In today’s digital age, ensuring the security of your office equipment is paramount. Multifunction printers (MFPs), often overlooked in the broader IT security plan, deserve special attention. This blog will delve into key points highlighted in the white paper titled “Safeguard Your Organization’s Sensitive Business Information with a Comprehensive MFP Security Action Plan” and explore the importance of addressing MFP security separately from your organization’s overall IT security strategy.

The Hoax that Printing is Dead

If you remember, many articles over the year’s past stated that printing is going away, yet in 2021 the print market had a value of $433.79 Billion and by the end of 2027, it’s estimated to value $484.22 Billion according to Radix.  Granted, the print market varies from newspaper and magazine printing to regular office and in-house marketing type printing, either way, there is a tremendous amount of printing, hence the need for security.

Another mind-boggling statistic is the web to print services market that was valued at $29.58 Billion in 2021 and projected to reach $39.99 Billion by 2027. Again, so much day-to-day printing whether it’s MFPs or printers, security is a must for all businesses, and it starts beyond the firewalls.

Beyond Firewalls

Putting your copier behind your company’s firewall is undoubtedly a good start, but it’s far from a guarantee of security. Many organizations mistakenly assume that their broader IT security plan covers all aspects of MFP security. However, this faulty logic leaves vulnerabilities unaddressed. To truly secure your MFPs, you need a specialized security plan.

Security Plan

Your security plan should include these key elements to ensure your MFP is secure:

  • Implement a strong sure authentication protocol to ensure that only authorized personnel can access and use the MFPs. Include features like PIN codes and biometric authentication.
  • Enforce a pull printing system, such as PaperCut, where users must authenticate at the MFP to initiate printing, ensuring that sensitive documents don’t sit unattended in output trays.
  • Secure all communication ports and network connections associated with MFPs to prevent unauthorized access or date interception.
  • Keep MFP firmware, BIOS, and operating systems up to date to patch vulnerabilities and ensure the device’s overall security.
  • Implement application whitelisting to restrict which software and applications can run on the MFP, reducing the risk of malicious code execution.
  • Maintain detailed logs of MFP usage and access to track potential security breaches or suspicious activities.
  • Maintain a policy for cloud and mobile technologies vulnerabilities of “anytime, anywhere access to business information.
  • Make sure the copier manufacturer has a Lease End Erase function or even an optional Data Security Kit.
  • One leading manufacturer, Sharp Electronics offers a Bit-defender Virus Detection Kit for most of their products.
  • Provide training to users about safe printing and scanning practices, emphasizing the importance of data security and compliance with company policies.

All Copier Access Points

To take MFP security even further, MFPs encompass several access points, including display screens, hard drives, communication ports, and network connections. Each of these access points represents an opportunity for unauthorized entry. While user authentication is a fundamental security layer, it’s insufficient on its own to safeguard against potential breaches. Ignoring MFP security or assuming it’s encompassed by an overarching IT security strategy can be detrimental to your organization’s security posture.


In a world where information is the lifeblood of organizations, MFP security must not be relegated to the sidelines. Treating MFPs as integral components of your overall security strategy and addressing the key points outlined here will help fortify your defenses against potential threats. By proactively managing MFP security, you safeguard your organization’s most valuable asset: its data.

To learn more about MFP security, please reach out to Smile Business Products for more information on how Smile and Sharp Electronics can help safeguard your MFP.

Customize Workflow on Sharp Devices

As the BLI Line of the Year, Sharp multifunction printers are ideal for any company’s offices. They come in full color and monochrome to fit each company’s needs. These printers have been engineered to help companies print with the best quality and outstanding efficiency. Some of Sharp’s MFP’s come in different sheet tandem paper decks, allowing up to over 3,000 sheets in paper capacity.

They will save time and money, printing out any type of document in-house with image quality that is also economical. With the front panel display, it makes printing documents even easier.

The Importance of Workflow in the Modern Economy

The importance of efficient workflow in the modern economy cannot be understated. Time is more precious than ever, and businesses need every tool available to increase productivity. One of the areas where productivity is most important is the print environment. With fully functional paperless offices still in the distant future, printing keeps information flowing.

Optimizing printing operations is key, and Sharp printers are the weapon of choice. Never compromise on multifunction printers, they provide essential services that have a direct impact on office productivity.

Customization in Sharp’s Devices

One of the greatest advantages of Sharp products for multifunction printers is their customizability. Firms looking for an all in one printer should shop Sharp. Sharp printers are the best in quality on the market today winning BLI’s Line of the Year!

Having an all in one printer is a necessity in business today, they are powerful and require little maintenance. Then the little maintenance that these printers do need can be performed by a managed service.

Customizing the User Interface on Sharp Touchscreens

With any of the three sizes of screens, they are all customizable to each person or company’s needs. Ease of use for any user makes Sharp printers a top choice for businesses around the world. Another great feature of Sharp’s all in one printer touchscreen interface is that they support two-sides flipping. Meaning that two-sided pages are easy to review directly from the LCD panel.

Innovation in User-Friendly Technology

Having a touch-screen panel makes these printers very user-friendly. Anyone can accomplish any action with the ease of a finger. No need to go back and forth from the printer to the computer. The amount of time that this feature saves is incredible, and by saving time, firms also save money.

Another advantage of the unmatched ease of use that is associated with sharp MFP touchscreens is the increased employee productivity. Having an unintuitive printing interface causes employees to struggle unduly. Sharp touchscreen products are the way to go for printers that are intuitive, efficient, and easy to use.

With technology advancing so rapidly, keeping up with it can be difficult. Simplicity is inherent in the user interface design of this technology and has made it easier for people. Touch-screens have ended up being one of the easiest facets of technology for anyone to use.

Features on the Touch-Screen of Sharp Multifunction Printers

The touch-screen on Sharp multifunction printers has many features on the 10.1-inch, 8.5-inch, and 7-inch. These features make them a great value for the price.

The features on the 10.1 inch include an overview, action panel, real-time image preview, eco mode, languages, move/delete pages, page rotation, and two-sided flip. Seeing these options on a touch screen will make printing easier. With the real-time image preview, the pages show up exactly how they will be printed out, so users can make changes before printing.

With these printers, there are 24 languages to choose from making them ideal for many companies to use across the globe. The eco mode helps save energy and electricity, with the option to best fit the customer’s needs day to day.

Embrace cost savings with the sleek and economical 8.5-inch display model. It comes with an overview, thumbnail view, and advanced image check. Printing with this screen isn’t as advanced as the 10.1-inch but will still get documents printed with uncompromised quality.

The 7-inch display has the same overview and thumbnail view as the 8.5-inch screen, however, it does not come with the advanced image check. It does come with a convenient stylus, for easy use. This printer will still print just as well as the other two models, with comparable quality.

Make Workflow Seamless with Smile                          

Businesses are dependent for anything to give them a competitive edge. The search is over, with Smile’s Sharp’s touchscreens for multifunction printers. These devices are advanced, affordable, and will impress in the office as they are sleek and easy to use.

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Why Do Business Services Require High-Speed, Multifunction Printers?

If making other businesses great is what makes your business great, then you are likely in the business services industry. “Business services” is a broad description that can cover a wide range companies and industries. However, one thing many business services have in common is the need for a quality printer.

Whether you are operating a co-working space, running a graphics design company, or providing a dedicated business services center; you need quality printing. No matter how creative this site is or how perfect their works are, customers expect timely delivery, great quality, and exceptional service. A printer that isn’t up for the job simply can’t help you deliver on those expectations.

What Makes a Multifunction Printer “High-Speed?”

Many people often wonder why a multifunction printer, like those found in a typical office environment, are not adequate for business services. One of the main reasons boils down to speed. Comparing a standard multifunction printer to a high-speed multifunction printer is like comparing a hatchback to a sport car. Both can get you to work, but the sports car delivers premium performance.

Let’s look at the Sharp MX-M6570 and the Sharp MX-M7570. These printers are designed specifically for high-volume operations and can print 65 and 75 pages per minute, respectively. If you are operating a busy business services location then you need to ensure your customers are able to get their printing and move on with their day so you can move onto the next order.

Some high-quality multifunction printers that you would find in an office or small business will print 30 to 40 pages per minute. While that is a respectable amount for the needs of a single business user, that volume is about half of what a high-speed multifunction printer can do. The difference could mean cutting your potential client base in half. A slower printer is not necessarily a worse printer; it simply is not designed for the business services industry.

The Extra Features Matter

Business services often provide more than basic printing. Creating pamphlets or presentation booklets is a common job you may see in a business services provider. Choosing a Sharp multifunction printer designed for high-volume businesses means you get access to additional features that typical multifunction printers simply do not provide.

One great feature, for example, is the ability to machine fold brochures and other materials as part of the entire printing process. This removes the need for additional equipment or employees to do the work by hand. Ultimately, employees are more efficient with their time and your business can serve more customers.

In business services, time is money. That’s why a Sharp MFP designed for business services strives to make the most of every moment. These devices wake from sleep as you approach and are ready to begin printing in just seconds. You get the benefit of power savings while the device is in sleep mode without having to wait for it to warm up and begin printing.

Sharp has also worked to integrate cloud services to streamline workflows. No dealing with unfriendly interfaces or linking services you never use. Simply use the cloud services you want and print directly from the cloud with just a few taps on the colorful touchscreen.

Some office environments may not need quick wake features or instant printing, but business services operations don’t have the luxury to wait a second longer. Choosing a Sharp multifunction printer like the Sharp MX-M6570 or the Sharp MX-M7570 gives you everything you need to get the job done quickly and to the highest quality.

Because Your Customers Deserve the Best

There is no better feeling than when other businesses trust your business to help them discover success. When your customers rely on you for top quality business services, there is no better choice than a Sharp multifunction printer designed with business services in mind.

Using their industry leading features allows you to provide the best quality work and make the most of your time with improved efficiency. There is a reason that business services providers around the world trust Sharp MFP devices to help them deliver on their promises every day.

If you want the best quality and the latest technology working for you then contact us at Smile Business Products. We can give you a deeper introduction to the Sharp MX-M6570 or Sharp MX-M7570 and show you why these printers are high-speed essentials for high-volume businesses.