed Services?

In business today, the question isn’t why use managed services, but why not to use managed IT services in Charlotte NC. Communication technology is changing and having a managed service provider is a competitive edge. The advantage is found in enormous cost savings, greater operational efficiency, and more time for key staff such as IT personnel to do more important tasks.

What Is Included with Network Management Services?

In weighing the cost and determining whether the incorporation of network management services are necessary, the ROI makes these services highly recommendable. Featured services include security, system maintenance, instant helpdesk support, equipment management, and more.

Keeping Networks Safe with a Managed Network Service

One of the most essential features provided in a managed network are the powerful and reliable security services. Endpoint security is best left to a managed service and will save businesses the cost of hosting full-time cybersecurity staff. By shifting information security and data backups to a managed network service provider, firms save bundles of money while enjoying the protections of a secured network.

Endpoint security includes vital protections such as a robust firewall, strong Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware software, blacklist monitoring, and more. In today’s business environment, rife with cyber-attacks, data breaches, and ransomware threats, having a third-party management service to cover all the bases is essential.

In addition to data backups, network management services provide first class disaster recovery features that can save businesses when all else fails. Disaster recovery options are essential for businesses today. Ransomware attacks and other malware are capable of leveling a firm’s data overnight. Don’t get caught without proper protections and methods of recourse.

Network Management Services Save Money and Provide Superior System Maintenance

Another reason why network management services are so advisable to retain and so important to communication technology, is the savings on cost and maintenance. Network maintenance is a vital function in sustaining a smooth and well performing system. Retaining a team of full-time IT staff to perform network system maintenance is expensive. This practice is a great deal more expensive in the long run than simply outsourcing network services to a network management services provider. Additionally, maintenance performed by network management services are proactive and quell problems before they start with automated monitoring and equipment management.

Furthermore, network management services allow firm executives to control IT operating costs. This is a powerful advantage that many managers will readily relish. With the ability to rein in and structure the costs generated by the IT department, concerning networks specifically, gives businesses an enviable edge. The practice of relying on network management services reduces IT departmental budgets, and makes costs more predictable. Cost predictability is a highly coveted capability in a market where every dollar counts.

Network Management Services and Mobile Solutions

Another unique feature provided by network management services are their mobile solutions. These are often closely related to security features as companies can track their employee’s mobile devices when carrying sensitive data.

In addition to security features, under a network management services using mobile device application management, firms can initiate and manage secure enterprise apps. Finally, mobile connections to network resources are also managed and kept secure.

Make the Decision: Find the Right Network Management Services and Partner Up

Don’t fall behind the competition. Keep your firm’s network running smooth at a lower cost and save time on menial network tasks with a managed service provider. In today’s world it can be risky to do business with so much vital information passing through networks, however with a managed service provider, firms can continue their work worry free. The benefits in cost savings, time, and manpower make it a smart choice for firms to retain a reliable managed network service provider.

Make the right call, literally.  Get hold of us and see why managed services are the way to go. Smile Business Products is the managed service provider of choice in a competitive market.

ENX, the respected imaging industry publication, recognizes Smile as one of its 2018 Elite Dealers. The publication selected 132 imaging dealers from throughout the United States and awarded them with its prestigious Elite Dealer title. Elite Dealers represent the very best brands in the print dealer industry – service vendors that the rest of the industry looks up to.

ENX selects its Elite Dealers based on a variety of criteria, looking for the intersection of qualities that generates best-in-industry value for customers who rely on print dealers for their expertise and professionalism. According to ENX, independent print dealers are an important part of the overall success of the imaging industry.

Smile Business Products has earned the distinction of becoming an ENX Elite Dealer thanks to its focus on customer satisfaction, expert technical support, and commitment to innovation in a crowded market. Smile and Sharp Electronics have held the contract with the State of California for more than a decade.

What Makes an ENX Elite Dealer?

The publication examines multiple criteria when choosing its ENX Elite Dealers for the year. There is no one quality that stands out from the rest. Instead, ENX editors look for the greatest value generators in the marketplace and select the print dealers that best represent those elements. Some of these criteria include:

  • Growth. Elite Dealers are growth-oriented companies whose approach to developing new lines of business have improved the state of the imaging industry at large. ENX awards the elite dealers whose growth initiatives do more than simply take a bigger piece of the pie for themselves – ENX recognizes companies that make the pie bigger for everyone.
  • Innovation in Marketing. ENX Elite Dealers bring new customers into the imaging industry fold. One of the things that sets Smile apart from many other dealers is that we use what we sell. Instead of telling customers that we’re a DocuWare dealer, we bring them into our offices and show them how we use DocuWare.
  • Innovative Strategies. Another aspect of Smile’s innovation is in its mobile showroom. We have a bus filled with office equipment that we invite customers into. We ask them to physically break something in the bus and then call our network operations center. Then the customer watches as we remotely take over the device, fix it, and show them how long it took.
  • Inventive Service Offerings. Smile’s service offerings include Smart Office technology in partnership with Sharp and Amazon. We are constantly looking towards the future, striving to develop workflow solutions that help customers perform work faster and more efficiently than ever before.
  • Customer Satisfaction. ENX Elite Dealers have to exceed customer expectations and solve customer issues that other print dealers don’t touch. Smile applies sophisticated technology to customer-specific problems – like using Amazon Alexa to make an entire office run through a single voice-activated interface.
  • Vendor Acknowledgements. ENX magazine pays close attention to the way manufacturers treat print dealers. They are looking for imaging dealers that improve the reputation of copier dealer associations while providing customers with best-in-class technology solutions.

Smile has been a Sharp dealer for over two decades. CEO Joe Reeves has been on Sharp’s Dealer Council for 17 years and was instrumental in promoting a product development subcommittee that led to Sharp developing the first iPad displays. Smile’s relationship with Sharp is stronger than most manufacturer-dealer relationships.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility. Elite Dealers are not just great places to work for their employees, they are upstanding corporate citizens that give back to their communities in a variety of ways. Corporate sponsorship, charity events, and volunteering serve to define the dealer’s role in the community.
  • Excellent Employee Relationships. Recruiting and retaining employees is a challenge in the tech industry. It’s especially challenging when it comes to cybersecurity. Imaging dealers that successfully retain top performers are a rarity in this industry, and Smile works hard to ensure that its employees are well-compensated – even going so far as to offer lucrative annuities on maintenance agreements.

To ensure that you are choosing the perfect talent for your company you can hire one of the Utah recruiting firms so they can look for someone with the necessary skills.

About ENX Magazine

ENX Magazine is the premier source for imaging technology news. Imaging dealers, manufacturers, and customers rely on it for the latest news in the print industry. ENX covers managed print services, upcoming technologies, and global news that affects the print industry as a whole.

ENX is one of the industry’s most reputable sources of imaging information. This is why it’s a particular honor for Smile to be named an ENX Elite Dealer for 2018. Smile remains committed to helping its customers use the most sophisticated technology available to solve business challenges and streamline office workflows.

Your organization can benefit from state-of-the-art imaging equipment and expertise. Speak with one of our expert consultants and find out how Smile can help you.

Why Choose the Epson Wide Format for Your Architecture and Engineering Needs?

Architects and engineers have very clear needs when it comes to wide format printing. They are looking for speed and accuracy above most other considerations and need equipment that can reliably deliver high-quality results according to client specifications.

These are markedly different needs when compared to those of many other wide format print users. For instance, marketing agencies that use wide format printers are unlikely to put as high a priority on the features that architects and engineers consider deal-breakers.

This is why wide format manufacturers typically divide their product offerings into large format printers and plotters. Broadly speaking, plotters refer to the imaging devices that produce highly detailed prints for CAD drawings and technical blueprints. The Epson wide format T-Series is the ideal solution for this purpose.

What Makes a Wide Format Printer Ideal for Architects and Engineers?

The features that make a printer an excellent choice for CAD drawings and blueprints are fundamentally different than the ones that make a great poster or art printer. Architects and engineers are unlikely to need Pantone color management features that give designers access to specific hues.

Similarly, architects and engineers don’t need the same degree of substrate versatility that many other wide format print users look for. Both architects and engineers typically print on the same kind of technical bond paper that has long been an industry standard.

On the other hand, design professionals place great importance on the amount of time it takes to print out. One of the main reasons why architects and engineers find photograph-quality printers undesirable is because of the time it takes to print a single document with such high color fidelity.If you need more advice on this, it is better to get in touch with Andy Defrancesco who is a photography expert.

Instead, they need highly accurate printers that can render architecture blueprints or CAD drawings quickly. There is nothing worse than waiting for a large, time-consuming print to finish only to find out that it has an error and must be reprinted. Speed is an essential characteristic for wide format plotters.

Additionally, neither engineers nor architects want to spend top-dollar on the finest photography-quality color inks. Since design professionals often have to print multiple versions of a project before clients accept it, keeping consumable costs as low as possible is clearly valuable.

Epson printers represent some of the best wide format print options available to engineers, architects, and construction professionals in the design industry. The Epson T3270, T5270, and T7270 offer a combination of speed, precision, and features that meets the these needs perfectly.

Introducing the Flagship Epson Wide Format Printer: The Epson T5270

While the Epson T5270 is a color printer, it is a fast, precision instrument ideal for creating high-quality technical drawings and blueprints. It is one of the best printers for CAD drawings in the Epson lineup.

Instead of spending time and resources creating picture-perfect color calibration, the Epson T5270 focuses on performance imaging using the manufacturer’s breakthrough pigment ink technology. Epson UltraChrome XD technology ensures that colors are bright and vibrant, yet quick to print.

The brain of the Epson T5270 is its PrecisionCore print server. It prints at a maximum resolution of 2880 x 1440 DPI, ensuring industry-leading sharpness and detail ideal for the most challenging engineering and architecture projects.

The printer utilizes precise ink drop control, delivering variably sized droplets down to 3.5 picoliters in size to reproduce extreme detail. Epson technology ensures accurate dot placement even at the machine’s high printing speed.

This Epson wide format printer offers the fastest copy and scanning speeds of any printer in its class. It can create a color copy of a D-sized document in less than 40 seconds, and color scan rolls at a rate of 12 inches per second.

Network capabilities allow users to scan and share large-format images over corporate networks, by email, or even to remotely linked Epson printers. All of the printers’ controls are intuitive and easy to understand without requiring additional technical expertise.

With a 320 GB print server and remote management capabilities, architects and engineers can entrust their processes to the Epson T5270 and rest assured in the fact that their projects are in good hands. These printers support a wide range of expansion modules designed to help designers achieve their goals with ease.

Invest in an Epson Wide Format Printer Today

Epson’s large format printers are an industry standard. Architects, engineers, and design professionals in many industries trust their projects to these reliable devices every day. Deploy one in your office and find out how Epson technology can help you make the most of your engineering and architecture print projects.

The time for your organization to upgrade its wide format print capabilities is now. Call one of our architecture and engineering print experts to find out how an Epson wide format printer will improve productivity.


Cybersecurity is a dynamic, constantly changing environment that demands agility from IT teams. Last year’s best practices can quickly devolve into dangerous risks, and industry leaders are always looking for the latest security trends to cover their vulnerabilities.

2018 was a year of security failures, privacy problems, and surreal headlines like the Japanese cybersecurity minister’s admission that he’s never used a computer. It was an election year that finally exposed the true extent of digital voting machines’ lack of security.

It was also the year that Europe implemented the strictest privacy protection law in the world thus far. Most experts agree that this is a move that the United States will soon parallel.

These are the events that will influence and inform that security landscape for 2019. Security professionals are responding to these events when considering the latest cybersecurity trends to follow.

Top Cybersecurity Trends for 2019

The industry’s most reputable security professionals have sifted through the headlines of 2018 to identify the most pressing security trends business owners and office managers should be aware of for the coming year. Pay attention to these trends in your IT security plans for the coming year:

1. Zero Trust Is Giving Way to Behavioral Biometrics

With all of the uncertainty in the air, it’s unsurprising that last year’s top cybersecurity professionals largely adopted a zero-trust model for handling network traffic. Zero trust offers excellent protection against insider threats and sophisticated cyberattacks by quarantining damage to specific devices.

But zero trust is difficult to implement in legacy networks and it often presents challenges to employee productivity. Imagine completing a complex two-factor authentication every time you want to send or receive an email.

Now, cybersecurity professionals are looking to behavioral biometrics to address these problems. These applications capture and analyze behavioral data to authenticate users.

For example, your accounting supervisor may be a left-handed speed typist who regularly clocks more than 80 words per minute. If behavioral biometrics determines a right-handed user leisurely typing away on that supervisor’s account, it will immediately flag and quarantine the profile. Mobile applications can measure the angle at which users hold their mobile devices and a great deal of similar user-unique data.

2. Stricter Compliance Regulations

It’s virtually guaranteed that a GDPR-like national data privacy standard will surface in the United States within the next five years. Prior to that development, IT security teams will see stricter data privacy regulations and increased activity towards enforcing those regulations.

IT teams will find stricter regulations particularly more noticeable with respect to data breach notification rules. It’s likely that the terms for notifying users of breaches will become shorter while the price of noncompliance rises dramatically.

3. Increased Interest in Cloud-Based Security

Cloud-based security vendors are already an important part of the cybersecurity marketplace. But there are plenty of corporate holdouts who insist on maintaining their own in-house security solutions.

Upcoming changes in data security regulation are likely to convince corporate holdouts to consider cloud-based security solutions that offer on-demand compliance. Increasingly complex regulation will put in-house security teams at a disadvantage compared to cloud-based security vendors that can offer accessible, scalable solutions at a fraction of the price.

4. Cybersecurity Will Become More Intelligence-Driven

Cybercriminals already rely on fast-moving, automated attacks that often synchronize with multiple attack vectors to confuse victims while probing work weaknesses. Cybersecurity professionals will have to develop intelligent solutions to respond proactively to these threats.

Intelligence and speed will become the most important aspects of the cybersecurity framework. Cybercriminals have access to the same machine learning technologies that cybersecurity teams have, so the need for artificially intelligent security solutions will increase.

In 2019, cybersecurity solutions will have to determine malware vs. virus signatures using automatic processes so that IT security teams have more time to respond to advanced threats. Malware protection will likewise have to become more streamlined than it is now.

5. The Cybersecurity Talent Gap May Widen

The cybersecurity talent gap is one of the main factors pushing businesses towards cloud-based security options, managed network services, and artificially intelligent automation. The fact is that there simply are not enough skilled cybersecurity professionals on the market to fill the number of positions open.

Cybercriminals know that there are not enough cybersecurity professionals to satisfy the industry’s needs. This is precisely why they disproportionately target small businesses.

Prepare Your Organization for Tomorrow’s Security Landscape

With the cybersecurity talent gap widening, managed network vendors are dedicating more resources than ever to fulfilling their security needs. At the same time, noncompliance is becoming an increasingly risky position to take, and organizations need to invest in state-of-the-art security technology like behavioral biometrics to keep their users safe.

Invest in your organization’s cybersecurity infrastructure so keep your data private and your processes compliant. Talk to a Smile security expert today to get started.

Why Outsource Information System Management?

Technology is critical to any business’s success. Especially in today’s fast-moving, constantly evolving economy, sometimes having access to the latest technology can mean the difference between thriving and merely surviving.

Organizations that wish to remain competitive in these conditions are increasingly looking to specialized service providers who can keep them on top of the latest developments in their fields. This approach has already proven itself in the world of imaging services, and it continues to become increasingly relevant for information system management.

When small businesses and enterprises outsource their management information systems to a third party, they usually do so through a managed network services agreement. This agreement ensures that the organization enjoys access to all the types of network services it needs under a customized service-level agreement.

This approach generates a number of benefits that organizations would be unable to enjoy purely by leveraging their own in-house IT talent. There are limits to what achievements are economically viable for in-house IT teams. This is why experts predict that the market for information system management services will continue to grow on a global scale into 2023.

What Benefits Does Third-Party Information System Management Offer?

Choosing a reputable provider of managed network services can transform the way an organization does business. It provides a scalable infrastructure solution that can serve the needs of growing businesses as well as help make extended growth a sustainable enterprise.

  • Guaranteed Access to the Latest Technologies. Organizations need to adopt the most advanced network solutions available to keep up with their competitors. Keeping up requires dedicating time, talent, and resources to the ongoing process of improving IT infrastructure. Managed network services allow organizations to offset those costs by outsourcing them to a reputable vendor.
  • Reduced Technology Costs. The initial outlay of third-party information system management is far lower than the cost of implementing an in-house IT system. The operating costs associated with using the equipment is also considerably lower when the team responsible is part of a managed network service provider. Organizations need only pay a fixed monthly rate that corresponds to the services they use.
  • Centralized Efficiency. When organizations choose to deploy in-house IT systems, they inevitably make compromises on speed and efficiency when choosing where to deploy the system in question. Managed network service providers use virtualization and cutting-edge SD-WAN technology to optimize business efficiency regardless of location and other constraints.
  • On-Demand Expertise. In-house IT teams are often ill-equipped to handle growing IT infrastructures on their own. They need help, and that help usually comes in the form of new hires. However, hiring new employees is both expensive and risky. In some fields, these businesses are lucky if they can find qualified candidates at all – cybersecurity, for example.
  • Guaranteed Uptime. One of the major issues enterprises face with in-house networking is that they get locked into using them without updating them or replacing critical components. This creates a situation where companies don’t fix problems proactively – they wait until the last minute when a small issue becomes an enormous problem. Managed service vendors cannot afford to let issues wait.
  • Excellent Disaster Recovery. Businesses with robust managed service contracts in place can recover faster and more completely from large-scale disasters that would cripple an in-house IT team. Off-site decentralization and redundant cloud backups put the vast majority of a business’s infrastructure out of harm’s way – whatever form that harm may take.
  • Better Risk Management. Every enterprise carries risk. Whether in the form of government regulations, changing economic conditions, or disruptive technologies, organizations need to find reliable ways to manage their financial outlays and weather potential storms. Managed services accomplish this by turning infrastructure into a predictable, scalable monthly service
  • On-Demand Compliance. Today’s organizations need to comply with a dizzying array of data regulations. This is even more true for businesses that operate in highly regulated fields. HIPAA regulation for the healthcare industry is a perfect example. More than ever, businesses need to find ways to entrust their systems to professional service providers who can guarantee compliance.

Have Smile Manage Your Network Infrastructure

When an organization entrusts its network to a reputable provider like Smile, it frees up its own in-house IT resources to focus on strategic initiatives. Without these service agreements in place, enterprise IT teams have to spend the majority of their time fixing printers, diagnosing network problems, and performing other low-impact, high-volume tasks.

Managed services allow organizations to put their talent to work in a more effective way. Information system management is just one step towards building an affordable, scalable infrastructure that permits sustainable growth in a variety of circumstances while protecting company investments against market risks and security vulnerabilities.

Is it time for your business to dedicate its all-important IT resources towards strategic, customer-oriented solutions? Let our team handle network management for you starting today!

Organizations of all sizes have a constant need to reduce the price of printing while improving workflow efficiency and communication. These needs transcend individual products, methodologies, and infrastructures, yet are deeply affected by the choices executives make in those areas.

While small businesses and enterprises alike need to spend time developing efficient infrastructure and workflows, these processes will never achieve optimal efficiency without the right tools. Great products are key to minimizing the cost of office processes, both in terms of capital and time.

This is especially true when it comes to imaging equipment. This is where office solutions by Sharp can play a pivotal role in improving office workflows while reducing operational costs.

The newest Sharp products in the manufacturer’s catalog represent the cutting edge when it comes to office productivity. These offerings span the range from high-performance entry-level devices to professional workflow solutions for enterprises. All of the manufacturer’s products come with comprehensive Sharp printer support.

Entry-Level Printers and Multifunction Devices – New Office Solutions by Sharp

Sharp has recently released updated versions of some of the company’s most in-demand entry-level A4 printers and desktop MFP’s. The four new additions to the Sharp family include the MX-B350P, MX-B450P, MX-B350W, MX-B450W, MX-B355W and MX-B455W.

1. The Sharp MX-B350P | B450P

Sharp designed these entry-level printer to interface with the broadest possible range of mobile devices. The 35 | 45 -pages-per-minute A4 printers offers an intuitive user experience in a compact form factor, with built-in wireless capabilities, low cost of ownership, large volumes at minimal cost and best-in-class security standard.

2. The Sharp MX-B350W | B450W

The next item in Sharp’s new line-up is a 35 | 45-pages-per-minute multifunctional A4 copier/printer that extends print capability to the cloud. This economical multifunction device offers mono printing, plug-and-play copying capabilities, scanning, advanced network compatibility and can handle any workload.

3. The Sharp MX-B355W | B455W

The Sharp MX-B355W | B455W is an energy-efficient network-enabled multifunctional A4 copier/printer that offers industry-standard cybersecurity features to protect user data from unauthorized exfiltration. It prints at a brisk 35 and 45-pages-per-minute pace and is prepared to handle impressive workloads with Sharp’s characteristic reliability. Standard features include copy, print, scan and fax.

Sharp Enterprise Workgroup Devices

As of late 2018, Sharp has announced that it will release 11 new enterprise multifunction printer models in Summer 2019. These devices will feature some of the most in-demand features of today’s imaging systems – voice-activated interfaces, cloud integration, and robust cybersecurity.

Amazon’s Alexa technology powers Sharp’s new voice-activated printers. This technology allows users to communicate with the device using verbal commands. This carries the potential to reduce inefficiency and improve productivity in busy offices.

Sharp’s new multifunction devices offer native access to an expansive list of cloud services. Some of the newest services included on Sharp’s list are DropBox and Box integrations. Adobe Embedded Print Engine users may print PDF files directly from any of these sources with industry-standard rendering accuracy and print performance.

These new devices automatically verify their own firmware upon startup. This prevents hackers from developing malicious firmware and implanting it on enterprise imaging equipment in order to compromise sensitive data. The new printers also have whitelisting features that help the device differentiate between authorized and unauthorized users.

All of these features operate within the context of the Sharp Application Portal. Sharp will release the Application Portal in Spring 2019 and begin directing print administrators to the portal to add and update printer applications to meet specific business needs.

Why Choose Sharp?

Sharp’s latest releases show the manufacturer’s commitment to innovate and increase user productivity. Sharp earned BLI 2019 Copier MFP Line of the Year Award earlier this month, and in addition scored 12 BLI Pick Awards for the last year. Sharp’s over-all support is among the most dependable in the imaging industry, regularly helping customers and dealers get the most out of their equipment and solutions.

Let Sharp Redefine the Office Experience

With an entire catalog full of new printers and multifunction devices there has never been a better time to become a Sharp imaging user. Consult with our team to find out how Sharp equipment can help you reduce the costs of your daily office operations.

You could outfit your entire office with cutting-edge office solutions by Sharp. Start the process by talking to a Smile imaging expert!

Sharp is well-known for leading the way in paper economy and consumable efficiency. However, many offices and institutions are looking for an even greater focus on preventable paper waste, user accountability and enhanced tracking.

Deploying a fleet of highly efficient printers and multifunction devices is just the first step when it comes to truly reducing office waste. To truly make a difference, executives and directors need to commit time and effort into reducing overall print usage and establishing systems of accountability.

When it comes to print tracker software, there is no name more respected than PaperCut. The company’s output management and user tracking software has proven itself invaluable time and time again.

However, office managers are right to question whether PaperCut will truly deliver results with their existing equipment. Will PaperCut MF provide the kinds of results it promises even with a print fleet full of hyper-efficient Sharp imaging devices? Are they even compatible with one another? This is exactly the question that Smile’s imaging experts answer on a regular basis.

Are Sharp Imaging Devices Compatible with PaperCut?

There is nothing worse than going through the time-consuming acquisition process only to end up with software and hardware that are incompatible with one another. It’s a mistake that has cost office managers their jobs in the past – executives expect their teams to perform due diligence.

Fortunately, when it comes to integrating PaperCut with Sharp printers and multifunction devices, the answer is simple: Yes, they are compatible with one another. There is no need to worry about whether your Sharp equipment will play nicely with PaperCut MF.

In fact, the latest PaperCut release incorporates advanced functions with eligible Sharp multifunction devices. For instance, office managers can incorporate their Sharp device’s stapling unit into the PaperCut Global Print Driver.

The PaperCut is continually working towards new finishing option compatibilities for its software and Sharp devices. As the company releases more drivers and integrated systems, Sharp users will enjoy automatic increases to their cost-efficiency and tracking capabilities. Simply check the PaperCut Knowledgebase to find out what the latest developments are at any time.

Why Choose PaperCut MF?

PaperCut does something that no multifunction printer on the market can do by itself. PaperCut Software establishes a sophisticated rule-based print environment for individual users and places control over that environment squarely in the hands of print administrators.

The management powers that PaperCut confers on administrators are extremely valuable. With PaperCut, system administrators can enjoy immediate real-time visibility into print processes at the individual user level and set or restrict user access based on that data.

This means that with PaperCut, an office manager could restrict print usage for a particular employee who has been abusing print resources wastefully. This happens at the software level, with no need to issue a reprimand or to confront the employee at all – the system simply produces an error message explaining that the monthly print quota has been exceeded.

Alternatively, office managers can use PaperCut to issue format and file-specific rules for office printing. For example, an office manager may wish to reduce color printing for internal documents without affecting color printing processes for external documents. With PaperCut, external documents could enjoy a special exception to an otherwise strict no-color rule, based on document format, origin, or content.

The benefits of PaperCut MF go beyond the cost-saving advantages that accountability provides. They extend to visibility and transparency at the executive level. They ensure that corporate stakeholders know what’s happening with the company’s print processes at any given time. This is one reason why PaperCut is popular among academic institutions.

Making the Most of PaperCut

To make the most of PaperCut, implementation and training are necessary. Not only does the office print manager need to become a qualified PaperCut expert, but individual users need to be aware of the new rules of accountability concerning print usage.

PaperCut training is easy to administer with the help of a reputable vendor. Our team of technicians is happy to take on the task of implementing PaperCut throughout the entire office and instructing the appropriate employees in its proper use.

With PaperCut training and Sharp printer support offered in a single service, office managers can entrust the entirety of their print accountability framework to our team. With these tools and services at their disposal, print managers can enjoy the peace of mind that complete accountability and visibility offer.

Have Smile Perform Your PaperCut Integration

Entrust your print processes to Smile to earn the qualified expertise of some of the industry’s finest minds. Our imaging professionals can help your office capitalize on its Sharp imaging equipment using PaperCut MF’s sophisticated print tracking technology.

You could start tracking print usage at the level of individual users starting today. Talk to a Smile imaging expert to find out how.

Global demand for managed network services is growing. It offers security and scalability at prices that in-house infrastructure simply cannot match.

For all but the very largest of organizations, the cost of building in-house network infrastructure far outweighs the potential benefits over leasing the network as a service. This is especially true for organizations that can’t rely on always having predictable network traffic needs.

Scalability is an important feature of the managed network services platform. Not only does it enable enterprises networks to respond to differing traffic needs, but it also makes upgrading to new network technologies much easier.

Without a managed network services provider performing the work, an enterprise would have to rip and replace its entire network infrastructure on a regular basis to keep up with new developments. This is unfeasible, so many in-house networks remain in use far beyond their useful life.

Network service is an area where contracting an IT managed services vendor can provide enormous value over time. Unlike in-house networking, an enterprise-level organization can consistently access the latest technologies on the market.

Preparing for the Future with Managed Network Services

Enterprises that rely on managed service vendors for network services can implement more sophisticated technologies than similarly sized competitors. They are also able to upgrade their infrastructure more frequently and more safely than their large size would otherwise indicate. If you need to upgrade the data cables in your building to accommodate a more reliable internet connection, you may visit sites like https://www.signalsolutions.com/bay-area-data-cabling.

This is incredibly important in the world of networking technology, as new frameworks and solutions enter the market at a quickening pace. With modern approaches like software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WAN) making increasing headway in the world of enterprise business, the need to avoid obsolescence is more crucial than ever.

This is especially true for large organizations that often need to combine multiple types of network connection types into a single, manageable framework. SD-WAN is one of the most promising approaches to treating a long list of network services like a single, unified network.

What Is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN extends software-defined network architecture to cover wide areas. Software-defined networks are already popular in data centers, university campuses, or corporate headquarters – SD-WAN offers the same functionality on a scale measured in hundreds of miles.

Whereas software-defined networking is an architecture, SD-WAN is a combined service that you can buy or lease from the appropriate vendor. It provides a clear example of why it’s so important for enterprises to entrust their networks to expert technology providers.

Consider an enterprise with multiple regional offices located in different cities or states. Some of these offices are connected through the latest, highest-performance networking technology on the market. Others only have access to commercial-grade Internet connections.

SD-WAN technology allows a managed network provider to bundle multiple commercial-grade Internet connections into a single high-bandwidth connection that performs at a speed similar to the most advanced technologies available today. It allows the system administrator to manage the entire network through a single interface.

Why Is Managed Network Services Critical to Implementing SD-WAN?

SD-WAN is a new technology. As of 2017, it enjoyed a market penetration of only 5%, but Gartner expects it become a $1 billion market by 2020.

Implementing SD-WAN requires specialized skill and expertise. The technologies involved are unlike traditional networking technologies that most in-house IT teams are likely to be familiar with. Even for those that are, managing the infrastructure effectively is a costly and time-consuming project.

However, once the network is in place, generating new software-defined rules for it is not complicated. This means that companies who specialize in SD-WAN solutions can leverage economies of scale to reduce the operating cost of maintaining their networks.

This allows managed network service vendors to install and maintain SD-WAN solutions in a more cost-effective manner than any single organization could using in-house resources. It demonstrates that IT managed services are far more efficient when applied at scale and then partitioned out to partner organizations.

Even then, SD-WAN comes with far lower costs than traditional wide-area networking. Whether implemented through commodity infrastructures or hybrid hardware/software solutions, overall costs can be less than half what a traditional wide-area network would require.

Put Managed Network Technologies to Work for Your Company

The problem with in-house infrastructure is that it locks funds and resources into illiquid assets that fail to drive value when it not in use. Managed network services allow enterprises to pay for the network infrastructure they use, and to avoid paying for equipment they don’t need.

The ability to quickly scale networking needs up or down makes it unnecessary for enterprises to maintain their own networks. Managed services offer time and capital savings far in excess of their costs.

Find out just how much time and money managed network services can really save your office. Talk to one of our Solutions Specialist today!

Taking care of the environment has become an important topic of discussion for many. As concerns about climate change and environmental sustainability become greater, people often look at how they can make a difference by enacting changes in their own lives.

For businesses, going green is becoming a popular trend. Not only do companies help reduce waste in their communities, but green initiatives in the office can drastically reduce expenses and waste that add up on the balance sheet. In fact, several Fortune 500 companies have made the switch to green policies and saved billions of dollars already.

How can businesses of all sizes enjoy the many benefits of going green?

Office Sustainability is Trendy Today

The main reason for making new policies directed at improving office sustainability is to help reduce the impact that an office can have on the environment. However, going green can also be a competitive advantage for many businesses. Consumers want to support businesses that have similar values to their own.

In addition, the cost savings from choosing sustainable solutions can also be a nice boost for any business. Making money is always in style. Embracing the office sustainability trend can mean a boost to business and a reduction in unnecessary expenses. Talk about a win/win situation!

1. Recycle Those Old Toner Cartridges

A busy office can go through toner and ink cartridges quickly. Ink cartridge recycling is a great way to reduce the waste created when a cartridge needs to be replaced. Far too many cartridges simply end up in the garbage bin and, ultimately, are sent to a landfill where they will sit. Worst of all, most plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade and, when it does, it can release harmful chemicals into the environment.

Toner cartridge recycling can greatly reduce the amount of office waste that ends up in landfills. Best of all, many cartridges can be re-used or re-purposed so that the plastic is not wasted. This simple change of adopting recycling can make a huge difference for offices that want to go green.

2. Introduce Motion Sensor Lights or Timers

At lunch time, the break room is buzzing with activity as employees gather to enjoy their meals and some downtime away from their computer displays. However, for much of the day, the break room likely sits empty and unused. Motion sensor lights or timed lights can help reduce energy usage in the office, With Execu Suites, you can enjoy the benefits of office suites as a freelancer ..

Simply shutting off lights when they are not being used could save a large office on their monthly utility bill and be a very effective sustainability solution. Changing light switches to accommodate this initiative is a small expense that can make a huge difference.

3. Kiss Plastic Water Bottles Goodbye

Using re-usable water bottles is a very effective way to reduce waste. But what about large plastic water jugs at the water cooler? While those are a better solution than individual, single use water bottles, they are not the best solution for an office that wants to take sustainability seriously.

The best way to quench everyone’s thirst and keep the environment in mind is to adopt a water filtration system. Some systems even use atmospheric water so there is no additional water consumption shown on the utility bill!

4. Ditch the One-Time-Use Items

When celebrating a birthday or special event in the office, it is tempting to use single use paper plates or plastic cups to simplify clean up. While this may make cleaning up a littler easier, the waste generated by these items is massive. Stocking the break room with reusable plates, utensils, and coffee mugs is a great way to cut down on waste. You can also get more tips from Fresh Maids House Deep Cleaning

Another major problem with these single use items is the cost. While one package of plastic cups will not break the bank, a few packages are certainly more expensive than simply buying affordable glassware that can be reused.

5. Cut Down on Paper and Print Usage

It is simply impossible for many offices to eliminate printing and paper usage. However, there are several ways to reduce paper usage and still deliver quality service. The obvious solution is to begin printing on both sides of the page, send files or presentations digitally instead of printing, and find other solutions that can take the place of paper.

Managed print services can help reduce paper usage as well. A print assessment can help identify areas where workflows can be improved and digital document solutions can be used in place of paper documents. If you’re planning to buy a chart board, Click here – Flip chart board with wheels for an affordable price.

Going Green Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Many businesses incorrectly think that office sustainability is costly or complicated. This does not have to be the case. Something as simple as toner cartridge recycling and ink cartridge recycling can make a huge difference without adding challenges that slow the office down.

Want to learn more about green initiatives in the workplace? Contact Smile Business Products today!


A successful company is never satisfied with the status quo. Good business owners and managers are always looking for ways to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability. Every part of the business has to be working as intended and this includes equipment like the printer fleet.

An inefficient print fleet can be a headache for employees and a major cause of inefficiency. These inefficiencies can cost businesses money and eat away at the valuable time their employees could be making a difference for customers. In today’s modern business world, there is simply no room for agile and forward thinking businesses to tolerate this kind of bottleneck.

That’s where managed print services and a professional print fleet assessment come in. Identifying problems and providing tailored solutions are the ultimate goal of every office print assessment.

See the Savings on the Balance Sheet

At the end of the day, every company has to earn revenue and turn a profit to continue operating. This is the most basic aspect of doing business. If expenses like printer management and supplies are eating up a disproportionate piece of the budget then, quite simply, that printer fleet is not working for the business.

A print fleet assessment looks beyond just the devices being utilized and pinpoints the biggest areas of concern for individual businesses. This professional print assessment includes monitoring usage by individual users, the layout or deployment of devices, the workflow of employees, and more. With all of this data, recommendations can be made that will ultimately help to reduce costs.

Providing solutions that reduce the need for printing, deploying devices to areas where they are most needed, and optimizing device selection are just a few areas where an office print assessment can help make a difference. Since paper waste makes up 50% of office waste, reducing that waste can be a big boost to the bottom line.

Make Every Employee More Efficient

A print fleet assessment and managed print services can help make every employee in the office more efficient. With digital workflow management, some employees may be able to reduce their printing and streamline their workflow with digital solutions that allow for faster sharing and better collaboration. IT staff will be able to spend their time more effectively by focusing on other issues in the office rather than assessing and monitoring print usage themselves.

These solutions can extend far beyond the walls of the office too. For example, 77% of adults now use smartphones and many of them use smartphones for work. With managed print services, mobile staff can have instant access to the documents they need without stopping by the office just to pick something up. This allows them to use their time more effectively, get face to face with more clients, and build strong relationships rather than use their time for administrative tasks.

As mentioned above, a print fleet assessment does more than simply analyze devices. A professional assessment will take into consideration how staff work, how they complete tasks, and make recommendations on how to improve those workflows.

Don’t Forget About Data Security

This past year has put a microscope on data security with some big companies suffering damaging breaches that hurt their bottom lines as well as their reputations. Hackers are only becoming smarter which means that businesses have to stay one step ahead when it comes to securing data. However, printers often go overlooked when it comes to network security despite the important and confidential information that may pass through these devices.

A print fleet assessment can identify areas of concern and provide data security recommendations. With many users now scanning and storing digital documents, this security is more important than ever. Plus, with managed print services, businesses can feel confident in the ongoing security of their devices and the important information they hold.

Going Green is Cool Too

Seeing tangible financial benefits as a result of an office print assessment is nice, but there are less tangible results which are still important. Today, may businesses and their customers are pursuing more environmentally friendly strategies. A major part of this strategy for any business should be to reduce print waste, look for digital workflow solutions, and focus on recycling waste whenever possible.

As more and more people become aware of environmental concerns, businesses that are ahead of the curve will have a unique competitive advantage. Going green can help businesses save money today and position themselves for success in the future.

It All Begins with a Print Fleet Assessment

Reducing costs, cutting back on waste, and enabling employees to do their best work are some of the most important ingredients for success in the business world. Putting all of those ingredients together takes the experience and professionalism that a managed print expert from Smile BPI can deliver.

Smile Business Products specializes in print fleet assessments as well as managed print services. To learn more, please contact them today.

Getting close to the end of the year often leads to looking ahead. Some people will look for the latest styles in fashion while others try to predict up-and-coming music stars that will break onto the charts.

Information technology security has become a hot topic of discussion as people outside of the IT world become more and more aware of the potential problems and challenges facing businesses in today’s modern world. IT professionals and providers of managed IT services need to stay ahead of the latest trends to ensure that the people and businesses they support do not get left behind in 2019. With these trends in mind, businesses will be able to be better prepared for whatever the new year may hold.

The Data Discussion is Just Getting Started

This year, the spotlight was put on data and how data is managed. Some serious data breaches made international news, Europe enacted wide sweeping data regulations, referred to as GDPR, and businesses experienced substantial losses due to malware like ransomware. While some of these situations are certainly not positive, the silver lining is that data protection and security have become top-of-mind as consumers and executives alike begin to take data more seriously.

For businesses, managing and storing data, like us import data, will be a big emphasis for 2019. In this modern, connected world, businesses take in, handle, and store more data than ever before. New regulations may affect how that data is to be handled and new threats to data security should spur businesses into reviewing policies and making changes if needed.

Get Ready to Embrace the Cloud

The cloud, as far as major technology advances go, is not exactly something new and shiny for most people. Users with smartphones use the cloud every day to save photos and app data, for example. However, cloud-based storage and technology is just beginning to realize their potential as more and more services become available on the cloud for businesses to use. Of course, with new services come a whole host of concerns including compliance, security, and integration.

In 2019, everything from data storage to customer relationship management to malware protection will be done from the cloud. Of course, the job for managed network services providers will be to ensure that all of this technology meets the needs of the business, complies with security best practices, and integrates into the businesses’ workflow.

This isn’t to make cloud-based services sound scary. In fact, they should be embraced. Cloud technology enables users to be more efficient, reduce waste, and gain mobility as they use modern tools to get their work done. However, cloud services need to be implemented thoughtfully and with data protection always top-of-mind.

New Devices Means New Vulnerabilities

The internet of things is very exciting for the future of business, but it can also be a point of vulnerability. As smart lights, smart thermostats, and other smart devices are added to offices, hackers will see new potential points to exploit and attack. One of the most pressing matters for IT security professionals will be how to enable these devices while maintaining network security.

Of course, one of the most basic methods of preventing cyber attacks is to simply update software and firmware as it is released. However, with potentially hundreds of connected devices within the walls of a typical office, managing those devices will become a much more intensive task. Taking stock of connected devices and staying aware of security updates will be incredibly important throughout 2019 and beyond.

Stay Ahead of the Managed Network Trends in 2019

Technology is moving fast and business networks are going to be relied on more than ever. Staying ahead of trends in the technology and business worlds is not an easy task, but IT security should be a top priority for every business of every size this coming year.

The team at Smile Business Products has years of experience providing professional managed network services. Their experienced team can help businesses embrace the future while also protecting themselves from the challenges that may come with new technologies and trends.

To learn more about managed network services and other managed network trends for 2019, contact Smile Business Products today.

Technology is advancing faster than ever before and there are some big changes on the horizon for businesses and employees. One of the biggest changes that may have a massive impact on companies and office environments around the world is 5G technology. This new mobile broadband standard will help the devices of the future integrate and communicate in the way users expect them to.

So, what does 5G technology have to do with workplaces and offices? How will a 5G network be implemented? Could there be a 5G office network in the near future? Most importantly, what exactly is a 5G network?

What is 5G Technology?

Most people are aware of 3G and 4G, the latter of which is often referred to as LTE. For the average user, these varying degrees of G’s refer to the speed of a mobile network. For the most part, that is all anyone would ever need to know about mobile broadband technology. 4G is faster than 3G, 3G is faster than 2G, so then obviously, 5G must be faster than 4G. However, speed only begins to answer the question, “What is 5G?”

For starters, 5G has a max speed that is 10x that of 4G. At 10Gbps, 5G technology is going to be blazing fast. However, with max speeds of 1Gbps, 4G was no slouch either. Who could possibly need that kind of speed boost?

The biggest change with a 5G network is the increase in bandwidth and a reduction in latency. This means that, theoretically, a 5G network can manage more data with faster download times and faster response times. The implications of that are huge.

Fast Internet Won’t Be Bound to Cables

Right now, using mobile internet for an entire business is unrealistic in most cases. The service is more costly than traditional home or business internet due to the bandwidth restrictions of 4G. Since there isn’t enough bandwidth to support the needs of a business, the service is priced accordingly.

5G promises to change that. With greater bandwidth capabilities, a 5G office network could realistically manage the needs of an entire office without having an unacceptable price tag attached. This creates competition in the broadband market and may bring high speed internet access to locations that previously did not have high speed broadband available.

Building Capability for New Devices

The internet of things is one of the big buzzwords right now. Smart devices are just starting to become ubiquitous in day to day life. People own smartphones, smart fridges, smart lights, and smart televisions but that is just a taste of what is in development. You will be able to find more here about the various kinds of televisions ranging from the ancient one up to the latest model that is available in the market. By 2020, it is expected that there will be over 30 billion connected devices installed around the world. These devices require constant internet connection to deliver information quickly as it is needed.

In modern offices today, it is possible to see the beginning of the connected device craze. As offices embrace the future, they will need better internet connections with faster speeds and greater bandwidth to support the wide range of installed devices. This is where a 5G office network will excel.

No Longer Tied to the Cubicle

Smartphones, tablets, and laptops have allowed employees to embrace mobile and agile work styles. A wide reaching 5G network will only continue this trend and further enable staff to do their best work how, when, and where they want. With a 5G enabled router or internet stick, users could realistically get reliable internet access wherever there is a mobile network.

Company vehicles with new, connected features may use a 5G network to communicate and transfer data on-the-go. Mobile businesses can use 5G to expand operations and reach a wider base of customers. The possibilities are truly endless.

When Will 5G Networks Be Available?

Now that the question, “What is 5G?” has been answered, the question inevitably becomes, “When is 5G available?” While most employees won’t be connecting to a 5G office network tomorrow, the potential for this kind of technology is not as far away as some may think. In fact, some providers have already started testing their 5G networks in certain markets with 5G-enabled devices coming soon.

Realistically, a nationwide 5G network is probably not going to be available until 2020 but that doesn’t mean preparing for a 5G future should be pushed aside. As new devices enter the workforce and new needs are discovered, 5G network management will become important.

As a trusted provider of managed network services, Smile Business Products is here to answer all questions about 5G network management. To learn more, contact them today.

How to Erase Printer Memory & Other Key Aspects of Printer Security

When people think about data breaches, they often think of the stereotypical movie scene where the hacker is mashing on the keyboard, typing furiously, all to gain access to the computer of their victim. In reality, data theft is not like a Hollywood movie. Most importantly, data theft can be prevented with the right precautions.

Many people do not think of printers as a potential security weak point within their business. After all, a printer just spits out pieces of paper, right? All of the information is held on the laptops, computers, and smartphones of the users within the business.

However, printer security is not that simple and, the truth is, a sneaky thief could steal your important data from your old printer. In this article, we will discuss how to erase printer memory and some of the other important considerations that go into ensuring printer security.

Protecting Data – Do Printers Have Hard Drives?

When someone learns that sensitive data can be gleaned from a printer, they are often shocked. Many people see a printer as a pass-through device that simply translates data held on the computer it is connected with. So, do printers have hard drives?

The answer to that last question is: maybe. Whether or not a printer has a hard drive depends largely on the type of printer that you have. For instance, a larger multifunction printer will likely have a hard drive onboard while a smaller, personal printer may not.

Even if your printer does not have a hard drive, it will have a small cache of memory from previous print jobs that may not automatically clear out after a job is complete. Understanding how to properly manage and dispose of devices with this kind of information is important to maintaining privacy and security.

Clearing Printer Memory Before Recycling

When it’s time to move on to a new device, many people recycle their old printers. This is obviously a great solution because it ensures that the parts of the printer will be disposed of correctly. However, before you take your printer to the electronics recycler, are you sure that all of the data has been removed?

This one step can make a huge difference in protecting your data and the data of your customers. Learning how to erase printer memory will ultimately depend on what type of printer you have. If you still have your manual on hand, you may want to consult an IT professional for detailed instructions.

Generally, the best way for clearing printer memory before recycling is to use the provided menu on the printer itself. Within the menu, there should be settings options for clearing data. On an MFP with a hard drive, this may be listed as a “restore to factory settings” option. On basic personal printers, the option will likely be shown as “delete print queue.”

If you work in a government agency or another industry that handles sensitive data, these methods of erasing data may not be adequate. In that case, you may want to consider professional data removal or even destruction of the storage device to ensure no data remains after the device has left your care.

What is Secure Printing?

Learning how to erase printer memory is handy for when you are done with a device, but what do you do to ensure security while you own the device? Certain government agencies as well as businesses in the health care or finance fields, for example, deal with highly sensitive customer data that cannot be revealed to anyone except authorized users.

This is where secure printing comes into play, which is especially important when printing to a device that is not immediately within reach or eyeshot. So, what is secure printing exactly?

Secure printing is an option within the print menu on a PC. When you select secure printing from the dropdown menu, you will be asked to set a PIN, which you will enter at your printer in order to begin the print job. This means that the document will be held in storage and only printed out once you are standing at the printer and have entered your unique PIN.

Obviously, not all printers support this feature. If you are working with sensitive data and you feel secure printing is a required feature, then you should ask your sales representative about secure print models and express that need to ensure you get the right solution for your needs.

Secure From Day One to Recycling Day

Now that you know the importance of clearing printer memory before recycling and we have answered some common questions like, “Do printers have hard drives,” and, “What is secure printing,” you should feel more confident in the security of your print devices.

Of course, if you have any questions about security or want to have a secure fleet of devices deployed in your business, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts at Smile Business Products.

NASPO Valuepoint

How Can NASPO ValuePoint Help Government Offices in California & Nevada Stay Productive?

Local government offices have a lot of duties and responsibilities. Staying productive is essential to ensuring that these offices can provide timely and effective services to the people in the communities that they serve. Any delay, downtime, or inefficiency could have a ripple effect throughout an office’s operations.

With this in mind, NAPSO ValuePoint was developed to ensure state and local governments can get the best products and services at the best prices. Government offices are able to spend public dollars wisely without sacrificing quality by purchasing from NASPO ValuePoint authorized contractors.

So, how can NASPO ValuePoint help with office technology procurement and keep government offices productive? In this article, we will look at how NASPO California and NASPO Nevada contracts work, the office supplies and products that can be purchased through the affiliated contractors, and how the framework improves productivity.

Simplified and Streamlined Office Technology Procurement

Searching for office technology and office supplies can be a long and painstaking task as decision makers research products, compare pricing and features, negotiate purchase contracts, and ultimately complete deployment of new purchases. All of this is streamlined thanks to NASPO ValuePoint. Now, less time is spent on office technology procurement and more time is spent focusing on the work that delivers results in local communities.

NASPO ValuePoint does a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to procurement of devices and offices supplies by collecting contract bids from suppliers, vetting partners, and negotiating deals. Local government offices can skip those time consuming tasks and, instead, easily shop with contract partners or through online portals for the products they need.

The co-operative nature and broad membership of NASPO ValuePoint means that the organization can use its buying power to secure the best deals when it comes to pricing, warranties, service, and more. Offices can feel confident when buying through a NASPO ValuePoint contract whether they are looking for office supplies or the most advanced Sharp office technology and printers.

Great Support, Long After Purchase

The up-front pricing provided by NASPO ValuePoint contracts is only one small part of the total value offering the organization provides. One important factor when considering bids from contractors is service, support, and warranties that come with products. NASPO ValuePoint considers the total cost of ownership and that includes maintenance or potential warranty repairs as a part of the contract.

For example, if your office required Sharp printers and you chose to purchase through a NASPO ValuePoint contractor, you can feel confident that the organization has negotiated the best terms and warranty on your behalf. Not only are you getting a top quality product, you are also getting support long after the initial sale is completed. This means less downtime, fewer unexpected maintenance expenses, and more productivity.

Top Quality Products to Support Productivity

Getting a great deal is only a deal if it is on something that will actually benefit your office environment and improve productivity. NSPO ValuePoint does not just look for the absolute lowest prices but, instead, also considers the quality of product being offered.

Of course, with the best office technology comes the best productivity features. For example, choosing Sharp office technology like the latest Sharp printers opens up a world of new technology and features designed to boost productivity within an office environment.

Sharp printers and copiers feature industry leading workflow management solutions that make document sharing and storage simple and easy. In addition, users can work from mobile devices to share the documents they need to share without being in the office.

When you choose to purchase through a NASPO ValuePoint contractor, you can be confident you are getting the best products in addition to the best prices. Your office can have the latest productivity technology at a much lower cost with a much smaller time investment for office technology procurement. That’s the beauty of NASPO ValuePoint.

Learn More About NASPO ValuePoint Contracts for Sharp Office Technology

Smile Business Products is proud to be a contract provider for NASPO California and NASPO Nevada members. We have partnered with Sharp to provide the best office technology procurement experience as well as industry leading quality and service.

If you are interested in Sharp copiers or printers for your office, please contact our expert product advisors on our Government Team to learn more about your excellent benefits from NASPO ValuePoint.

What is Betabot & Why Does Your Company Need to Be Protected from It?

It can be hard to keep up with the latest cybersecurity threats that plague our online interactions every single day. With 1 million new types of malware being released every day, simply keeping tabs on it all is a full time job. The importance of managing malware threats becomes magnified if you own or operate a business.

There is one type of malware, known as Betabot, that has been catching the attention of cybersecurity professionals for some time. The Betabot malware is an interesting case study for several reasons and highlights the importance of staying vigilant when it comes to cybersecurity.

In this article, we will break down what the Betabot malware actually is, why it is garnering so much attention, and which malware protection strategies can protect companies from experiencing significant loss or disruption.

What is the Betabot Malware?

The Betabot malware is, like many other forms of malware, a data stealing Trojan at its core. However, there are some unique traits of Betabot that make it unlike other types of malware. You see, Betabot was originally used to target banking information. It would hide behind the scenes on affected devices and collect banking information such as passwords.

While this is scary for people and businesses that are affected, it is not unique in the malware world. Many of the latest malware threats target banking information. So why is Betabot unique from other types of malware?

What has many cybersecurity experts watching Betabot is its changing nature. As mentioned, it originally went after banking information. However, over time, Betabot has changed so that hackers using the malware can shut down anti malware programs, install new types of malware, and even take over certain functions of the infected device. This changing and updating nature of Betabot makes it an even greater threat because there is no telling what new tricks are up its sleeve.

Another interesting piece of information about the Betabot malware is that it appears to be infecting more and more devices over recent weeks. Once Betabot has infected a device and makes connection with its operator, there is no telling what other forms of malware Betabot will install.

How Do Users Become Infected With Betabot Malware?

Obviously, when faced with a serious threat like Betabot, malware prevention becomes a major focus for many individuals and business users. Understanding how Betabot infects victim’s devices makes prevention much easier.

Like many other types of malware, Betabot uses phishing attacks to convince users to download a Microsoft Word document. Once a user opens the document, it runs an installer that uses an exploit in older versions of Microsoft Word.

Once the install has been completed, the hackers controlling Betabot can freely send new commands and forms of malware to the infected device. That’s right – your trusty Microsoft Word is the gateway for Betabot to take hold within your computer.

However, before you go ahead and uninstall Microsoft Word, it’s important to understand that Betabot can only take advantage of an old exploit that watched patched out by Microsoft back in 2017. This means that simply performing regular updates on the programs you use is enough to stop Betabot in its tracks. So if Betabot requires an old, patched exploit to be effective, why is it still infecting devices?

The Complexities of Malware Prevention

Downloading and installing regular security patches are one of the most basic forms of malware prevention. Many people do this regularly with their own personal devices. However, in a business environment, managing updates and verifying they have been installed on all devices can be much more difficult. One weak link can provide an entry point for devastating forms of malware.

With the large number of programs that businesses use today, ensuring prompt updates are done can be difficult. This is why managed network services have become popular with many businesses. They help create a unified network security strategy from deployment of devices, regular updates, and malware monitoring. Best of all, much of this work can be done remotely from a centralized location so there is no need to pay for on-site IT professionals at all hours of the work day.

Trust Network Security to an Experienced Partner

At Smile Business Products, we offer industry leading managed network services for businesses that want to ensure total security within their operation. This service includes regular patch updates on all devices to protect against vulnerabilities that enable devastating malware like Betabot and many of the other latest malware threats.

If you would like to learn more about managed network services for your business, contact us at Smile Business Products today.

How Can Small Businesses Benefit From Sharp Digital Displays?

Every small business is looking for that advantage over their competition – an advantage that fits into the budget and helps them deliver a higher quality experience to their customers. Finding something like this is much easier said than done.

However, several small businesses have begun to discover the power of adding Sharp Digital Displays to their operations. These all-purpose displays can fit into a wide range of roles within a number of different businesses. In this article, we will take a closer look at these innovative Sharp LCD displays and how small businesses can benefit by choosing to incorporate these devices into their operations.

Make Waiting A Little More Entertaining

When your client is sitting in the waiting area of your business, what are they presented with to occupy their attention? Many businesses simply lay out some magazines, provide a cup of coffee, and rely on people to occupy their own time with their smartphone. We are raising the smartphone generation, after all, right?

When customers are in your waiting area or lobby, it is the perfect opportunity to begin engaging and educating customers. They have come into your business, why would you waste a single valuable second? Adding Sharp Digital Displays allows you to capture the attention of your visitors before you may get to sit down face to face.

Best of all, Sharp Digital Displays come in a variety of configurations to suit your unique needs. An office lobby digital display can be a basic high definition display used to show product and company videos.

For other businesses, implementing a touch screen office lobby digital display may be a better choice. In fact, there is evidence that touch screen displays increase user engagement which is exactly what small business owners are looking for when making an investment.

Your waiting area doesn’t have to be a stack of old magazines. Using an office lobby digital display to engage customers from the moment they walk in the door is a great way to create a positive experience for those who visit your business.

What’s On the Menu?

If you are operating a casual restaurant, there are several ways to make customers aware of your menu options. There is the tried and true method of putting up a chalkboard or some other form of menu board. Another solution is to provide printed menus.

A menu board offers some flexibility when changing menu items, but it lacks a modern, high quality appearance. Paper menus can be much more professional, but they lack flexibility. A new print run of menus must be done whenever a change is made.

Not only is that a costly change to make every time you wish to update your menu, but it can wasteful and unnecessary. A restaurant digital display offers flexibility with your menu options as well as a professional appearance. It’s the best of both worlds.

Of course, a restaurant digital display is not just for listing off menu items. The high definition display can show mouthwatering images of your creations to help inspire your customer’s taste buds. You could also install a Sharp Digital Display in your waiting area to entertain customers or keep them informed of when their take-out order will be ready.

Additionally, don’t forget about streaming important sports games  for diners who want to sit down and have some entertainment with their meal. The possibilities are endless with a restaurant digital display. The experience can be elevated thanks to sites such as 안전놀이터.

The Best Deals on Display

In the fast-paced world of retail sales, there are a lot of sign and store design changes that take place. Seasonal products move in while older products go to the clearance aisle. How do you catch the attention of customers passing by your store or simply just browsing?

A retail store digital display is a great way to ensure your message stands out. One of its greatest advantages is its small footprint, but great potential for information sharing. One display can show off sale prices, several items, and other marketing materials in an entertaining way. The alternative would be, of course, physical product displays and printed signage. These displays and signs can be cumbersome to change as sales and product offerings change. Moreover, they take up more valuable space on your sales floor.

Webrageous increases Adwords leads for lawyers and can help you get access to high-intent prospects.

Discover the Power of Sharp Digital Displays Today

No matter what type of small business you operate, Sharp Digital Displays can help you increase awareness and engagement among customers that visit your business. Whether you are looking for a retail digital display or something to show off your newest menu creations, we can help.

If you would like to learn more about the wide range of Sharp LCD displays perfectly suited for small business needs then contact us today at Smile Business Products.

Why Do Business Services Require High-Speed, Multifunction Printers?

If making other businesses great is what makes your business great, then you are likely in the business services industry. “Business services” is a broad description that can cover a wide range companies and industries. However, one thing many business services have in common is the need for a quality printer.

Whether you are operating a co-working space, running a graphics design company, or providing a dedicated business services center; you need quality printing. No matter how creative this site is or how perfect their works are, customers expect timely delivery, great quality, and exceptional service. A printer that isn’t up for the job simply can’t help you deliver on those expectations.

What Makes a Multifunction Printer “High-Speed?”

Many people often wonder why a multifunction printer, like those found in a typical office environment, are not adequate for business services. One of the main reasons boils down to speed. Comparing a standard multifunction printer to a high-speed multifunction printer is like comparing a hatchback to a sport car. Both can get you to work, but the sports car delivers premium performance.

Let’s look at the Sharp MX-M6570 and the Sharp MX-M7570. These printers are designed specifically for high-volume operations and can print 65 and 75 pages per minute, respectively. If you are operating a busy business services location then you need to ensure your customers are able to get their printing and move on with their day so you can move onto the next order.

Some high-quality multifunction printers that you would find in an office or small business will print 30 to 40 pages per minute. While that is a respectable amount for the needs of a single business user, that volume is about half of what a high-speed multifunction printer can do. The difference could mean cutting your potential client base in half. A slower printer is not necessarily a worse printer; it simply is not designed for the business services industry.

The Extra Features Matter

Business services often provide more than basic printing. Creating pamphlets or presentation booklets is a common job you may see in a business services provider. Choosing a Sharp multifunction printer designed for high-volume businesses means you get access to additional features that typical multifunction printers simply do not provide.

One great feature, for example, is the ability to machine fold brochures and other materials as part of the entire printing process. This removes the need for additional equipment or employees to do the work by hand. Ultimately, employees are more efficient with their time and your business can serve more customers.

In business services, time is money. That’s why a Sharp MFP designed for business services strives to make the most of every moment. These devices wake from sleep as you approach and are ready to begin printing in just seconds. You get the benefit of power savings while the device is in sleep mode without having to wait for it to warm up and begin printing.

Sharp has also worked to integrate cloud services to streamline workflows. No dealing with unfriendly interfaces or linking services you never use. Simply use the cloud services you want and print directly from the cloud with just a few taps on the colorful touchscreen.

Some office environments may not need quick wake features or instant printing, but business services operations don’t have the luxury to wait a second longer. Choosing a Sharp multifunction printer like the Sharp MX-M6570 or the Sharp MX-M7570 gives you everything you need to get the job done quickly and to the highest quality.

Because Your Customers Deserve the Best

There is no better feeling than when other businesses trust your business to help them discover success. When your customers rely on you for top quality business services, there is no better choice than a Sharp multifunction printer designed with business services in mind.

Using their industry leading features allows you to provide the best quality work and make the most of your time with improved efficiency. There is a reason that business services providers around the world trust Sharp MFP devices to help them deliver on their promises every day.

If you want the best quality and the latest technology working for you then contact us at Smile Business Products. We can give you a deeper introduction to the Sharp MX-M6570 or Sharp MX-M7570 and show you why these printers are high-speed essentials for high-volume businesses.

Success in the public sector is no easy task, and if you are not a sizable organization, selling in to those environments becomes even more challenging. Recently Joe Reeves of Smile Business Products in Sacramento opened the doors to BPO Media, and I got the full tour — including a bus with a bar — while Reeves outlined the innovative products they sell.

Smile Business Products

Smile opened its doors back in 1997, and since then has branched out from California, expanding their operations into neighboring Nevada. In total, the company has 147 employees spread out across eight locations: Sacramento, Lathrop, Walnut Creek, Salinas, Napa, Chico, and Redding in California, plus a sales office in Reno, Nevada. read more.